Friday, January 30, 2015

Pattern Names

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You can get inspiration for names everywhere. I always have to keep a notebook with me to write down all my ideas, because I will be inspired at the most random of times. It recently occurred to me that prints and patterns have such great names, many of which can be transferred over to a baby.

Argyle- It would be unconventional, but this preppy pattern would make for an interesting name.

Chevron- I've always thought Chevron would be a cool name, see 2012.

Dot- It's no secret I love Dot. I think she works on her own, but she could also be a nickname for Dorothy.

Floral- We love Flora and Laurel, so why not Floral? I would love to meet a baby Floral.

Gingham- I hesitated with putting this one on the list, but I think Ginger would be a cute nickname. Maybe just stick with Ginger.

Glen- Glen is a type of plaid, and also an old man name. He's almost ready for a comeback, but not quite yet.

Grain- Wood grain is such a pretty pattern, and I could see Grain being used by hipsters.

Harris- He's a kind of tweed, and makes a wonderful alternative to the popular Harrison.

Paisley- Paisley is a country girl name, and the most popular one on the list. She currently is at 80, and rising.

Plaid- Plaid is masculine and hip. He would be great as a middle name.

Tartan- Take Plaid to the next level with Tartan. And what a fun way to honor your Scottish heritage.

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