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Celebrity Baby Name Predictions: Volume 9

Dennis Cortes via Dribbble

It's been said that 2016 was a terrible year, so let's look ahead to 2017. Many stars and starlets announced their pregnancies at the end of this year--which means babies born in 2017! High profile celebrities like Jesse Eisenberg, Amanda Seyfried, Liam Payne and Bradley Cooper are all going to become parents for the first time in 2017. There are also quite a few future big sisters out there. Pink is giving her daughter Willow a younger sibling, Jane Kimmel will soon have a little brother or sister, and Gal Gadot's daughter Alma won't be an only child for long. I'm sure there will be some more exciting pregnancies announced before the end of the year, but I can already tell--we can expect some great birth announcements from 2017.

Megan Hilty and Brian Gallagher
Gender: unknown
Siblings: Viola Philomena
Viola Philomena is a name full of romance. I would love to see Megan Hilty and Brian Gallagher choose another romantic, Shakespearean name for their second child, and the odds aren't bad--as a Broadway star, Megan Hilty knows a thing or two about theatrics.
Girl: Agatha, Alice, Cordelia, Flora, Gloria, Helena, Lilia, Louise, Matilda, Zelda
Boy: Ansel, Arthur, Benedict, Edmund, George, Lawrence, Lester, Louis, Oliver
*Update* It's a boy--Ronan Laine!

Pink and Carey Hart
Gender: unknown
Siblings: Willow
Hardcore couple Pink and Carey Hart chose a name that's anything but for their daughter. I expect them to go the ethereal, perhaps nature-related route again for baby number two, but who knows? Maybe they'll surprise us.
Girl: Anya, Clover, Fiona, Georgia, Ivy, Lark, Olive, Piper, Sage, Sloane, Wren
Boy: Asher, Atticus, Bay, Jude, Kai, Levi, Noah, River, Rowan, Sawyer, Skye
*Update* Welcome, Jameson Moon!

Anna Strout and Jesse Eisenberg
Gender: unknown
Siblings: none
It's hard to say what direction Anna Strout and Jesse Eisenberg will go in for their first baby's name, but given the current climate of celebrity baby names, my best guess is short and vintage. Names like Mabel, Sybil, Frederick, and Daisy have been popping up all over the place, and it seems like that might be a good stylistic fit for baby Eisenberg.
Girl: Agnes, Claire, Eloise, Esme, Frances, Greta, Maisie, Nora, Rory, Tess
Boy: Arthur, Edwin, Henry, Matthew, Otis, Peter, Roscoe, Rudy, Theo

Gal Gadot and Yaron Varsano
Gender: unknown
Siblings: Alma
Israeli couple Gal Gadot and Yaron Varsano chose the gorgeous name Alma for their oldest daughter. Many Americans consider Alma a strictly Latin name, but she's actually a global choice with roots in Spanish, Italian, and Hebrew--although it's currently most popular in Scandinavia. I predict Alma's sister or brother will have a similarly striking moniker, perhaps one that translates around the world as well as Alma.
Girl: Aziza, Clara, Clea, Este, Marnie, Nadia, Leandra, Paloma, Pella, Sylvie
Boy: Bram, Emil, Gael, Isaac, Lior, Louis, Noam, Ori, Rex, Tal, Walter
*Update* Hello, Maya!

Amanda Seyfried and Thomas Sadoski
Gender: unknown
Siblings: none
It can be tricky to predict celebrity baby names with no siblings to refer to, but that's when I turn to pet names. Amanda has a beloved dog named Finn--might she choose another friendly and casual name for her baby?
Girl: Emmy, Isla, Laney, Lucy, Maeve, Poppy, Romy, Rosie, Ruby, Scarlett
Boy: Archer, Beckett, Charlie, Graham, Gus, Hank, Jack, Milo, Owen, Reid, Sam

Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper
Gender: unknown
Siblings: none
Bradley Cooper and his girlfriend Irina Shayk are going to be parents! Irina is Russian, so I would not be surprised if the couple chose a name with Russian usage that is familiar to Americans.
Girl: Anastasia, Evva, Isidora, Kira, Lilia, Mika, Natalia, Odessa, Sarka
Boy: Alexei, Anton, Edmon, Leonti, Lev, Luka, Maksim, Nikolai, Sasha
*Update* Hello, Lea de Seine Shayk Cooper!

Cheryl and Liam Payne
Gender: unknown
Siblings: none
This baby is going to be the first child for Cheryl and Liam Payne, but if Liam is anything like his One Direction bandmates, this little one is going to have a spunky British name.
Girl: Alice, Daisy, Darcy, Elodie, Hattie, Indie, Libby, Lottie, Millie, Poppy
Boy: Arlo, Aston, Finley, Hugo, Julian, Max, Ollie, Remy, Sebastian, Theo
*Update* A boy, Bear!

Molly McNearney and Jimmy Kimmel
Gender: unknown
Siblings: Kevin, Katherine (from a previous relationship), Jane
Jimmy Kimmel is gearing up to be a dad for the fourth time. His youngest child's name is Jane--a sweet classic choice that has been creeping back into style lately. I bet he and his wife will choose something in the same vein for their latest son or daughter.
Girl: Anna, Audrey, Bridget, Cora, Eleanor, Eliza, Iris, Louisa, Rose, Sadie, Violet
Boy: Andrew, Henry, James, Matthew, Michael, Oliver, Paul, Samuel, William
*Update* Correct prediction! Welcome, William John, "Billy"!

Friday, December 9, 2016

Celebrity Baby Name Predictions: Volume 8

Brent Blossom via Dribbble
This month of celebrity pregnancy announcements was quite eclectic. We have some celebrities who go all out with their baby name choices--yes Geri Halliwell, I'm talking about you. Others lead more private lives, and choose less outrageous names to match. Neither way is better than the other--great names come out of each (Christopher Carlton Cumberbatch is an A+ name). Although I have to admit, it's pretty fun to predict the name of Bluebell Madonna's future sibling.

Christina and David Arquette
Gender: boy
Siblings: Coco (previous marriage), Charlie West
It's another boy for David Arquette and his wife Christina. They chose the friendly, likeable name Charlie West for thier first son, so I expect something along the same lines for his brother.
Boy: Alex, August, Eli, Henry, Jack, Liam, Milo, Oliver, Owen, Parker, Theo
*Update* Very close--Augustus Alexis!

Geri Halliwell and Christian Horner
Gender: unknown
Siblings: Bluebell Madonna (previous marriage)
Bluebell Madonna frequents the lists of Craziest Celebrity Baby Names. Will Geri Halliwell choose another wild name for baby number two? I hope so!
Girl: Blossom, Coco, Juniper, Moxie, Poppy, Romy, Tigerlily, Trixie, Velvet
Boy: Caspian, Huckleberry, Loyal, Peregrine, Phoenix, River, Valentine, Zeppelin
*Update--Bluebell's brother is Montague George Hector!

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott
Gender: unknown
Siblings: Jack (previous marriage), Liam, Stella, Hattie, Finn
The McDermotts are often considered to have the best sibset in Hollywood. Stylistically the names work really well together, and they're all perfectly on trend. Whatever they choose for baby number five, I know it's going to be great.
Girl: Dolly, Elsie, Evie, Georgia, Ivy, Lucy, Minnie, Nellie, Ruthie, Tilly, Violet
Boy: Charlie, Dashiell, Everett, Felix, Gus, Jude, Milo, Otto, Rudy, Toby, Wyatt
*Update* It's a boy! Beau Dean McDermott

Rochelle and A.J. McLean
Gender: girl
Siblings: Ava Jaymes
Ava Jaymes is a sweet and sassy name that's full of spunk. I expect the McLeans to use a similar formula to name their second daughter as they did with Ava--a well-liked first name with a spunky middle.
Girl: Chloe, Grace, Hazel, Leah, Lila, Kira, Maddie, Mia, Olivia, Ruby, Sofia
*Update* Welcome Lyric Dean!

Lea Seydoux and Andre Meyer
Gender: unknown
Siblings: none
Lea Seydoux is having her first child, and I can't wait to hear what she names him or her. Lea is a French actress, so I have a feeling she'll choose a name that shares her European roots.
Girl: Amelie, Beatrice, Camille, Elinor, Emmeline, Madeleine, Silvie, Veronique
Boy: Adrien, Auguste, Charles, Henri, Julien, Luc, Quincy, Remy, Romain
*Update* A baby boy--George!

