Friday, February 28, 2014

Camera Names

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I've always thought Leica was a super-rad name for a girl. She's a celebrity baby name, as well as the name of a camera brand. Inspired by this, I thought I'd take a look at other camera brand names, and see what I could come up with for the photography-inclined.

Ebony- A very beautiful name, but doesn't have the photography vibe.
Leica- One of my guilty-pleasure names.
Mamiya- A pretty way to get to Mamie.
Sigma- So long as she's not named after your sorority.

Canon- If Cannon works, why not Canon?
Leaf- The Leif spelling is better, but this makes a nice nature and photography name.
Olympus- Olympic sounding, akin to Olympia and Olympiada.
Ricoh- Like Rico, but for the child of photographers.

Casio- I'm going back and forth on this one for gender. The "O" makes me think boy, but the Cas- makes me think girl. Count this one as unisex.
Kodak- Another nature-photography combo.
Nikon- Probably too associated with the brand, but Nike is a name, so why not Nikon?
Sinar- A unique choice that works for girl or boy.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Full Names for Maddie

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Everybody loves Maddie (or Maddy, Mady, Maddi, or Madi for that matter). Okay, so not everybody LOVES Maddie (I definitely don't), but if I had to choose a nickname with widespread appeal, I would choose her. She's sweet, cool, and a little bit feisty, but also super low-key. It's easy to see why she's so popular. Many Maddies are Madelines and Madisons, but if you are looking for something beyond those, take a look at this list.

Madeleine (Madelyn)- The most common full name for Maddie. Madeleine is the French spelling, Madelyn is the American.
Madelina- A nice form of Madeline that is should be used more often.
Madeline- She can be pronounced MAD-uh-lyn or MAD-uh-line, though more often the former.
Madison- Currently the most popular of the Maddie names.

Madalena- Gorgeous and girly.
Madden- More often used for boys, but Maddie makes it work for a girl.
Maddox- Exclusively heard on boys, but I think it's useable on a girl. Call her Maddie or Max.
Madelia- A lovely, feminine way to honor a Madeline.
Madigan (Maddigan)- Similar in feel to Madison, Madigan has a tomboy aura.

Unheard of:
Madelief- This is my new favorite Maddie name. She's so pretty and unexpected, imagine putting Madelief into the middle spot.
Madonna- Too loaded.
Madrid- An uncommon place name with a popular nickname.
Madrona- A name for Maddie to honor your Welsh heritage.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Font Names

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As you may be able to tell from the images that go with each post, I am a big fan of typography. Most often that means coming up with a font of your own, but today we are going to focus on names of standard fonts. Perfect for the baby of design-nerd parents.



Unheard of:

Friday, February 21, 2014

Full Names for Sid

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This week, Jason Biggs and Jenny Mollen named their son Sid. Some people were surprised, but with sons named Max and Gus, I can't think of a better match. Baby Biggs is just Sid, but for most people that's not enough name. If you're in that boat, check out this list of ways to get to Sid.

Sidney- Sydney is very popular for girls, which is a shame, because Sidney makes a great name for a boy, and it's the easiest way to get to Sid.
Sigmund- He's very Freudian, which can be interpreted as good or bad.
Sidonio- This Spanish form of Sidney is the most modern way to get to Sid.
Siegfried- A little too much for an American child, but calling him Sid would be a nice compromise between your German heritage and a useable name.
Sylvester- He doesn't have all of the components of Sid, but the lengthy Sylvester has no nicknames, so why not?
Unheard of:
Siddhartha- Way too much to saddle a baby with.
Sigurd- Not the prettiest of names, but you could make it work if you call him Sid.
Sinbad- A compound name of two unpleasant words. If you want to use Sid, pick a different name on this list.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Gods and Goddesses of Love Names

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Happy Valentine's Day! Valentine's Day is my favorite holiday, I love it so much. In honor, we are going to look at the names of Gods and Goddesses of Love from around the world. Enjoy!

Eros- The Greek God of love, aka Cupid.
Kama- Indian God, definitely useable.
Yarilo- The Slavic God. I'm not sure how useable he'd be in the U.S.

