Friday, August 29, 2014

Unusual -ine Names

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The -ine suffix is very feminine, almost all names that end in -ine are female. It's a fairly popular ending, with names such as Madeline and Caroline in the top 100. However, there are some undiscovered gems, including my favorite guilty pleasure name- Pomeline!

Apolline- A pretty name that would be nice to honor a Pauline with.

Capucine- The only problem with her being the similarity to Cappuccino.

Celandine- Ultra-feminine. Call her Cela for short.

Celestine- Another one of my favorite guilty pleasure names. I think I even like her more than Celeste.

Delphine- Gorgeous. One I hear often in the baby name community.

Eponine- Les Mis put this one in the spotlight for a while, but she never got much use.

Faustine- I was enthralled by this name as a seventh grader. She seemed beautiful and exotic, until one of my friends pointed out she sounds like frosting.

Leontine- Lovely name for a lioness, or your strong-willed daughter.

Lexine- Want Lexi but hate Alexandra? Lexine is a fabulous choice.

Lucine- A quirky way to get to Lucy.

Ottoline- Ottoline or Ottilie? I can't decide, but either one would make a great and unusual pick for an American baby girl.

Pomeline- She's French and means apple. One of my favorites, plus how cute is the nickname Pomme?

P.S. I pronounce all these names with an -een sound at the end, but some of them can have the -eyne sound, depending on your preference.

P.P.S. I'm off on Labor Day, so see you guys on the 3rd!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

10 H Names You Never Thought of Using: Girls

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This list was a fun one to put together. There are so many great, undiscovered H girls names. What's your favorite on this list? (I can't decide between Hero and Harbor). Which names would you add? Tell me in the comments!

Hadiya- Hadiya is a GORGEOUS name. I've loved it ever since I used it in a school assignment freshman year.

Halona- Super pretty and feminine, yet not over the top. She would be a great way to honor a Hal.

Hanita- I get it, Anita sounds super dated. Have no fear! Hanita is a unique choice that updates Great Aunt Anita's name.

Harbor- I can't believe no one has thought of this yet. Harbor just sounds like a name. Plus, there are so many parents looking for a name that is similar to Harper, yet barely used. Harbor is the obvious answer. Put me in the books for predicting the popularity of Harbor. I can feel it. Next big celebrity baby name?

Helaine- She sounds like a mix of Helen and Elaine, which is perfect if you need to honor both of those ladies.

Helia- A pretty Greek name with the best meaning (sunshine!). I would choose Helia over Delia in a heartbeat.

Heloise- Eloise too mainstream? Try Heloise, which is essentially the same...but less popular. (I don't suggest this one for use if you want to avoid Eloise confusion).

Helsa- Frozen ruined Elsa. Maybe, but we can't say for sure. You could always go with Helsa, but unfortunately her first syllable is not as pretty.

Henrietta- Are there people besides myself who like this name? Henrietta is super cool, embrace her charm and wealth of nickname possibilities.

Hero- A Shakespearian modern word name? That sounds like a oxymoron, but it's not. Hero meets both those requirements while managing to be super spunky, and yes, useable.

Holloway- Holloway seemed a little crazy at first, until I met an adorable little girl with the name. She's a lovely name that is more modern than Holly and less Christmas than Holiday.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Fran- Names for Girls

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Hey guys! Today is the first day of my senior year (hooray!) and to honor that, I thought we'd take a look at one of my favorite name prefixes. Frances is my number two girls name (after Nell, course), but there are so many great options beyond that. Tell me your favorite in the comments!

Frances- Classic, but coming back into style. You can't go wrong with Frances.
Francesca- Gorgeous and romantic. A lovely choice.
Frankie- Will Drew Barrymore make this one mainstream? Time will tell, but until then, Frankie makes a spunky pick.
Frannie- Super sweet and semi-Southern. Frannie is a winner.

Francie- I know I'm normally adverse to nicknames, but even I can't resist Francie's charm. She's also the main character in my favorite book, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.
Francine- I find that many people older than me think this one is useable. I have hesitations, maybe because I grew up watching Arthur.
Francisca- Take Francesca to the next level.
Francoise- Very French, yet completely useable in the United States.

Unheard of:
France- Short and sweet, plus and ultra-cool place name.
Franca/Franka- This German name sounds harsher than the others, but is the most straightforward way to honor a Frank.
Francille- Francille is very pretty, and fits in with today's popular names.
Fransabelle- Frances or Isabelle? No need to choose, go with the extravagant Fransabelle!
Franzetta- She may seem slightly outlandish, but she gets bonus points for the nickname Etta.

P.S. Pictured above is my favorite magazine, Frankie.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Hidden Names

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It's always fun to think of clever ways to name twins (or siblings, for that matter). One possible way to do it is to give one child a long name, and the other child a short name that fits inside. I call this "Hidden Names." To qualify as a Hidden Name, the short name must fit entirely inside the longer one, with at least one letter at either end. There are obviously a lot of Hidden Name sets out there, so I chose the one that make the best sibsets. Take a look, and tell me if you think of any more.