Sophie Hunter and Benedict Cumberbatch
Gender: unknown
Siblings: Christopher Carlton
Christopher Carlton is the appropriately British, classic name Sophie Hunter and Benedict Cumberbatch chose for their first child. I suspect his sibling will get an equally sophisticated and stylish name--maybe one of the ones below.
Girl: Abigail, Amelia, Charlotte, Elizabeth, Emma, Olivia, Philippa, Samantha, Victoria
Boy: Andrew, Jonathan, Matthew, Nicholas, Samuel, Sebastian, Timothy, William, Zachary
*Update* Another boy--Hal Auden!

Amber Tamblyn and David Cross
Gender: girl
Siblings: none
It's a girl for Amber Tamblyn and David Cross! They could go in any direction with her name, but I'm guessing we'll see something sweet, cute, and upbeat from this comedy couple.
Girl: Elsie, Frankie, Georgia, Gracie, Lola, Lulu, Phoebe, Poppy, Ruby, Stella, Susanna
*Update* Hello, Marlowe Alice!

Ciara and Russell Wilson
Gender: unknown
Siblings: Future Zahir (previous relationship)
Ciara's oldest son Future is named after his father. I wonder if this means a possible son will be called Russell, like his dad. For a daughter, I doubt Ciara is on the list, but maybe a fun musical or word name to match the boldness of Future.
Girl: Aurora, Bliss, Cadence, Eden, Emerald, Love, Sable, Sienna, Story, Xara
Boy: Ace, Austin, Carlton, Cassius, Chance, Justice, Maverick, Reign, Russell
*Update* I was right--baby girl is Sienna Princess!

Friday, October 28, 2016

Celebrity Baby Name Predictions: Volume 7

Yannick Kalaydjian via Dribbble
Happy Friday everyone! I'm still on hiatus (it's been a busy quarter!), but here is a post I wrote for Nameberry in the meantime.

Some big celebrity broods are about to get bigger--Kelsey Grammer is going to be a dad to seven kids, and Mel Gibson's girlfriend is expecting his ninth! Predicting names for such huge families is a daunting task. People's naming styles tend to change over time, especially when they've been naming children for over a generation. That being said, sometimes name preference doesn't change! There are some large celebrity sibsets that go together really well--the Gibson family is a great example.

Besides the Gibsons and Grammers, there are plenty more exciting celebrity baby name predictions this month. Natalie Portman, Marion Cotillard, and Pharrell Williams are all going to be parents of two. I've made my predictions for them (and more!) below.

Vanessa and Nick Lachey
Gender: unknown
Siblings: Camden John, Brooklyn Elisabeth
Baby number three is on the way for the Lacheys! Both Camden and Brooklyn are well-liked names with androgynous sounds, so let's see if their brother or sister will have a name that follows the pattern.
Girl: Addison, Aubrey, Berkeley, Gracen, Harper, Kennedy, Noa, Quincy
Boy: Asher, Beckett, Declan, Easton, Everett, Hayden, Levi, Sawyer, Wyatt
*Update* Hello, Phoenix Robert!

Rosalind Ross and Mel Gibson
Gender: unknown
Siblings: Hannah, Christian, Milo, Lucia, Louis, Thomas, Edward, William (all from previous relationships)
For such a large celebrity family, Mel Gibson's children have surprisingly cohesive names. He definitely has a style--European royalty. I expect nothing less for his ninth baby.
Girl: Amelia, Caroline, Clara, Eleanor, Elizabeth, Emma, Katherine, Lydia, Mary, Rose
Boy: Andrew, Benjamin, Charles, Frederick, George, James, Oliver, Richard, Samuel
*Update* European indeed--Scandinavian to be exact. Welcome Lars Gerard!

Kayte and Kelsey Grammer
Gender: unknown
Siblings: Spencer, Greer, Mason Olivia, Jude Gordon (all from previous marriages), Faith Evangeline Elisa, Kelsey Gabriel Elias
Unlike the Gibson clan, Kelsey Grammer's sibset encompasses a wide range of styles. However, baby #7 has the same mom as Faith and Kelsey, so I think he or she will have a sensible and stylish first name with two fashionable middles.
Girl: Annabelle, Audrey, Elizabeth, Genevieve, Grace, Lily, Mia, Scarlett
Boy: Benjamin, Christian, Isaac, Levi, Nathaniel, Noah, Owen, Zachary
*Update* Welcome, Auden James Ellis!

Elizabeth Chambers and Armie Hammer
Gender: unknown
Siblings: Harper (g)
There are so many celebrity sibsets containing Harper: Harper and Gideon; Harper, Brooklyn, Romeo, and Cruz; Harper, Hayley, and Hannah; Harper and Weston--I could go on! There are many different directions in which the Hammers could go for their Harper's younger sibling, but I have a feeling it will be another tailored, on-trend choice.
Girl: Avery, Charlotte, Ellery, Emerson, Hazel, Lucy, Marlowe, Ruby, Vivian
Boy: Beckett, Ellis, Finn, Graham, Grayson, Jack, Liam, Rowan, Sawyer
*Update* It's a boy--Ford Douglas Armand!

Natalie Portman and Benjamin Millepied
Gender: unknown
Siblings: Aleph
After choosing the wonderfully rare Hebrew name Aleph for her son, I cannot wait to hear what Natalie Portman picks for baby #2. There are so many fantastic, under-the-radar Hebrew names out there, it was hard to keep my predictions short!
Girl: Adalia, Adira, Bethel, Chava, Feya, Haviva, Leeza, Leora, Mehira, Niva, Raya, Zadie
Boy: Bram, Dovev, Eben, Eitan, Eliaz, Gavi, Israel, Lev, Lior, Nahir, Noam, Samson, Tal, Yael
*Update* Hello Amalia!

Allison Pill and Joshua Leonard
Gender: unknown
Siblings: none
Allison Pill and her husband Joshua live low-key lives outside of the spotlight. That leads me to believe that when it comes to baby names, they aren't going to choose something eccentric or outlandish. However, I do think their son or daughter will have a name with style--maybe one of the following:
Girl: Cecilia, Cora, Eleanor, Eva, Genevieve, Isabel, Lucy, Madeleine, Margaret, Phoebe
Boy: Andrew, August, Charlie, Elliott, Gabriel, Gavin, Henry, Julian, Max, Miles, Theo
*Update* It's a girl--Wilder Grace!

Marion Cotillard and Guillaume Canet
Gender: unknown
Siblings: Marcel
Ooh-la-la, let's talk French names! French couple Marion Cotillard and Guillaume Canet chose handsome Marcel for their son five years ago. Now that they're expecting a second child, I'm sure the fashionable duo will choose another stylish French appellation.
Girl: Anais, Colette, Elodie, Eulalie, Isabeau, Lilou, Maelys, Ophelie, Ottilie, Silvie, Simone
Boy: Claude, Clemence, Gable, Harvey, Henri, Lionel, Lucien, Maurice, Pascal, Remy
*Update* A girl--Louise!

Helen Lasichanh and Pharrell Williams
Gender: unknown
Siblings: Rocket Ayer
What do you name a sibling for Rocket? That's what Pharrell Williams and Helen Lasichanh have to figure out. I like the idea of another whimsical word name--especially one with a subtle theme (Zephyr or Zeppelin!).
Girl: Boheme, Domino, Eden, Jette, Moon, Poet, Rhapsody, Solstice, Story, Temple
Boy: Arrow, Axel, Indigo, Noble, Onyx, Rollo, True, Wilder, Zephyr, Zeppelin, Ziggy

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Celebrity Baby Name Predictions: Volume 6

via Marion WD Tumblr
This month’s predictions features two exciting firsts for me: my first twin prediction, and my first Duggar prediction! I’ve been crossing my fingers for a Duggar pregnancy announcement since I started this series six months ago, and now here it is. But that’s not all the good news this month. Mick Jagger is going to be a dad again, as is Sam Worthington. Plus, Jenna Jameson is having her third baby. This means we’ve got a lot of stylish, alliterative, and probably zany birth announcements coming up. I’ve taken a stab at predicting them below.

Melanie Hamrick and Mick Jagger
Gender: unknown
Siblings: Georgia, James, Jade, Elizabeth, Lucas, Karis, Gabriel (all from previous relationships)
Even though the names of Mick Jagger’s children seem all over the place in terms of sibset cohesion, there’s one thing they all have in common: undeniably British style. I have a feeling baby number eight’s name will fit right in.
Girl: Bryony, Cressida, Gemma, Imogen, Isadora, Ivy, Poppy, Tabitha, Tallulah
Boy: Charlie, Lewis, Milo, Nico, Oliver, Sebastian, Simon, Spencer, Richie, Rex
*Update* Yep, they went British--baby boy is Devereaux Octavian Basil!