Ani- An African Goddess.
Aphrodite- The obvious, very Greek, choice.
Ashtarte- A Semitic Goddess, and a very beautiful name.
Erzulie- The Voodoo Love Goddess. I believe Erzulie is a name of a character in a children's book, am I right?
Freya- This beautiful Norse name would be stunning on a Valentine's Day baby.
Hathor- This Egyptian Goddess has a beautiful, modern sounding name.
Inanna- She is the Mesopotamian Goddess of Love. Perfect if you want to honor an Anna and the holiday.
Ishtar-Ishtar is a Babylonian Goddess. She is a pretty, unique name.
Isis- The other Egyptian Goddess of Love has an equally as wearable appellation.
Nugua- This Chinese Goddess has a beautiful name, but in some parts of America she'd be unusable.
Oshun- She's the Afrocarribbean Goddess of Love, but looks like a misspelling of Ocean. That's too bad, because it's a lovely name, but I would go with Ocean instead.
Radha- Finally, Radha is the Goddess of Love in India. A great name for parents with Indian heritage, and a daughter born around February 14.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Super Anagram Names

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I've talked about Anagram Names in the past, but today we are going to discuss the Super Anagram. We've all heard of that family with the kids named Alex, Axel, Xela, Lexa, and Xeal (that's boy, boy, girl, girl, girl), and that got me thinking about other names that can produce the same effect. Hence, the Super Anagram. To qualify as a Super Anagram, there must be at least four useable names produced, with at least three being well-known and/or legitimate names. The others can be uncommon names or something that could be a name (Let's face it, you wouldn't use Xela under normal circumstances). The Super Anagram is an uncommon way to connect all your children's names, albeit an obvious way. Just a warning before I go on- this list features A LOT of misspellings/creative spellings, and not all of the names make great sibsets. Don't be alarmed.

A, A, N, Y
Anay, Anya, Naya, Yana

A, C, E, L
Alec, Cael, Cale, Clea, Lace

A, C, I, L
Cail, Cali, Clia, Laci

A, D, E, V
Evad, Dave, Deva, Veda

A, D, I, N
Adin, Andi, Dani, Dina, Nadi

A, E, D, N
Aden, Dane, Dean, Edna

A, E, K, L
Alek, Elka, Kale, Lake

A, E, L, N
Alen, Elan, Lane, Lena, Neal

A, E, L, X
Alex, Axel, Lexa, Xale, Xeal, Xela

A, G, I, N
Angi, Gani, Gina, Inga

A, I, K, M
Kami, Kima, Maki, Mika

A, I, K, N
Anik, Inka, Kina, Nika

A, I, L, M
Amil, Liam, Lima, Mila

A, I, L, S
Ilsa, Isla, Lasi, Lisa, Sali

A, I, L, V
Alvi, Liva, Vail, Vali

A, I, M, R
Irma, Mari, Mira, Rami

A, I, N, R
Arin, Nari, Nira, Rain, Rina

A, I, R, S
Arsi, Irsa, Risa, Sari, Sira

A, I, T, Z
Itza, Tazi, Tiza, Zita

A, M, O, R
Amor, Mora, Omar, Roma

A, N, O, R
Aron, Nora, Orna, Roan, Rona

E, I, K, L
Elki, Keli, Kiel, Kile

E, I, L, N
Elin, Leni, Neil, Nile

E, L, N, O
Elon, Leon, Noel, Nole

It's pretty obvious that not all of these would make great sibsets. I wouldn't suggest having kids name Lena and Lane, or Noel and Noel. That being said, some of them do work really well. My favorite was the Amor, Mora, Omar, and Roma set. They all have distinct sounds, start with different letters, and have an exotic, Latin feel to them.

Some interesting statistics:
All of the names here have four letters: two vowels and two consonants. With the exception of the first set, none of the vowels repeat within the same sets.
A is the most popular vowel (as well as letter), accounting for 23% of all letters, and is in 88% of all letter groupings.
I was the second most popular vowel, as 15% of all letters, and in 46% of all groupings.
L was the most popular consonant, as approximately 12% of all letters and in 45% of all groups.
Close runner up was N, accounting for 10% of all letters, and was in 42% of all groupings.
The only vowel not featured was U.
Only seven consonants did not appear, and those were B, F, H, J, P, Q, and W.
There are a total of four creative spellings of Aaron featured on this list.

In conclusion, this would be a fun link between children. You CAN pull it off tastefully, but you have to have the right set of letters. If you just plan on having two or three kids with anagram names, check out my post on regular Anagram Names, for options that have been selected for being a good match.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Full Names for Charley

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As of late, Charlie has been heading towards the girls. Charley, Charleigh, and Charliegh are the more common female spellings, and are often used as a nickname for Charlotte. I'm not a big fan of Charley on a girl (maybe I'm bias, I have a brother named Charlie), however she's rising fast. Love Charley but not Charlotte? Take a look at this list.

Carlotta- The Spanish form of Charlotte would make a very nice way to get to Charley.
Carolina- Better pronounced CARE-oh-LEE-nuh than CARE-oh-LINE-uh.
Caroline- Classic and lovely.
Carolyn- Ready for a comeback? Maybe, with this spunky nickname.
Charity- She's a dated virtue name, but everyone's heard of her.
Charlize- A household name, thanks to Charlize Theron.
Charlotte- She's gaining popularity at lightning speed, so watch out.