Abbott and Bo
Benedict and Ned

Amaryllis and Mary
Belinda and Elin
Charlotte and Harlo
Eloise and Lois
Gardenia and Arden
Genevieve and Evie
Guinevere and Neve
Isabella and Sabel
Lainey and Aine
Madelena and Adele
Reverie and Eve

Aidan and Ida
Carlotta and Arlo
Eleonora and Leo
Faustina and Austin
Florence and Oren
Lelia and Eli
Michaela and Chae
Mirabel and Ira
Nicolina and Colin
Sabella and Abel
Everard and Vera

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

10 G Names You Never Thought of Using: Boys

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Three weeks ago we talked about G names for girls, and now that I'm finally back, it's the boys turn. I love G names for boys, they are the epitome of cool. This list in particular features some names that guarantee your baby will be awesome.

Gable- An Old Hollywood name that makes a great alternative to the popular Gabriel.

Gardner- A rare -er name that would work well on either gender (but my vote is boy). Name your sons Gable and Gardner for a Classic Hollywood sibset.

Garth- Cowboy cool. Garth can work across many styles, and don't worry- he's definitely not too outlandish for the kindergarten roster.

Gentry- An interesting pick that no one has heard of. If you like unusual, this name is for you.

Gibson- The most popular of this list, yet still rarely used. I'm surprised he's not more popular, Gibson would make a great brother for many top 100 names.

Gill- I know what you're thinking: "Why would you put an ugly name like Gill on this list?" But he's not ugly. Gill is a little old-mannish, which is actually wonderful for people looking for retro names that aren't quite stylish yet. Though, in the next few years I predict he's going to make a comeback.

Greeley- He's a unisex surname with a lot of potential. If you aren't brave enough to make him a first name, go ahead and stick him in the middle.

Gregor- Gregory is dated and boring, but Gregor is cool and unique. He's a nice, modern choice, but he will probably get confused for Gregory.

Grove- What, you don't see Grover's appeal? I understand, but I urge you to take a look at Grove. He's more stylish and streamlined, plus this way you can still honor Grandpa Grover.

Guthrie- I think this one could break into the top 1000 any time now. Guthrie is a great name, with some nice namesakes, including musician Woody, or news anchor Savannah.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Alternatives to Vale

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Hey everyone, I'm back! I had a great time in Italy (the best name I heard was Ultimo- for a dog :). While I was gone, Today Show host Savannah Guthrie had her baby, whose name is getting lots of attention. Vale is such a great name because of her uniqueness yet familiarity, which many people are going to want to replicate. So, if you want a name similar to Vale, whether it be by sight, sound, or style, I have some options for you.

Val- Not quite as stand-alone as Vale, but she makes a great nickname for Valerie and the like.
Valla- Very feminine, but I would stick with Valley.
Valley- I've been hearing this name more lately, her nature ties are trendy.

Valencia- Vale could easily be a nickname for the beautiful Valencia.
Valentina- Valentina is ultra-girly, using Vale as a short form makes her more even-keel.
Sail- Why not? Sail fits right in with all of our water names, and would make a cute nickname for Sailor.

Lux- Just like Vale, Lux is a short and sweet word name.
Prairie- She's a little more obvious than Vale, but Prairie is a great name.
Wren- Wren would be the perfect sister name for Vale (take notes, Savannah!). She's calm and serene, plus not too girly.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Month Names: August

I'm off to Italy, but before I go I have one last post for you. I'll be back on the 18th with regular posts.

It's August! Can you believe it? This is a busy month for me, with vacationing, the golf team, and going back to school for my Senior year (ah!). I couldn't be more excited though, so I was very happy to put together this list of August baby names. Tell me what you think (and would you consider using any of these for an August baby?)

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Felicity- The real August birthstone is Sardonyx, but that's a mouthful, so go with Felicity (a form of the stone) instead.
Peridot- 100% my favorite gem stone name. You can pronounce her PAIR-ih-doe or PAIR-ih-dot, both of which are beautiful. Nickname Dot is a plus.

Birth Flower:
Gladiola- Need a stylish, floral way to honor a Gladys? Gladiola is the best option.
Poppy- This fun and peppy British name is incredibly adorable.

Birth Colors:
Orange- Orange doesn't have a ton of color names, but some of the best are Amber, Coral, Tawny, Peach, and Portland.
Red- Red, on the other hand, offers a plethora of options. Try Crimson, Russet, Carmine, or Cerise if you're adventurous, or Rose, Scarlet, Terra, or Ruby if you're not.

Star Sign:
Leo- The Leo names are very in vogue. You can't go wrong! I listed some here last month.
Virgo- Virgo might not be a great name for your baby, but Virginia is.

Related to August:
Aug. Names- The Aug- names are quite popular now. If you want to move beyond hipster favorite August, try Augustus, Augustine, or Augusta.
Oct. Names- August is the eighth month, which means Oct- is the appropriate prefix. Octavia is the most useable one of the bunch, but you could always go for Octivus.