Kirsten and Jon Heder
Gender: girl
Siblings: Evan Jane(g), Philip, Timothy
Even though Jon Heder is known for playing a character named Napoleon, his personal naming style is much tamer. His sons have very traditional names, while his daughter has an uncommon, but on-trend unisex name—Evan. Using that as my guide, I made picks for the Heders that would be perfect for their sibset. 
 Anna, Brenna, Claire, Grace, Harper, Kate, Leah, Maggie, Nora, Paige, Piper

Grace Gail and Adam Rodriguez
Gender: unknown
Siblings: Frankie Elle(g)
Frankie is definitely having a moment right now. It’s cute and not-so-serious, and makes a great nickname for some terrific longer names. Frankie Rodriguez is just Frankie though, so I have a hunch Grace and Adam might choose another nickname-y name for baby number two. 
 Clara, Etta, Evie, Georgia, Ivy, Josie, Lena, Libby, Liza, Lucy, Nellie, Rosie
Boy: Arlo, Ben, Gus, Jamie, Jonathan, Julian, Leo, Louie, Milo, Nico, Rudy, Sammy

Molly Sims and Scott Stuber
Gender: unknown
Siblings: Brooks Alan, Scarlett May
The Stuber sibset is preppy as can be, with a healthy dose of Southern charm. If they stick with that theme, I bet their third child will have one of the following names.
Girl: Adelaide, Audrey, Evelyn, Harlow, Laurel, Sadie, Savannah, Stella, Vivienne
Boy: Beau, Clayton, Dean, Hayes, Preston, Reid, Spencer, Tate, Tucker, Waylon
*Update* A boy--Grey Douglas!

Danneel Harris and Jensen Ackles
Gender: boy girl twins!
Siblings: Justice Jay "JJ" (g)
Double trouble--a boy and a girl are on the way for the Ackles family. Twins can be tricky to name. You want the pair to be cohesive on its own, but also fit in with the larger sibset. I’m excited to hear Jensen and Danneel’s choices, especially since their daughter has such a fun name.
Girl: Alexis, Brynn, Eden, Grace, Harper, Quinn, Payton, Rain, Rowan, Skye
Boy: Alex, Beckett, Brave, Hayden, Jude, Phoenix, Rocky, Sawyer, Tristan, Zion
*Update* The twins are here! Baby girl is Arrow Rhodes, and baby boy is Zeppelin Bram. 

Jenna Jameson and Lior Britton
Gender: unknown
Siblings: Jesse Jameson, Journey Jette (both from a previous relationship)
Something tells me this baby is going to have another double J name. Jenna Jameson’s twin sons’ names aren’t a complete match stylistically, so it’s a total toss up in terms of her approach for baby number three. Will she go with a more traditional and well-liked name a la Jesse? Or choose a trendy unisex name like Journey?
Girl: Jacy, Jade, Jasmine, Jayla, Jersey, Jewel, Jezebel, Jolie, Jubilee, Jules, Juliette
Boy: Jace, Jack, Jagger, Jamie, Jaxon, Jayden, Jenson, Jethro, Jude, Judson, Justice
*Update* Not a J name--a girl named Batel Lu!

Lara Bingle and Sam Worthington
Gender: unknown
Siblings: Rocket Zot
Rocket Zot is the craziest celebrity baby name you've never heard of. This Australian couple gave their son a very unique combination of names, and I have no doubt that they’re going to do it again. The only question is, what combo will it be this time?
Girl: Ember, Fable, Moxie, Mystery, Pixie, Rebel, Rumor, Story, Spirit
Boy: Blaze, Breaker, Diesel, Dragon, Legend, Neon, Noble, Storm
*Update* Welcome Racer!

Jessa and Ben Seewald
Gender: unknown
Siblings: Spurgeon Elliot
The Duggars are known for their baby name choices, but Jessa and Ben have promised not to do a letter theme. Instead, it seems as if they are naming their babies after famous Christians. The Seewalds are not afraid to go bold with baby names, so I didn’t hold back when making my predictions. I wouldn’t hold it past them to name a daughter Pink (which I’m secretly rooting for)!
Girl: Annie, Carey, Hedley, Isobel, Lottie, Piper, Pink, Ryle, Susanna, Teresa
Boy: Baxter, Benjamin, Lawson, Leland, Luther, Owen, Paul, Tozer, Washer, Wells
*Update* It's a boy—Henry Wilberforce!

Friday, August 19, 2016

Country Names for Babies

86era via Dribbble
It's the last week of the Olympics, which has me thinking all about names. Not only the names of the athletes (which is my favorite part), but also the names of the countries. Many country names can double as baby names, like the ones I have listed here. Which ones are your favorites?



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10 Names Jools and Jamie Oliver Should Consider for Baby #5

Mark Caneso via Dribbble
If there ever was a celebrity baby name Hall of Fame, Jools and Jamie Oliver would be in it. They have four children named Poppy Honey Rosie, Daisy Boo Pamela, Petal Blossom Rainbow, and Buddy Bear Maurice. And with their oldest child aged 14, it's safe to say they were using obscure nature names and two middles before it was cool.

Obviously, everyone is very interested to hear what the Olivers will name their fifth (and sadly, last) child. I'm here to give out my top five picks for each gender. Anyone taking bets?

Clover- Clover would be perfect for a fourth daughter, since a fourth leaf makes the sprout extra lucky. Clover is a name that's waiting to take off. If Jamie and Jools choose it for baby number five, I suspect American and English parents alike will follow suit.

Daffodil- Daffodil has a spunky British feel that definitely fits in with the others. Even though many parents avoid Daffodil because of the nickname Daffy, I could see the Olivers embracing it. Another name for a daffodil, Jonquil, could also be a contender, but that feels slightly formal compared to the other childrens' names.

Lilac- Lovely Lilac screams "Oliver baby name" to me. Like Poppy, Daisy, and Petal, it's sweet, youthful, and floral. Lilac is an elusive "on trend, but not trendy" name. The popularity of Lila and Lily give it major style points, but it's not even in the top 1000. That makes Lilac a spotless choice.

Posey- Each of the Oliver daughters have a P name somewhere in the lineup, so Posey seems like the natural choice for one of baby number five's names. With the floral tie, I'd say she's a strong contender for the first name.

Tulip- Tulip is my favorite choice for the Olivers. It's spunky and unexpected, yet cohesive with the sibling names. Tulip would be a fantastic name to complete the Oliver sibset--go out with a bang!

Basil- Can you get any more British than Basil? It originally came from Greece, but has unshakable English associations. Along with the herb connection and the fact that he would share a first initial with his brother, Basil seems ideal for the fifth Oliver baby.

Huckleberry- Admittedly, Huckleberry seems a bit out of place compared to the other Oliver childrens' names. It's a whopping four syllables long, while the rest of them are only two. However, stylistically, Huckleberry is a perfect match. Plus, the nickname Huck feels just right for this sibset.

Robin- It seems like Robin might be coming back into fashion with the boys, so now would be a perfect time for Olivers to use it--before it becomes mainstream. The nickname Robbie is adorable, and practically the perfect brother name for Buddy.

Sage- Although Sage is used more often for girls (at least in the US), it strikes me as the perfect name for an Oliver boy. Jamie and Jools prefer feminine and casual names for their daughters, and hippie-ish Sage feels more masculine compared to Poppy, Daisy, and Petal. With a link to Jamie's profession, and Jools' love of nature names, Sage could be one to watch.

Wolf- After using Bear in the middle for their son Buddy, I wouldn't be surprised to see Wolf on the birth announcement. It may sound a little harsher than Poppy, Daisy, Petal, and Buddy, but calling him Wolfie is instantly softening. And you have to admit, Wolfie sounds pretty cute in that sibset.

*Update* Jamie and Jools have welcomed a son--River Rocket Blue!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Celebrity Baby Name Suggestions: Volume 5

Chloe Ferres via Desktop Mag
This month's set of celebrity naming styles is very eclectic. There's Katherine Heigl and her husband Josh, who loves honor names; Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher, who famously made Wyatt a unisex name; and Mira Pak and Terrence Howard, who create their own names. We'll have to wait and see if they follow the same technique or take a wildly different approach. For now, these are my predictions for the names of eight upcoming celebrity babies.

Savannah Guthrie and Michael Feldman
Gender: unknown
Siblings: Vale Guthrie (g)
Savannah Guthrie's baby's name was big news the first time around--and not just because she's an NBC anchor. She gave her daughter Vale an interesting and unique name that was very stylish. For baby number two, I bet she'll choose something as equally short and snazzy.
Girl: Bay, Brynn, Cleo, Greer, Lane, Navy, Rae, Romy, Sage, Scout, Seren, Wren
Boy: Beck, Bram, Cord, Drew, Gray, Hart, Joss, Jude, Lake, Lev, Reid, Ryne, Tate
*Update* A little boy! Charles Max, called Charley.

