Monday, January 12, 2015

Full Names for Billie

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Billie is an old fashioned nickname with lots of spunk. She brings to mind singer Billie Holiday and Michael Jackson song Billie Jean. She hasn't been used in decades, but in an era where we call our daughters Max and Charlie, Billie would fit right in.

Abilene- At first glance she may not look like much, but Abilene would make a great name for a modern baby. She shares sounds with many of today's popular names, and you could call her Abby, Billie, or even Lena.

Jubilee- There aren't many names as happy sounding as Jubilee. She's definitely a fun choice.

Sybilla- Sybil is still pretty dowdy, but Sybilla is a fresher variant. That being said, many people would still consider her too frumpy to use, so calling her Billie is a nice compromise.

Wilder- Who said Wilder is just for the boys? If girls can be called Walker, there's no reason they shouldn't answer to Wilder as well. Billie doesn't do much to ease gender confusion, but she's really the only nickname option (though a great one!)

Wilhelmina- People love Wilhelmina's shabby charm. She hasn't reached similar names like Josephine and Matilda in terms of popularity, which is perfect if you want to use her. (By the way, Billie, Josie, and Mattie would make a great sister set).

Willa- Oh man, Willa is so cute! I met a couple of baby Willas recently, and the name wears really well. I don't think she needs a nickname, but if you want one, Billie is your girl.

Willow- Willow is climbing her way up the popularity charts, and with names like Marlowe and Harlow rising as well, I wouldn't be surprised if she made it to the top 100.

Wilma- My mind goes straight to The Flintstones, though that association is already pretty obsolete. She could come back in style if given a couple of years, but for right now I wouldn't use her.

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