Monday, June 30, 2014

July Names

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Tomorrow is the first day of July, a month that can be rather hot and unbearable here in Chicago. However, it is a month that offers a lot of inspiration in the baby name department. Whether you want your baby's name to subtly or obviously honor his or her birth month, this list can give you plenty of ideas.

Ruby- A cute name on the rise, perfect for any time of year.

Birth Flower:
Larkspur- If Larkspur seems like too much for you, Lark or Larkin would be just fine.
Water Lily- This one offers so many options. From the water part you can get names like Sea, Lake, River, and Bay. From Lily you can use Lilia, Lillian, Lilith, or even Shoshanna. If you want, go all the way with this one and call her Oceane Liliana.

Birth Colors:
Green- So many shades of green make great baby names. The most useable ones are Olive, Fern, Forest, Hunter, India, Paris, Pine, and Sea (another great reason to use Sea).
Russet- What a cool name for a boy. He's perfect to honor a Russell, plus you can call him Russ.

Star Sign:
Leo- Late July babies will be Leos, which offers great options such as Leo, Leonardo, and Leopold for boys, and Leona, Leonie, or even Cleo for girls.

Related to July:
4th of July- Having a July 4th baby? Some parents like to go with the obvious connection and choose America or Liberty. Want something a little more understated? Try Justus.
Jul Names- Of course you can always go for the names that sound like July, including Julia, Juliette, Julian, and Julius.
Seven- July is the seventh month, and Seven is one of the few numbers that really seems to work as a baby name.
Summer- Summer is in full swing in July, so she makes perfect sense as a name.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Initial Names

Many parents find themselves in positions where they want to name their child one name, but call them something completely unrelated. This can get tricky, especially with honor names. Luckily, I have thought of a solution. If you give your child a certain pattern of initials (whether it be with the first and middle or first and last) a whole new name can be created. Still confused? Watch this.

ED- Edie. Want to honor Great Aunt Ekaterina as well as Grandma Danette? Give your daughter those two names, but call her Edie instead.

EV- Evie. You love the name Etheline Vivienne, but really want a daughter named Evie? Here you go.

FE- Effie. Perfect for those times when Francesca Emiliana is just a little too long.

IO- Io. Not only do these initials make the sounds of a new name, they actually spell it too. If you think Io is too short and spunky for a given name, go ahead and name her Isabella Olivia, but call her by her initials (please).

JC- Jaycee. Your partner loves common names, but you love unique names, specifically Jemima Coralie. I'd say this is the perfect compromise.

KC- Casey. It's a shame that Kai has no nickname, except if you name him Kai Carraway then you can call him Casey as well.

KD- Katie? Cady. This one's a bit of a stretch, since Katie is spelled with a T. However, if you love the name Katie but are stuck naming your daughter Kelly Danielle after your partner's sister, you now have a way to use your favorite name.

KT- Katie. Kimball Therese is the name, and now your partner is brainstorming potential nicknames. Get him off his Kimmy kick and suggest Katie instead.

LC- Elsie. Elsa was your number one name for six years, but Frozen totally ruined it. I know how you feel. Lilia Celeste is a gorgeous name, and will make a better non-tainted way to get to Elsie.

LE- Ellie. Every first born daughter in your family is named Ludmila, but you're already called Millie. Lucky for you her name is Ludmila Eden, because now you can call her Ellie.

ME- Emme. You just adopted a two year old, and her name is already Mireya Elspeth. It's too bad you'll never get to use your favorite name, Emma. Luckily Mireya has set you up perfectly, because you can call her Emme.

RE- Ari. This is your last child, but you still have to honor Grandpa Raymond, Uncle Ezekiel, and Grandma Ardith. Is there such a way to do this? Kill three birds with one stone, name him Raymond Ezekiel and call him Ari.

SE- Essie. You can't picture yourself naming your daughter after your favorite nail polish brand, but what a cute nickname Essie would be. Are there any names that shorten to Essie? Not really. Susanna Elise is a much better choice than Essence (what?) and you still get the same nickname.