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher
Gender: unknown
Siblings: Wyatt Isabelle
Where do you go after Wyatt? These gender-bending celebrities are throwing me for a loop. The choices below could probably work for either gender Kutcher baby--Wyatt is just as likely to have a brother or a sister named Sawyer, Walker, or Logan.
Girl: Bo, Darby, Evan, James, Logan, Max, Micah, Noa, Reid, Rory, Sawyer, Shane
Boy: Colton, Dempsey, Grady, Levi, Maddox, Owen, Ryder, Tucker, Walker, Weston
*Update* Hello, Dimitri Portwood!

Katherine Heigl and Josh Kelley
Gender: boy
Siblings: Nancy Leigh "Naleigh" Moon and Adalaide Marie Hope
Katherine Heigl and Josh Kelley love family names. All of daughters' names are of significance, so I'm certain that their little boy will have a meaningful name as well. Naleigh and Adalaide's names heavily honor Katherine's side, so I wouldn't be surprised if Josh's family had the most influence on this baby's name.
Boy: Bishop, Charlie, Cooper, George, Henry, Jasper, John, Paul, Sebastian, Theodore
*Update* Joshua Bishop--another honor-filled name!

Dylan Dreyer and Brian Fichera
Gender: boy
Siblings: none
It's a boy for this NBC News couple--Dylan Dreyer is the meteorologist on the Today Show, and her husband Brian Fichera is a cameraman. I wonder if their professions will play a role in his name--a weather-inspired name, perhaps?
Boy: Aidan, Andrew, Caleb, Charlie, Lucas, Owen, Sam, Skylar, Storm, William, Zachary
*Update* Welcome, Calvin Bradley!

Teresa Palmer and Mark Webber
Gender: boy
Siblings: Isaac Love (Webber's previous marriage), Bodhi Rain
Australian actress Teresa Palmer is going to have a houseful of boys! The couple seems to like pairing mainstream names with bold middles. That being said, I think this little boy might have a tranquil, zen name like his brother Bodhi.
Boy: Asher, August, Finn, Holden, Jude, Julian, Kai, Landon, Nolan, Soren
*Update* Baby boy is Forest!

Mira Pak and Terrence Howard
Gender: unknown
Siblings: Heaven, Hunter, Aubrey (all three from a different marriage), Qirin
Qirin, pronounced like Kieran, is a name that Mira Pak and Terrence Howard created. They were inspired by the Qilin--a Chinese mythical creature. If they go that route again, I've got my bases covered. However, I wouldn't be surprised if the went a completely new, yet just as creative route.
Girl: Ariana, Autumn, Bixie, Chimera, Eden, Melody, Nadia, Scarlett
Boy: Axel, Blaze, Dominic, Gannon, Hayden, Kingston, Talon, Yeren
*Update* It's a boy--welcome Hero!

Vanessa and Kobe Bryant
Gender: girl
Siblings: Natalia, Gianna
It's a third girl for the Bryants! I'm excited to hear how they round out their already fantastic sibset. My guess is they'll go for another feminine, classy choice.
Girl: Allegra, Angelina, Camilla, Cecilia, Eliana, Emilia, Francesca, Lucia, Marina, Victoria
*Update* Bianka Bella--perfect for this sibset!

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Chicago Names: City Streets

I'm all about subtle honor names--names that honor someone in a way that isn't obvious or flashy. Using the name of the street such honoree grew up on definitely fits into the "subtle honor" category. In fact, I have the name of the street I was born on on my short list for potential middles. Today I'm featuring Chicago street name--this is the city I live in, after all. I would love to make this a series to compare street names of cities around the country. Let me know which city you'd like to be featured next!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Dog Names for Babies?

Brent Schoepf via Dribbble
I've been thinking non-stop about dog names since we just got a puppy a week ago. When coming up with a name for the little guy, I was adament about giving him a name that didn't sound too "dog like," (aka, not Fido or Rover). I wanted him to have a real name. A person name. We ended up calling him Fisher, and it's really the perfect name for him. It's not too dog like, and it's not too common among animals or people (it ranked #799 last year). However, this whole situation got me wondering: if we like people names for pets, what about pet names for people? Are they off-limits or fair game?

Beau- Beau was the quintessential dog name for a while, but ever since the early 2000s, he's been climbing up the charts for baby boys. Alternate spelling Bo is also on the rise (and is the name of the Obama's dog). Beau definitely works for both dogs and babies.

Boomer- I was hesitant to include Boomer on this list, because--much like Fido and Rover--I thought he had absolutely no potential as a baby name. But Michael Phelps gave the name to his son a couple weeks ago, which changes things. My brother has been telling me forever to expect a nephew named Boomer in a dozen years or so (Beau also makes his list). I've always thought it was to annoy me with its non-nameness, but who knows, maybe he sees the future of baby names. Do you think Boomer could be a hit in 2028?

Coco- Coco is a name I have my eye on. I've seen a couple of bloggers and other tastemakers use the name recently, and I think it wears really well. They are often ahead of the curve by many years though, so I suspect we'll see a big Coco rise in around 3-5 years.

Duke- Duke still feels decidedly doggish to me, but I'm curious to hear what you all think. He came back into the top 1000 in 2013, and is on the rise, along with many other royal names. Giuliana and Bill Rancic have a son named Duke, which may be inspriring many parents to go for it with their baby as opposed to their dog.

Huck- Huck is a sweet nickname-y name whose most obvious full form is Huckleberry. It makes sense that parents would want to skip over that, and just give the name to their pet instead. However, I'm more of a fan when it's used on a baby. There are plenty of full name options besides Huckleberry, as illustrated here.

Murphy- Fun loving, Irish surname Murphy has always been common among pets, but dropped out of the top 1000 for baby boys in 1956. These days I can see Murphy working for a baby boy or girl, especially in this era of last-names-first.

Rex- Rex may seem like the classic dog name, but he's actually not too popular among pooches or people. I am a big champion of using Rex on babies--he's the perfect alternative to Max! Plus, he's actually fallen lately in popularity. Rex is currently at #682, down from a peak of #617 in 2011.

Roscoe- Hipster favorite Roscoe is currently a hit for dogs, and I suspect the number of children and pets with the name will only go up. He really is a fun and sweet name--I wouldn't be surprised to see him break the top 1000 in the next few years.

Roxy- Roxy (or Roxie, if you're a Broadway fan) is not used as often on babies as she is on pets, most likely because her most obvious full name is the outdated Roxanne. However, she'd work just as well as a nickname for any of the Rose names, or even names like Aurora and Veronica.

Scout- All the buzz about To Kill a Mockingbird and Go Set a Watchman led to increased interest in the name Scout, but I can't tell if it's going to stick or not. For a long time, Scout sounded too wordy to bestow on a child (i.e.: perfect for the dog), but I think she's a totally viable choice nowadays.

Thor- People love to give their dogs slightly comical names, which is why you meet many a small dog named Thor. This is one of the few that I would not give to child--I think it's best for the family pet. Try the variation Tor instead.

As you may have noticed, I'm taking a lighter summer schedule. Regular posting should resume in October, when I go back to school.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Celebrity Baby Name Suggestions: Volume 4

The cycle of celebrity pregnancies never slows down. 2016 has been an especially fruitful year so far, with superstars like John Legend, Chelsea Clinton, Adam Levine, Blake Lively, and Ryan Gosling all growing their families. And we can't forget the celebrities who might not be as well-known for their talent, but are certainly famous for their baby names--Jamie Oliver, Holly Madison, and Soleil Moon Frye. Now we have even more to add to the list! Kerry Washington is pregant with her second, as is Olivia Wilde. And don't get me started on the latest Kardashian pregnancy--I cannot wait to hear what that child is named. I've placed my bets in the meantime.

Cassandra Jenner Marino and Michael Marino
Gender: boy
Siblings: Francesca and Isabella
I think the Marinos will go in one of two directions for naming their first son. Either they'll use the same style as the girls--long Italian names--or choose something equally grand, but less Italian. I have a feeling it might be the former, but we'll have to wait and see!
Boy: Alexander, Benjamin, Jackson, Julian, Leonardo, Luca, Marco, Maximus, Nathaniel
*Update* Not Luca, but Luke!

Alicia Etheredge and Bobby Brown
Gender: unknown
Siblings: Cassius and Bodhi Jameson Rein (g)
Cassius and Bodhi are both very "of the moment" names. Such contemporary choices would never have been considered even ten years ago. I definitely see them picking an equally on trend name for this next boy or girl.
Girl: Bijou, Cleo, Coco, Eden, Gaia, Jade, Juno, Luna, Moxie, Sawyer
Boy: Bear, Cato, Clay, Creed, Jude, Lucian, Rex, Rogue, Roman, Theon
*Update* Alicia and Bobby have welcomed a daughter--Hendrix Estelle Sheba!

Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudekis
Gender: unknown
Siblings: Otis Alexander
Otis is one of those clunky old man names that is now beginning to feel stylish again. I hope baby Sudekis gets another name on the cusp of cool--celebrities can be just what a name needs to be considered fashionable after a long hiatus from the top 1000.
Girl: Fern, Hattie, Ida, Louella, Maisie, Maxine, Minnie, Pearl, Ruth, Sadie, Tabitha, Tess
Boy: Alder, Bruno, Casper, Felix, Frank, Grover, Hugo, Leland, Ralph, Rex, Roscoe, Roy, Toby
*Update* Hello Daisy Josephine!

Danielle and Kevin Jonas
Gender: unknown
Siblings: Alena Rose
For their first baby, Kevin and Danielle Jonas chose the uncommon yet familar Alena, and paired it with the classic middle name, Rose. It's a classy combo that can be appreciated by people with all sorts of tastes--an essence I suspect they will emulate with their second child.
Girl: Allegra, Camila, Chiara, Eliana, Emilia, Esme, Lelia, Livia, Lydia, Natalia, Stella
Boy: Anton, Benjamin, Dominic, Gabriel, Julian, Luca, Michael, Noah, Tristan, Weston
*Update* Another little Jonas lady--Valentina Angelina!

Kerry Washington and Nnamdi Asomugha
Gender: unknown
Siblings: Isabelle Amarachi
Kerry Washington and Nnamdi Asomugha picked a stunning name for their daughter. I especially love the nod to Asomugha's African heritage with the middle name. Isabelle Amarachi is romantic and classy. Keeping that in mind, these are some possibilities for baby number two.
Girl: Amelie, Beatrice, Camille, Clementine, Emmeline, Juliet, Lilia, Lucille, Salome, Sylvie
Boy: Adrian, Charles, Isaac, Jasper, Jonathan, Julian, Matthias, Olivier, Romain, Sebastian
*Update* Welcome, Caleb Kelechi!

Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian
Gender: unknown
Siblings: King Cairo
Here comes another Kardashian baby! The famous family is known for over-the-top names, and the past few (Reign Aston and Saint West) have a particularly regal vibe. And considering Blac Chyna's son King Cairo, I think it's pretty likely this child will have a majestic, noble name. I'm not ruling out the possibility of a Robert Kardashian III though, after Rob and his late father.
Girl: Armani, Coco, Fantasia, Future, Harmoni, Ivory, Kleo, Queen, Roxy, Treasure
Boy: Ace, Knight, Legend, Major, Maverick, Messiah, Moses, Noble, Robert, Royal
*Update* It's a girl! Dream Renee Kardashian

Tana and Gordon Ramsay
Gender: girl
Siblings: Megan, Holly, Jack, Matilda
Typically, I look to older siblings' names to help make these predictions. However, when the current youngest child is going to be fourteen years older than the baby, it's hard to say whether or not the parents will chose a cohesive name. Such is the case with the Ramsays. As a whole, the sibset reads vaguely British (the couple is from the UK, after all). I don't think they'll chose anything wild and crazy, but perhaps something a little more modern.
Girl: Annie, Cecilia, Eleanor, Evie, Grace, Ivy, Josephine, Kate, Lena, Lucy, Piper, Victoria

Laura Gallacher and Russell Brand
Gender: unknown
Siblings: none
Russell Brand's girlfriend is pregnant with their first child. She's Scottish, and he's British, so I doubt they'll chose anything too "American." If I had to guess, I would say this baby's name is going to be tasteful and European, but a bit unexpected.
Girl: Ailsa, Bryony, Dorothy, Eulalie, Henrietta, Imogen, Lileas, Maisie, Poppy, Zara
Boy: Alistair, Angus, Archie, Benedict, Callum, Duncan, Finlay, Rhys, Ronan, Teague
*Update* Russell and Laura's daughter is Mabel!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

10 Native American Names You Never Thought of Using: Boys

Julia Kuo via Dribbble
Did you all catch the girls list a couple weeks back? I know you've been eagerly awaiting the boys installment, and now I finally have it for you. Like I said before, one of the best parts about Native American names are their meanings, which are oftentimes related to nature. Those of you who like subtle nature names, one from a Native American tribe could be perfect for your little one.

Alo- Alo comes from the Hopi tribe, which are native to Southwestern America. He means "spirit guide" in the Hopi language. Alo is also an Estonian nickname for Alexander, if you prefer a longer name.

Ashkii- With the easy-access nickname Ash, Ashkii would be a great name for a 2016 baby. He's a Navajo name that means simply "boy." Ashkii is upbeat and very stylish--I'd love to see more people embrace him.

Ciye- Ciye is an Apache name, which, like the Hopi, come from the Southwest. He's pronounced like Cy, and means "my son."

Dzemi- Are silent D names the latest sub-trend? While not everyone is doing it, I have been seeing more and more of them pop up. Dzemi might be my new favorite. He's got a modern sound and an enticing look.

Kenai- Striking Kenai is a unisex name from the Dena'ina language. I think it could work well on either gender, but the strong sound (it's pronounced KEY-nai) and nickname option Kai makes it lean slightly masculine in my opinion. Kenai also has a nature connection: the Kenai Fjords are located in Alaska.

Lautaro- Lautaro is from the Mapuche tribe, which originated in southern Chile and Argentina. It was the name of a famous Mapuche military leader who died honorably defending his tribe against Spanish colonizers. Lautaro is an incredibly handsome name, and one I can picture on a man of any age.

Manteo- Does Matteo's ever increasing popularity have you reconsidering? Why not use Manteo instead? He's virtually unused, but is very similar in terms of looks and sound. The only potential downside is that he would indeed get confused for Matteo at times.

Miko- Most people know Miko as a Japanese unisex name, but it also has roots in the Chickasaw language. In this southeastern tribe, Miko is a strictly male name, and means "cheif."

Nahuel- Like Lautaro, Nahuel is a Mapuche name with an animal meaning. Lautaro means "swift hawk" and Nahuel means "jaguar." How's that for a cohesive sibset?

Zolin- Zolin may sound like a modern invention, but he's actually an Aztec name from the Nahuatl language. Like many Native American names, he has an animal meaning--"quail."

Monday, May 30, 2016

Musical Instrument Names

David Trang via Dribbble
Would you ever consider a musical instrument name for your child? Xylophone or Accordian might be a little too far out there, but consider one of the following.

Banjo- The bluegrassy banjo is great name inspiration for a son or a daughter. It's also a poetic name of sorts, considering well-known poet Banjo Patterson bears the name.

Bell- Belle may be the more conventional spelling, but spell her Bell and you have a musical name! I actually prefer this spelling--she has fewer frills and no princess association.

Calliope- The calliope is a whistly, organ-like instrument most often found around carousels these days. As a name, Calliope is famous for her Greek mythology roots.

Cello- Cello may not seem very name-like at first, but definitely should be. The -el sound is more popular than ever, and no one will argue with a name ending in -o, so feel free to put Cello on your list.

Fife- A fife is a sweet and small flute, very similar to a piccolo. It's not very common as a name, but I could see that changing. If Piper continues her steady rise, we might see more use of Fifer, which Fife makes a lovely nickname for.

Harmonica- Add another syllable to Monica and we get the name of this versatile instrument. It's the type of name that requires a brave namer. I'm too chicken to use it, but I'd be secretly thrilled if someone else did.

Harp- Harp is on my list of names to watch. With Harper so popular these days, parents will undoubtedly turn to alternatives. Why not the name of this lovely string instrument?

Lyre- The lyre is a string instrument that is heavily associated with ancient Greece. In 2016 she's seen as a variation of Lyra, a gorgeous name that really flys under the radar.

Mandolin- I'm surprised we haven't seen more baby Mandolins. She's only a few steps removed from her likewise French sister Madeleine. Plus, you can call her Mandy. For those of you who are more inclined to be cooking, Mandoline (of the same pronunciation) is a--slightly dangerous--kitchen tool used for slicing and julienning.

Marimba- The name of this instrument really emulates its sound. The marimba is a percussion instrument that's especially popular in Latin America. Marimba makes for a fun, upbeat name for a daughter.

Viola- With Violet's soaring popularity, I'm always surprised that Viola doesn't make the top 1000. She's feminine, Shakespearean, and has a musical connection (though the instrument is typically pronounced vee-OH-la, instead of the standard name pronunciation vye-OH-la).