Carissa (Charissa)- She is pronounced without the "H" sound, and is a very feminine name for the tomboyish Charley.
Carla- Yes, she's a little old, but Charley freshens her up.
Carlton- Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Carlton makes this one available for the girls.
Carmela- The sweetest way to get to Charley.
Carmen- A recent celebrity baby name, and a great full name for Charley.
Charisse- A girly French name that means "grace."
Charlene- Very dated, but Charley makes her sound fresh.
Charmaine- An unexpected way to get to Charley.

Unheard of:
Chardon- A Native American unisex name that means "sand bar."
Charisma- A word name that might be a lot to live up to.
Charlette- Unfortunately, she will often be confused with Charlotte.
Charlot- She rhymes with Harlow, but seems like a miss-spelling of Charlotte.
Charnell- She could go by Charley or Nellie.
Charo- A Spanish name meaning "rosary." Perfect for families with Spanish heritage.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Olympic Venue Names

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I know every name nerd is excited about the names of this year's Olympic athletes, but why not take inspiration elsewhere? Today we are going to look at names of previous Olympic venues.


(St.) Louis

Unheard of:

Finally, this year's Olympic city, Sochi, would make a great baby name. She could be an update to the ever-popular Sophie, and would be perfect for parents with Russian heritage.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Presidents Day Names

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Happy Presidents Day! Unfortunately, I don't have the day off of school, because of the Polar Vortex snow days (Boo.) However, I have some presidential surnames for you.

Arthur- Not a well-known president, but a well-known baby name
Carter- Great president, lovely name
Harrison- Rising in popularity.
Jackson- One of the highest ranked of this list.
Kennedy- After who seems to be America's favorite president.
Lincoln- Now unisex!
Madison- One of the few names that is strictly female on this list
McKinley- Many a TV high school are named after this president. I'm thinking Glee and Freaks and Geeks. However, it is a popular andro-girly choice.
Reagan- A great name, but very closely tied to the president.
Taylor- Now sounding dated.
Tyler- An enduring choice, he's well-liked by many people.

Adams- Be warned, he would often get  mistaken for just Adam.
Clinton- It works as a first name, a la style guru Clinton Kelly.
Hayes- I love it for a girl, but most people think it's strictly boy.
Jefferson- How cool, to honor a Jeff or Jeffrey?
Monroe- A celebrity endorsed unisex pick.
Truman- True would be a cute nickname.
Wilson- A wonderful alternative to William.

Unheard of:
Cleveland- A long, but useable place name.
Fillmore- Very cool, but many people haven't heard of this president.
Ford- He screams "American made cars" but I still like him.
Garfield- Too feline.
Hoover- I'm liking the "oo" sound. Hoover should get more attention.
Nixon- Probably the worst president to name your child after, but that "X" is very trendy.
Pierce- The name itself is not unheard of, but the president is.
Washington- He's lengthy, but implies American royalty.

Monday, February 3, 2014

On Naming a Dog

Recently, my family got a puppy (that puppy). The number one stress inducer was this guy's name. I know, it shouldn't be so hard. I mean, we have a naming expert in the family! Alas, it was decided that all five of us would agree on the name. That's not what you want to here when your calling out names like Viggo and Fritz, while others are shouting Waffle, Brick, and Oscar. To be clear, the only reason why Oscar was a "no" was because it is in the top 50 for dogs. I would not stand for that. Anyways, as you can see everyone has very different naming styles. Some of us wanted a British name (he is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel after all), and others wanted a very masculine name. The short list ended up being:

Chester (called Chet, maybe?)

This dog was about to be named Woody (which I disliked) when all of a sudden yours truly thought of the perfect name for this nugget. Harvey. Once I suggested Harvey, it was done. Everyone liked it (thank goodness) and we get compliments on his name every day. But you know how it goes, and he has many nicknames. I call him Harv or Harvey-man, and my mom is fond of Stinky, Stinkman, or Little Stink.

Naming a dog is different from naming a human, but still very difficult. Here are some suggestions for naming your puppy (or any animal).
1. Agree. It's best if everybody likes the name, so keep that in mind while choosing.
2. Come up with a lot of names. I must have suggested hundreds.
3. Keep trying. I didn't think of Harvey till the very end, so I'm glad I kept going at it.
4. Don't settle. If I had done that, this dog would have been named Woody.
5. Keep it fun (try). The naming process was one of the least enjoyable for me, which is too bad because it should be the most fun. Naming an animal is stressful, but don't get too upset over it. It's more fun if you keep the conversations light.