XE- Exie. Mom really wants you to choose Xanthe for your daughter's name after her grandmother who you never met, but you are reluctant. But hey, if you name her Xanthe Esmeralda then you can call her Exie. Cute.  

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

10 D Names You Never Thought of Using: Boys

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I have to admit, this post was a hard one. There aren't as many D names out there compared to the previous letters. I think I have a good list for you though. Take a look.

Darton- Part Dartmouth, part Dalton. Perfect for your genius baby.

Dax- With Dax Shepard and the popularity of -X names you'd think this one would be more popular. He is ranked at 642, so scoop him up while you can.

Dewey- This name has two very positive associations (Malcolm in the Middle and the Dewey Decimal System) yet isn't even ranked. What's wrong with people?

Donato- He's often used in European countries, but I bet you've never heard of this name before. Donato would make a great import, plus he ends in -o.

Doran- Doran is technically unisex, infact, the only Doran I know is a girl. However, the general public seems to think he's a boys name. He'd be a great pick if you were trying to honor two people (Daniel and Lauren perhaps?) or just liked his trendy -an ending.

Dover- Place names are always cool, yet no one's using Dover. Go ahead and take him for yourself, so long as your other son isn't named Ben.

Duke- He's a college and a celebrity baby name. What's not to love?

Dune- This might be the coolest nature name for boys. You could also spell it Doone, but I prefer to picture sandy beaches when I hear this name.

Dunn- Less frumpy than Duncan. He would also make a great middle name choice.

Durant- There are currently basketball associations with this name, but that will hopefully die down in the next couple of years. Unless you love basketball. Then use this one right away.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Movie Names: Amelie

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Have you guys seen the movie Amelie? It's one of my favorites, the story and characters are all so whimsical and charming. One of the perks of watching a French movie is hearing all the characters names. Some of them fit right in with today's top American picks, while others are a bit more out there. Let me know what you think.

Amandine- Incredibly French. A great pick if you're looking for a name that honors an Amanda while reflecting your culture.
Amelie- She's becoming an increasingly popular alternative to Amelia, but how can you resist her charm?
Eva- Parents love Eva for her similarity to Ava, but if you want something a little less popular, try Eve, who ranks at 490.
Georgette- It's not very hard to picture a little Georgette called Georgie, even in America.
Gina- Gina sounds a little dated on her own, but the nickname Gigi is oh so cute and trendy.
Madeleine- The French spelling is lovely, but I'd say the Maddie names are overused.
Philomene- Does Philomena remind you too much of the 2013 Oscars? Philomene is just as pretty.
Suzanne- I know I've said it before, but the nickname Susie is ready for a comeback. Suzanne is a great way to get there.

Dominique- Dominique is one of the only truly unisex names out there, yet I've only heard it on girls. What's your take on Dom for a boy?
Joseph- An American classic.
Lucien- Lucian ranks 631 on the Top 1000 list, but the French spelling doesn't make it.
Nino- Ever since I saw this movie for the first time, I fell in love with Nino. I can't picture him on an American man (too cutesy?), but I love the idea of a baby Nino.
Raphael- Sleek and glamorous.  
Raymond- One of these days a celebrity is going to use Raymond, and then he will be all over the place. Until then, he is ranked at 264, so use him before he gets hot.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Ends in -Lia

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The -lia ending has always been a popular one for girls. Recently though, there has been a rise in many of the -lia names. If the idea of a long, gorgeous name strikes your fancy for a daughter, take a look at this list of names ending in -lia.



Unheard of:

**Next week I will be taking a break, as it is my birthday on Monday, and I will be leaving town later that week for a wedding. Be back on the 23rd, with names from one of my favorite movies.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

10 D Names You Never Thought of Using: Girls

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Today we're looking at D names for girls. I'll admit, this one was a little troublesome, there aren't that many great girls names beginning in D. I think I found 10 good ones though. Tell me what you think.