Friday, May 27, 2016

Stylish Choices Outside the Top 1000: 2015 Boys

via Studio MPLS
It can feel almost impossible to find a unique, uncommon name for a boy. But trust me, not everyone gives their son a name in the top 20, and there are some wonderful options out there if you want a name on the less popular side. I've culled the beyond the top 1000 list (so you don't have to) and picked out some of the best underused names, with between 202 and 5 uses. Last year's list is here--click over the jump to view this year's.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Stylish Choices Outside the Top 1000: 2015 Girls

Syd Nagoshi via Instagram
It can be really frustrating to see your top choices break into the top 1000--no one wants people to discover their favorite name! If you are looking for a name that's guaranteed to be uncommon, outside the top 1000 is the best place to look. None of these names were used over 263 times--that being said, it's impossible to tell how many of these are being used as nicknames for more popular names. The names are ordered from most uses to least: 263 to 5. Make sure to come back on Friday for the boys list, and check out the 2014 list to see what's changed.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

10 Native American Names You Never Thought of Using: Girls

If you're someone who likes names with meanings to match, Native American names are right up your alley. All of their names have very intentional meanings that were (and sometimes still are) widely known throughout the tribes. There are thousands of wonderful Native American names from tribes all over the country, but I chose ten I think would work on girls of all cultures. As always, let me know your favorites (and names you wish I'd featured) in the comments.

Aylen- Aylen is a name from the Mapuche tribe that means "happiness." Even though she has ancient roots, Aylen features a contemporary sound that would fit in seamlessly with other children's names of today.

Citlali- Citlali is absolutely stunning. She means "star," and comes from Nahautl culture. Citlali had a brief run in the top 1000 from 2001-2006, peaking in 2005 at #915.

Galilahi- This Native American name may seem very similar to the faith-based names Galilea and Galilee, but they share no connection. Galilahi means "gentle and attractive" in Cherokee. Gala and Lila would make cute nicknames.

Lilakai- Lilakai is a name that I can see becoming embraced by people of all cultures, a la Leilani. The Navajo name feels upbeat and youthful--a quality coveted by my parents. Plus, with easy-access nicknames like Lily and Kai, Lilakai is hard to argue with.

Maiara- Maiara comes from the Tupí tribe. Despite her Native American roots, she's most popular in Portugal. Maiara made it into their top 100 for the first time in 2014, coming in at #81. I'm not sure if she could become as equally popular in America, but I do believe Maiara could make it into the top 1000 one day if she got some publicity 

Miski- Miski means "honey" and "sweet" in the Quechua language. She has a old-school sound a la Misti and Missy, but Miski is still wearable for a 21st century baby.

Nayeli- Nayeli comes from the Zapotec tribe, where she means "I love you." She is most common  among Latino families, and has been at a relatively steady ranking around #400 for the past ten years. Nayeli peaked at #175 in 2001.

Siaska- Need an uncommon way to get to Sia? Take a look at Siaska. She is a name from the Ho-Chunk tribe, which is native to Wisconsin and Minnesota.

Uki- It's not often that I recommend a U name, so I was thrilled to find the charming and likable Uki. She's an Inuit name that means "survivor." She's pronounced the same was as the Japanese name Yuki, which could lead to some confusion.

Zyanya- Like Nayeli, Zyanya comes from the Zapotec tribe. She means "forever and always," which I'm sure many parents would find delightful.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Names for a Fifth Born

Valerie Jar via Dribbble
Happy Blogoversay! To celebrate the fifth year of the blog, we're going to look at names that mean five. Perfect for a fifth born, a baby born on the 5th of the month, or for a V.

Enu- Enu is a West African name meaning "fifth born." It's a unisex name, and would make a perfect middle for a boy or a girl.

Five- Why not take a page from the celebrity baby name handbook and name your fifth child Five? Celebrity designers Bob and Cortney Novogratz gave this name to their third son (Their other children have great names as well--Wolfgang "Wolfie," Bellamy, Tallulah, Breaker, Holleder, and Major).

Fritz- I know of a V who goes by Fritz. Does it work? I vote yes. Fritz sounds enough like "fifth," and by the time you have five men with the same name in one family, you're bound to run out of nicknames.

Gorou- Gorou is a traditional Japanese name for the fifth son. He's practically unheard of in the US, but that doesn't make him unusable. If you're unable to take the plunge, you could always use Gorou as a pet name for baby number five.

Quentin- Bring on the Q names! The Quen and Quin suffix mean "fifth," so really any Quinn name works spledidly for a fifth born child. I picked some of my favorites to highlight, including Quentin. He's got a classic aura about him--Quentin is never a bad choice.

Quincy- Quincy is a darling French name that used to be solely masculine. Nowadays, it's considered unisex, but still is heard much more on boys. However, that might not be for long. I predict Quincy will go the way of Quinn, eventually the numbers will even out, and then I believe Quincy could even be seen as more feminine. In this day and age of unisex name and gender-bending, who knows what could happen?

Quinto- This lovely Spanish Quentin variation is ideal for a family who loves the sound of Quinn, just not the popularity (or unisex factor). Quinto is fresh and fun--plus, your son is guarunteed to be the only one on the block.

Quinty- If Quincy isn't jaunty enough for you, how about Quinty? She's a modern Dutch name derived from Quinta. Quinty has a jovial spirit; I would love to hear her used in the US.

Pompeo- Pompeo is an Italian variation of Pompey, a historical Latin name. Both mean "five," but Pompeo is the more wearable option, especially for an American baby. With a handsome sound and historical origins, Pompeo is a fantastic choice for a fifth-born baby. 

Friday, April 29, 2016

Celebrity Baby Name Suggestions: Volume 3

Danny Dek via Dribbble
This month has had some high profile pregnancy announcements. The Baldwins, Olivers, and Levines? How did we get so lucky? There's no doubt that these babies will have impeccable names, but what they are exactly, we can't yet say. We might have to wait a few more months to hear these babies' names, but in the meantime, we can always speculate. These are my picks for the big celebrity baby names--from the classic and respected to the unconventional and bizarre (I'm looking at you, Jamie Oliver).

Behati Prinsloo and Adam Levine
Gender: unknown
Siblings: none
Predicting names is always hard when there are no siblings to refer to. That's why these names are all over the place stylistically. I could see Behati and Adam going in a couple different directions. Maybe honor names (Behati's mother's name is Magda, Adam's middle name is Noah), or possibly a musical reference to dad's career. Whatever the case, baby Levine will have a striking and stylish name.
Girl: Celie, Elodie, Harbor, Kiva, Lennox, Lotus, Maggie, Marlowe, Vivienne, Zola
Boy: Boaz, Bowie, Dashiell, Freddie, Huxley, Loyal, Morrison, Neo, Noah, Wilder
*Update* Baby girl is Dusty Rose!

Hilaria and Alec Baldwin
Gender: boy
Siblings: Ireland (previous marriage), Carmen Gabriela and Raphael Thomas
After two babies together, we know the Baldwin's naming style--Spanish romance. All of their kids have such great names (dare I say perfect?), so I can't wait to hear what they name this little boy.
Boy: Antonio, Emanuel, Dominic, Joaquin, Leonardo, Lorenzo, Simeon, Vincenzo
*Update* A correct prediction--Leonardo Ángel Charles Baldwin

Jools and Jamie Oliver
Gender: unknown
Siblings: Poppy Honey Rosie, Daisy Boo Pamela, Petal Blossom Rainbow, and Buddy Bear Maurice
Another baby Oliver? Praise the naming gods! At this point we know it's going to be something floral for a girl, something informal for a boy. Either gender, we know baby Oliver is going to have three names, with one (or all!) of them quirky.
Girl: Bluebell, Butterfly, Clementine, Clover, Flora, Iris, Lilac, Peony, Posey, Primrose, Tulip
Boy: Charlie, Billy, Bobby, Freddy, Huey, Perry, Ricky, Rudy, Sammy, Sonny, Teddy, Woody
*Update* It's a boy! Welcome River Rocket Blue.

Anna Chlumsky and Shaun So
Gender: unknown
Siblings: Penelope Joan
Veep's Anna Chlumsky and her husband chose such a sweet name for their first-born. Penelope Joan has a vintage-yet-modern feel, something I think they'll try to emulate with baby number two.
Girl: Alice, Camilla, Daphne, Delia, Greta, Isobel, Josephine, Lorelei, Matilda, Millicent, Zelda
Boy: Andrew, Arthur, Edward, Henry, Paul, Quentin, Ray, Simon, Theodore, Thomas, Walter
*Update* Clara Elizabeth--perfect!

