Monday, January 5, 2015

Full Names for Maggie

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Maggie is a sweet, old fashioned nickname that sounds great with sister names such as Sadie, Lily, and Lucy. She's not too popular on her own (231), but Maggie is one of the more popular nicknames for Margaret, which ranks at 181. Margaret is not the only way to get to Maggie though. Maggie has many full forms, ranging from the classic and charming, to the bold and colorful. Take a look.

Magnolia- This Southern flower has tons of nicknames, and recently made the top 1000.
Margaret- I think it's safe to say that Maggie is currently her most popular nickname, though I've heard a couple of Gretas and Megs around, too.
Marguerite- I know quite a few Marguerites, and all of them go by Daisy. Change it up with Maggie.

Magda- Magda sounds a little stodgy. Probably not the best choice for a 2015 baby.
Magdalene- Gorgeous and ethereal. Add one more syllable to Magda, and the whole vibe changes.
Margarita- She gives Maggie some Latin flair. I love it.

Unheard of:
Magenta- How's that for a full name? Magenta is super spunky, and the nickname Maggie is a nice balance.
Maguire- Maggie makes this unisex Irish surname swing girl for me.

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