Dagny- Charming Irish girl with a slice of tomboy.

Dania- Pronounced DAHN-yuh, she's a pretty name that remains under the radar.

Darcy- She would make a perfect sister for Lucy and the like, yet hasn't broken the top 1000. Baffling.

Della- Swearing off Ella because of popularity? Della is quirkier and cuter.

Delphine- She used to remind me of dolphins, but since that association faded, I've come to adore Delphine.

Dorie- Yes, there's the Finding Nemo reference, but Dorie is a wonderful name (though I may be a bit bias, my best friend is named Dorie :).

Dorsey- Can't shake the fish? Dorsey mixes Dorie and Darcy to make this unique moniker.

Dot- My favorite D name for a girl. She's too adorable.

Dulcie- A very sweet British import.

Dwyn- Slightly less fussy than Gwyn.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Alternatives to Noah

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Noah is America's new favorite boys name, so some parents are likely scrambling to find an alternative. Fortunately, I have come up with some great choices, whether you like Noah's look, sound, or style.

Noaz- A mixture of Boaz and Noah for the more adventurous parent.
Noe- This one could get confusing when disciplining your child, but there are downsides to every name.
Noel- Stick with the NOHL pronunciation for a son.

Koa- A beachy Hawaiian rarity.
Noam- A lovely name, despite the gnome associations.
Nohea- Another Hawaiian sound-alike to Noah.

Abel- Biblical and short, just like Noah.
Graham- Noah and Graham could easily be brothers.
Judah- An ends in -ah name that has remained relatively undiscovered.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Great Gatsby Names

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We just finished reading The Great Gatsby in my English class, and I was shocked how many names were packed into that little book. It's been around 100 years since these names were in vogue for babies, which means most of them are due to come back very soon. Whether you're a fan of the book or not, these names make for great picks for a son or daughter.



All of these names make for good inspiration, but if you want to honor the book, I would choose a more obvious name, like Gatsby, Carraway, or Daisy.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

10 C Names You Never Thought of Using: Boys

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Welcome back to my favorite series. Today we are on to C names for boys, the ones a little less popular than Carter or Charlie. Take a look.

Cabel- Part Caleb, part Abel. Great choice if you're looking for a name that sounds familiar, yet no one has heard of it.

Cadell- Looking for a cool way to get to Cade? Look no further.

Che- Classier and more masculine than Shay.

Chester- Chester's in the sweet spot. Too old fashioned for most people, but starting to sound appealing.

Clyde- Clyde has that art deco, 1920s feel to him. He ranks at 999, so scoop him up for yourself.

Connelly- An Irish surname that doesn't get a lot of use.

Cormac- Tailored and modern. An unexpected way to get to Mac.

Cosmo- Boys names ending in -o are popular, but Cosmo didn't get the memo. Perfect.

Croix- More exotic than Cruz or Cross, plus he ends in -x.

Crosby- If you want to name your child after a musician, Crosby is more interesting than Lennon or Hendrix.

Curran- Add a "T" at the end to update this gem for a foodie.

Monday, June 2, 2014

June Names

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June is one of my favorite months. School ends next week, and the week after is my birthday and the start of camp. If you are lucky enough to have a June baby, consider giving him or her a subtlety related name to their birth month. I've got some great picks for you.

Alexandrite- Alexandrite seems like a little much, but any of the Alex names would work perfectly.
Moonstone- I always loved the idea of Moon in the middle spot.
Pearl- Most widely recognized as June's birthstone. Always lovely.

Birth Flower:
Rose- Rose is great on her own, but if you want an elaboration, take a look at this list.

Star Signs:
Gemini- Gemini seems better suited for a pet, but Gemma or Jemima would work just as well to honor baby girl's star sign.

Related to June:
June, Juno, Juniper, etc.- This is the more obvious route to go, but that's not a bad thing. The June names are in vogue, but not super popular.
Summer- June 21 marks the official start of everyone's favorite season, Summer. She's a little past her prime, but remains a solid pick.