Monday, March 10, 2014

Nicknames for Sophia

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As a Sophia myself, I often wish I had a less common nickname than the ever popular Sophie. Alas, I would never change my name. Although, Posy and Sosie are on my own list, and could make great middles for future daughters. If you, like many parents find yourself using Sophia for a daughter, but want her to stand out, look at the bottom of this list.


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  1. You could also use the nickname ash or osi

  2. My 2 year old son couldn't say Sophia to her newborn baby sister. He really tried and all came out was "Phia", and for 3 1/2 years now my daughter only responds to
    I love her nickname and the fact that came from her brother.
    I named her Sophia after the Golden

  3. I named my daughter sophia because it went with my husbands quirky last name. I thought long and hard about a name that would match with the last name. However once I settled on sophia I realized HOW MANY SOPHIAS THERE ARE!!! When she began to talk she could only get the "ph" and the "i" part of her name so we shortened it to fifi. She loves it and that's what all her teachers call her at daycare and what she calls herself. She is 3 now but I wonder if she is going to grow out of it or be made fun of.