Wednesday, January 7, 2015

10 P Names You Never Thought of Using: Boys

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Are we already on P names for boys? Yikes, I can't believe this series is almost over. I'm really excited about the names I picked out for today. Normally P boys names aren't my thing, but I'm digging these choices. Tell me what you think.

Pace- I can't believe no one has ever thought of Pace, considering his wordiness and similarity to Chase. What a cool name. Pronounced PAH-chay he means peace in Italian, which is nice. 

Painter- Painter is an occupation name that America has not yet embraced, though he is a favorite among the baby name community. You can call him Paine for short. 

Palmer- Palmer is one of those unique names that is extremely unisex. There is an almost equal amount of boys and girls named Palmer, with a just a few more girls getting the name last year. That shouldn't discourage you though, I happen to prefer Palmer on a boy. 

Pascoe- Pascoe is a variant of Pascal, both of which are heavily associated with Easter. Pascoe seems like a more American-friendly choice, and could be worn by a child born any time of year. 

Patton- Patrick is most definitely a dad name, and he's quickly moving into grandpa territory. New parents are going to need a way to honor Patricks, and Patton is ready for the job. He's modern, unused, and has a trendy ending. Perfect. 

Penn- Ultimate prep-school kid name. 

Pike- He's a little fishy, but also streamlined and modern. Pike would be a great honor name for someone who loves to fish. 

Pine- A super rad name for nature loving or northern parents. 

Portland- I adore Portland (the city), and think it makes for a great (yet unusual) name. If Scotland is viable, why not Portland?

Powell- Powell's is the famous bookstore in Portland, so I suggest you pick one or the other. 

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