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green
Gender: unknown
Siblings: Noah Shannon (b) and Bodhi Ransom
Megan Fox's two sons have names that are almost opposites on the style scale, however, they have one thing in common--the long o sound. Will they continue the pattern with baby number three?
Girl: Bree, Harley, Kyla, Leila, Liv, Lola, Naomi, Rain, Rose, Sage, Shea, Zoe
Boy: Ace, Axel, Blaise, Jonah, Levi, Major, Max, Owen, Rafe, Rowan, Zeb, Zeke
*Update* Megan and Brian have welcomed a son, Journey River.

Ellie Kemper and Michael Koman
Gender: unknown
Siblings: none
The ever-cheerful Ellie Kemper is pregnant with her first child! The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt actress is known for her sunny disposition, so no doubt Baby Koman will have a happy and upbeat name.
Girl: Anya, Birdie, Celia, Daisy, Gracie, Hallie, Hattie, Ivy, Josie, Juniper, Libby, Olive, Penny
Boy: Elliot, Felix, Finley, Frankie, Henry, Jasper, Julian, Liam, Oliver, Rory, Theo, Wyatt
*Update* Welcome, James Miller!

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds
Gender: unknown
Siblings: James (g)
What do you name a sibling for a daughter named James? This is a relatively new phenomenon, and a question I expect we'll be hearing much more in the coming years. For now, here are my ideas.
Girl: Abbott, Elliot, Emmett, Greer, Hollis, Lincoln, Mavis, Maxwell, Percy, Quincy, Sutton
Boy: Calvin, Charles, Harrison, Jonathan, Noble, Quinlan, Roscoe, Theodore, Thomas, Weston
*Update* A little girl--Ines!

Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling
Gender: unknown
Siblings: Esmeralda Amada
Like the Baldwins, Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling love extravagent Spanish names, undeniably due to Eva's Cuban heritage. It seems pretty likely that they'll stick with this theme for their next son or daughter, which in that case means Baby Gosling will have a lovely (and probably long) name.
Girl: Celestina, Estela, Floriana, Graciela, Luisa, Mariela, Mireya, Paloma, Raphaela, Rosalina
Boy: Augusto, Cortez. Emilio, Francesco, Luciano, Marcelo, Pasqual, Silviano, Valentino
*Update* It's a girl, and her name is Amada Lee! They must love the name Amada to use it twice.

I'm taking next week off for midterms, but I will see you all back here right after the arrival of the 2015's top 1000!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

10 Thai Names You Never Thought of Using: Boys

Kiet Tran via Dribbble
On to the boys! I've got ten stylish Thai names for you all today that I think would work on babies born almost anywhere in the world. If you haven't already, check out the girls list, and leave your thoughts in the comments!

Aroon- This easy-to-like, simple boy's name from Thailand would be dashing on an American baby. His similarity to Aaron gives him a sense of familiarity, but doesn't take away from his Thai heritage.

Danai- Although Danai is a feminine name in some cultures, I don't think you'll run into many problems if you use it on a son. In fact, in Thailand Danai is only used for boys--afterall, he does mean "son."

Kamon- Craving a name with a good meaning? Well you're in luck because Kamon means "heart and mind" in Thai. He's technically a unisex name, but in English speaking countries, the intuitive choice is for boys.

Kiet- Double trouble! Kiet is a Thai and Vietnamese name--making him a stand-out choice for families of mixed descent. However, the two Kiets have separate origins and meanings. The Thai version means "honor," while the Vietnamese means "hero." Put that together and you have an "honorable hero."

Olan- Another name with multiple histories, Olan is both Thai and Irish. The Irish version is a variation of Olaf, while the Thai is completely independent. It doesn't matter what origin story you choose--Olan is an attractive name with great potential.

Pokpui- If you're looking for a name that's instantly recognizable as Thai (none of this dual origin nonsense) then Pokpui is your guy. He's got an unmistakable Thai feel thanks to his Pok- prefix, so no one should confuse him for otherwise. Plus, he's got such a cheerful demeanor. Try to say Pokpui without a smile on your face.

Puran- Lovely Thai name Puran means simply "the sea." He's a straightfoward name that's easy on all levels, including spelling and pronunciation. Puran is definitely a winner.

Rudet- Rudet is an uncommon name with a mostly unknown backstory, but he did originate in Thailand. I think he'd work very well on an American boy--wouldn't Rudy be a great nickname? (I'd love to see him make a comeback).

Somchai- Somchai is a Thai name meaning "worthy man." He's a handsome name, but it's doubtful that he'll ever become trendy in the US. If nothing else, Somchai would be a fantastic nickname.

Warun- Warun is a wonderful name that means "rain." Some people might confuse him for the more familiar Warren (one of my personal favorites), but luckily Warun has emphasis on the second syllable, rather than the first. Warun would be an easy import into the US--I'd love to see more people using this name.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Famous Surnames

Garrett via Dribbble
Would you ever consider a celebrity surname for your child? It can be a fun way to pay homage to your favorite stars--past and present! Which names would you add?

Alba--Jessica Alba
Aniston--Jennifer Aniston
Baldwin--Alec Baldwin
Bardot--Bridget Bardot
Beckham--David Beckham
Bergen--Candice Bergen
Bowie--David Bowie
Brando--Marlon Brando
Brody--Adrian Brody
Brooks--Garth Brooks
Campbell--Naomi Campbell
Carey--Mariah Carey
Cash--Johnny Cash
Chase--Chevy Chase
Crosby--Bing Crosby
Cruz--Penelope Cruz
Damon--Matt Damon
Fallon--Jimmy Fallon
Farley--Chris Farley
Fox--Megan Fox, Michael J. Fox
Gable--Clark Gable
Garland--Judy Garland
Garner--Jennifer Garner
Griffith--Andy Griffith, Melanie Griffith
Harlow--Jean Harlow
Holliday--Billy Holliday
Hudson--Kate Hudson
Huston--Anjelica Huston
Keaton--Diane Keaton
Jagger--Mick Jagger
Jenner--Caitlyn Jenner
Jolie--Angelina Jolie
Jordan--Michael Jordan
Legend--John Legend
Lennox--Annie Lennox
Lively--Blake Lively
Maguire--Tobey Maguire
Mirren--Helen Mirren
Monroe--Marilyn Monroe
Moss--Kate Moss, Elisabeth Moss
Mulligan--Carey Mulligan
Murray--Bill Murray
Perry--Katy Perry
Presley--Elvis Presley
Renner--Jeremy Renner
Quaid--Dennis Quaid
Rourke--Mickey Rourke
Ryder--Winona Ryder
Urban--Keith Urban
Vaughn--Vince Vaughn
Wilde--Olivia Wilde
Winslet--Kate Winslet

Friday, April 22, 2016

Contraction Nicknames

What is a contraction nickname you ask? Just like contractions in English, a contraction nickname takes the first part of a name and the last part of the name to form a shorter nickname, sans middle. There are so many great options if you like contraction nicknames--take a look and let me know your favorites!

Ada: Adalia, Adamina, Adara, Adelina, Adina, Adriana
Adele: Adelaide, Adeline
Alexa: Alexandra, Alexandria, Alexandrina, Alexandrita, Alexia
Ana: Anahita, Anala, Anastasia, Andrea, Andromeda, Angela, Angelica, Angelina, Anita, Annabella, Annika, Annissa, Annora, Antonella
Aria: Arcadia, Arcelia, Arianna, Ariella, Arizona, Artemisia
Aura: Aurelia, Aurelina, Aurora
Bay: Bailey
Bea: Beata, Becca, Beeja, Begonia, Belinda, Bellona, Bertha
Bex: Beatrix
Bria: Brianna, Brietta, Brigitta, Britta
Cara: Carlotta, Carolina, Carissa, Carmela, Cassandra
Clara: Claribella, Clarinda, Clarissa
Clea: Clementina, Cleopatra
Corie: Coralie
Dana: Danica, Daniela, Danita
Elsa: Elisa, Eloisa
Emme: Emmanuelle, Emmeline
Eva: Evangelina, Evanthia, Evelina
Fae: Fable, Faustine
Fia: Felicia, Fidelia, Fiona, Fiorella
Gala: Gabriella, Galatea, Galena
Gia: Gardenia. Georgia, Giada, Gianna, Gilda, Giordana, Giovanna, Gisella
Ina: India, Indiana, Indra
Isa: Isabella, Isabetta, Isadora, Isauara, Isla
Jette: Jeanette, Juliette
Jessa: Janessa, Jessamina, Jessica
June: Julianne, Juline, Junelle, Junette, Junine
Lena: Leanna, Leona, Levina
Lia: Lavinia, Lelia, Leocadia, Lilia, Lilianna, Linnea, Liviana
Lola: Lolita, Louella
Lora: Lorena, Lorenza, Lorinda
Lula: Ludmila, Luella
Luna: Luciana
Mia: Maria, Melania, Milada, Milagra, Milena, Miranda, Mireya, Mischa
Mila: Michaela, Milada, Milagra, Milania
Mina: Marina, Martina, Milena, Minerva
Mira: Milagra, Mirabella
Nia: Nabila, Nadia, Nahlia, Natalia, Nelia, Nicasia, Nicola, Nicolina, Nigella, Nina, Nisha
Noa: Nola, Nona, Nora, Nordica, Norma, Novella
Ola: Olida, Olina, Olivia, Olympia
Pia: Pamelia, Pascasia, Patricia, Petunia, Pippa, Piritta, Portia
Pippa: Philippa
Ren: Reagan. Reign
Roma: Romana, Romola
Rory: Rosemary
Rosa: Rosalia, Rosalinda, Rosanna, Rosetta. Rosita
Sara: Sahara, Samara, Samira, Sandra, Sapphira, Sarika
Sia: Sienna, Sierra, Silvana, Simona, Sistina, Sophia, Sophronia, Stephania, Sylvia
Tara: Takara, Tamara
Thea: Theodora, Theodosia, Theresa
Thora: Theodora
Zara: Zahara

