Wednesday, January 14, 2015

10 Q Names You Never Thought of Using: Girls

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Did you think I would skip Q? No way, we're doing them all. Every single letter. By itself. None of that "XYZ" nonsense. And Q wasn't even that hard. People should embrace it more. Q is not a scary letter--there are plenty of great Q names out there. I'll show you.

Quarry- A quarry is a place from where rock has been taken, which makes her a nature name of sorts. She has a beautiful sound, why not consider her?

Quassia- Another nature name, Quassia is a type of small tree (also known as Bitterwood, but that's beside the point). She fits in well with some of the more obscure plant names. Quassia and Amaryllis?

Quay- Looks can be deceiving--she's actually pronounced KEY. This short beauty makes a great middle name, as demonstrated by Sarah Rhodes's (of Arrow & Apple and A Beautiful Mess) daughter Imogen Quay.

Quebec- I'm a sucker for a good place name. Quebec is darling. I've been to Quebec before (it's truly lovely), so I might be biased. It would make a great honor name if you are of French-Canadian descent.

Quenby- A fabulous unisex name that works as a nice alternative to the so-darn-popular Quinn.

Querida- She means *darling* in Spanish. If that's not a powerful reason to use a name, I don't know what is. You can't get a much better meaning than that.

Quilla- I debated over what my favorite name of this list is (Quilla? Quay? Quebec?) Ultimately, I had to choose Quilla. Her sound is right on trend, but rarely anyone knows she exists. Perfect.

Quincy- When I was ten years old, I loved the name Quincy on a girl. I have no idea where I heard it, but I named a lot of dolls Quincy. Tragically, I am no longer in love with the name, but that doesn't mean she isn't great for you. She's much preferable to Quinn.

Quinta- Add an extra syllable to Quinn, and you've changed the game. No longer is she a preppy princess--she's a fierce beauty.

Quintessa- What a glamorous name. Perfect for a movie star--and your baby daughter. Her nickname possibilities are endless. Tess, Tessa--and yes, even Quinn.

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