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

10 Thai Names You Never Thought of Using: Girls

Deep Shah via Dribbble
While researching for this post, I was surprised at how many Thai names would assimilate well into American culture. It's astonishing we don't hear them more! There are loads of beautiful, melodic choices--it was hard for me to cut my list to just ten. That being said, I think I have ten really wonderful names for you all today. As always, let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Isaree- Isa- names are very fashionable by today's standards, so why not add another one to the list? Isaree a gorgeous Thai name that would assimilate easily into the American name pool. She means "freedom."

Kannika- For those of you looking for interesting K names, Kannika is a fantastic option. She's a name used throughout Southeast Asia--in fact, it's the name of a 1947 Indian film. If you're fond of nicknames, Nika is the obvious choice, but Kiki would be fun as well.

Kasira- Isn't Kasira lovely? I've never been a fan of K names, but Thailand has so many good ones! She's a bit of a mysterious name--there's not much information out about her--but if you want a truly unusual yet beautiful name for a daughter, Kasira would be great.

Lawan- Lawan is simple yet stunning. She means "beautiful," so if you like your names with meanings to match, take a look at Lawan.

Malai- Speaking of meanings, meet Malai! Longtime readers know that I don't put much stock into name meanings, but I appreciate a quirky one. Malai means "garland of flowers," which is so sweet! Lately Americans have been loving lyrical M names (think Maya, Mila, etc.), so Malai will fit right in.

Mayura- Darling Mayura is another Thai name that I could see catching on in the US. She has the easy-access nickname May, which makes her all the better. Mayura means "peacock" (wouldn't that make a fun nursery theme?)

Nim- Nim is most commonly associated with the book and movie Nim's Island, but Nim is actually a female Thai name (as well as a male name in other cultures). Maybe it's because of the movie, or possibly my love for Pimm, but Nim really seems like a girl name to me. She'd be wonderful in a children's literature themed sibset.

Preeda- Cheerful and sophisticated Preeda would feel so stylish on an American baby. Add that to her ease of pronunciation and spelling, and we have ourselves a fabulous Thai-American crossover. Preeda is one of my favorites of today's list. Does anyone else love -da names as much as I do?

Sirinya- It's hard to think of a name more stunning than Sirinya. She just oozes beauty and elegance. Some notable namesakes: Selina and Sirinya are a Bangkok-based folk band, and Sirinya "Cindy" Burbridge is a Thai-American model and actress.

Suree- Suree may be slim, but she has substance. Thanks to sound-alike sister Suri, she's perfectly wearable on an American baby girl. Plus, Suree means "sun," which is always a nice meaning.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Nicknames for Sophia

Jorge Mar via Dribbble
Sophia may have slipped to #3 last year, but her reign as queen of the baby names is far from over. She's not going out of style any time soon, and some say she may be the name that defines this generation, much like Jennifer in the '70s. But don't worry! If you love Sophia, there are ways to make your little girl stand out. Consider one of the following nicknames--some are popular, some are rarities, but all are wonderful nickname options for Sophia.

Fifi- Cutesy and oh-so French. Fifi is a very fun choice in this age of Coco and Cece.

Phia- Phia is Fifi's more refined sister. She's definitely not common as a nickname for Sophia, yet no one will bat an eyelash.

Posy- Darling Posy isn't exactly an intuitive nickname for Sophia, but I say she definitely works! She's whimsical and sweet--a good match for the traditional, classic Sophia.

Soph- Nice and simple. Most Sophias are called Soph at least some of the time (I certainly am), but few use Soph as their everyday choice of name. But why not? If Fifi can work, Soph should as well.

Sophie- Naturally, many a Sophia are called Sophie. Many parents even choose to forgo the longer version--Sophie is extremely popular in her own right. You really can't go wrong with Sophie, she's a lovely name that suits many girls.

Sosie- If I had to re-nickname myself from this list I'd choose Sosie hands-down. She may have originated as a nickname for Susan, but seems like a easy fit for Sophia. She's similar to Sophia's most popular nickname, Sophie, but has her own sassy spunk.

Editor's Note: This post was originally published on March 10, 2014, and updated on April 18. 2016

Friday, April 15, 2016

Same Meaning Sibsets: Part 8

Marcus Silva via Dribbble
Wow, we're already on the eighth installment of Same Meaning Sibsets! Are there any meanings you'd like to see potential sibsets for? Let me know in the comments.

Aza + Noah
Barney, Mindel (g), + Naum (b)
Jabari + Nehama
Menachem + Nehemiah

Atara, Corona, + Pollux
Kayla + Stephanie
Kaylee + Tiara
Lars, Panya, + Taja
Negasi (b)+ Taj

Ailsa + Sia
Bernice, Nicolette, + Veronica
Caelan + Kinsey
Claes + Siri
Jaya + Zafar
Nicolai + Signe
Sennett + Victoria

Camille + Jeune
Chloe + Owen
Jaka (b) + Taya
Marcellus + Neola
Rivka + Zalmai (b)

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

10 Armenian Names You Never Thought of Using: Boys

Kyle Steed via Dribbble
Back for round two of Armenian names! It's the boys' turn this week, and I've got a great list of names today (many that you've probably never even heard of). So let's get right to it! Tell me in the comments: What's your favorite Armenian name for a boy?

Armen- Armen is a handsome name that has roots in both Armenia and Russia. In Russia he is a variant of the names Armand and Herman, but in Armenia, he comes from the name of the country.

Haro- Haro is a multicultural surname name that's more popular in Armenia as a first. Not much information is known about the Armenian form, but he may come from Harout, which in turn is derived from Harutyun.

Levon- Impeccably stylish Levon should be all the rage right now, but instead he's an under-the-radar choice. Blogger Petite Biet has a son named Levon. If you name your son Levon, he will share his name with Armenian royalty and an Elton John song.

Narek- Narek comes from the name of an Armenian town which nowadays falls in modern Turkey. The name is sometimes translated as Nareg in Western Armenia, but I think most American parents will prefer the former.

Ohan- Ohan is the Armenian form of John. He'd be the perfect choice for an Armenian-American boy--Ohan has a modern sound and is fresh to American ears, yet has old-world Armenian roots. How perfect!

Sahak- Do you love Isaac? It's hard not to. He's an undisputably great name, but that leads to high rankings (Isaac is at #31). However, Sahak--Isaac's Armenian variation--is practically unheard of in the US. He shares all the same sounds with his Hebrew cousin, but not the popularity. That makes Sahak an A+ choice.

Sourin- Although the two are unrelated, Armenian Sourin is very similar to Scandinavian Soren. The latter is quite trendy right now, making Sourin a good alternative. Unlike Soren, Sourin's pronunciation puts the stress on the second syllable. 

Sufjan- You may have heard of Sufjan Stevens, the American folk hipster rocker, but I bet you didn't know his name was Armenian. Sufjan is actually a variant of Sufyan, which is also used in Arabic culture. Either spelling is usable for a baby boy.

Toros- Toros is the Armenian form of Theodore, although he may remind people of the Spanish word for bull, "toro." He may be confused for Taurus (not coincidentally the constellation of the bull). If you prefer classic names with unusual nicknames, you can call your little Theodore--or Thelonius--Toros.

Zako- Zack may be out of fashion, but Zako feels energetic and fresh. He's an Armenian name, as well as a Hungarian version of Zachariah. He works as both a full name and a nickname, so take your pick!