Friday, December 29, 2017

Celebrity Baby Name Predictions: Volume 19

2017 was a rock-star year for celebrity pregnancies and birth announcements. Mark Zuckerberg, Serena Williams, and Mindy Kaling all welcomed daughters this year. Beyoncé and Amal Clooney each had twins!

We have plenty to look forward to in 2018. Jessica Alba and Hilaria Baldwin are having sons, there are three (yes, three!) Kardashian babies on the way, and, of course, Kate Middleton is currently pregnant with the newest prince or princess.

There are even some amazing announcements that happened in this month alone. Stars like Dwayne Johnson, Seth Meyers, and Lin-Manuel Miranda are all adding to their broods. John Stamos, Kirsten Dunst, and Eva Longoria are all going to become first-time parents in 2018.

So Happy (almost) New Year! If this month is predicative of the year to come, it's going to be a good one--in the world of celebrity baby names, at least.

Alexi Ashe and Seth Meyers
Gender: boy
Siblings: Ashe Olsen
We all remember Seth Meyer's heartwarming explanation of his baby's name--his son Ashe Olsen is named after "the two most important women" in his life--his wife and mother. Obviously family names are valued by Alexi and Seth, so I wouldn't be surprised if their next son has one of the following names, inspired by their family trees:
Boy: Alistair, Beck, Laurence, Lorcan, Owen, Sasha, Thomas
*Update* Welcome, Axel Strahl!

Vanessa Nadal and Lin-Manuel Miranda
Gender: unknown
Siblings: Sebastian
Sebastian is one of those names that translates seamlessly through the English and Spanish-speaking worlds, and is considered stylish within each. It can be hard to capture both these qualities in a name, but I have a feeling that will be a priority for Vanessa and Lin-Manuel Miranda.
Girl: Cecilia, Emilia, Isabella, Juliette, Lucia, Maya, Olivia, Valentina
Boy: August, Benjamin, Caleb, Dominic, Gabriel, Julian, Luca, Oscar
*Update* Hello, Francisco!

Gail Simmons and Jeremy Abrams
Gender: unknown
Siblings: Dahlia Rae
Gail Simmons and husband Jeremy Abrams named their daughter Dahlia Rae back in 2014. Her name has special significance to the couple, as dahlias are Gail's favorite flower, and Rae honors a dear relative. Baby number two's name will likely have a hidden meaning as well, and I can't wait to hear what it is.
Girl: Agatha, Aviva, Bryony, Cordelia, Elodie, Felicity, Fiona, Harlow, Winter
Boy: Callum, Edmund, Emmett, Graham, Harris, Linus, Rafe, Roscoe, Theodore
*Update* Welcome, Kole Jack!

Lauren Hashian and Dwayne Johnson
Gender: girl
Siblings: Simone Alexandra (previous relationship), Jasmine Lia
Even though his daughters have different mothers, Dwayne Johnson has managed to create a very well-coordinated sibset--Simone and Jasmine. Now that the Rock's girlfriend Lauren Hashian is expecting his third girl, I'm anxiously awaiting to see which name they add to the mix. I have high expectations for this little girl's name, and would definitely approve of any of the following:
Girl: Emerald, Gabrielle, Genevieve, India, Jade, Portia, Scarlett, Sienna, Summer
*Update* Baby girl is Tiana Gia!

Kym Johnson and Robert Herjavec
Gender: unknown twins
Siblings: Skye, Caprice, Brendan (previous relationship)
Unlike the Rock, Robert Herjavec took a more eclectic route to his sibset, with children named Skye, Caprice, and Brendan. Now he's expecting his fourth child with new wife Kym Johnson, and it's hard to say what style name is in the cards for their latest arrival. Perhaps they'll find a name that can bridge the style gap within the sibset, or maybe they'll head in a totally new direction!
Girl: Ainsley, Aria, Bree, Harper, Piper, Tamsin, Victoria, Wynne
Boy: Alexander, Cameron, Connor, Jack, Logan, Nicolai, Weston

Caitlin McHugh and John Stamos
Gender: unknown
Siblings: none
John Stamos and fiancee Caitlin McHugh are major Disney fans--so much so that they recently got engaged at Disneyland. This makes me think a Disney-inspired name might be in order for their baby on the way. Nothing too obvious--we're not talking about Mickey or Minnie here--but maybe a name with a bit more subtlety, like Bianca or Flynn.
Girl: Anastasia, Aurora, Belle, Bianca, Daisy, Ella, Jane, Marie, Penny, Ruby
Boy: Flynn, Max, Michael, Oliver, Peter, Percy, Phillip, Samson, Sebastian
*Update* It's a boy--Billy, named after John's father

Kirsten Dunst and Jesse Plemons
Gender: unknown
Siblings: none
Kirsten Dunst and Jesse Plemons are set to welcome their first child in 2018. Germany is an important country to Kirsten--she has German heritage on her father's side and is a German citizen. Might her love for Germany extend to German baby names? There are so many great options, so I'd love to see her and Jesse use a German name for their little babe.
Girl: Alice, Clarissa, Frieda, Greta, Ida, Ilse, Romy, Tilly, Zelda
Boy: Axel, Conrad, Fritz, Otto, Raymond, Rudy, Walter, Wolf
*Update* A little boy--Ennis Howard!

Eva Longoria and José Baston
Gender: boy
Siblings: Natalia, Mariana, José Antonio, Sebastian (previous relationship)
Eva Longoria is pregnant with her first child--a boy!--who will be José Baston's fifth. He's already got an excellent sibset set up with his current children, so hopefully Eva and José will choose a complementary Spanish name for their newest son.
Boy: Alvaro, Bruno, Camilo, Emilio, Fernando, Hugo, Mateo, Marcos, Rafael
*Update* He's here--Santiago Enrique!

Monday, December 4, 2017

Celebrity Baby Name Predictions: Volume 18

I've been making predictions long enough that now I'm forecasting the names of siblings for children whose names I've made predictions for. Such is the case with Chrissy Teigen and John Legend. In my very first set of predictions, almost two years ago, I suggested potential names for their baby who would eventually be dubbed Luna Simone. Now they are expecting baby number two, and I get to try my hand once again!

Likewise, I predicted (correctly, I might add) the name of Hilaria and Alec Baldwin's second son back in April of 2016. They recently announced that they will be having another baby boy in 2018, so we will see if I can get his name right as well.

Bethany Hamilton and Adam Dirks
Gender: unknown
Siblings: Tobias
Faith is very important to Bethany Hamilton and Adam Dirks, so it was no surprise when they gave their son the biblical name Tobias in 2015. Now that they are expecting their second child, it's almost a given that his or her name will also have biblical and religious significance.
Girl: Abigail, Ada, Eve, Dinah, Lillith, Naomi, Ruth, Susannah, Tabitha
Boy: Abel, Ezekiel, Ezra, Gideon, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Judah, Nathaniel
*Update* It's a boy--Wesley Phillip!

Crystal Smith and Ne-Yo
Gender: unknown
Siblings: Madilyn Grace, Mason Evan (previous relationship), Shaffer Chimere Jr. 
Although Ne-Yo's youngest son is a junior with an uncommon name, his older two children have names that rank pretty high on the popularity charts. That makes me think his next child will have a name more in-line with his or her half siblings, rather than their brother. I like the idea of honoring Crystal with the name Gemma if the baby is a girl--it's a subtle honor name, but works well with the blended sibset. 
Girl: Arianna, Aubrey, Chloe, Gemma, Georgia, Kylie, Savannah, Sofia, Zoey
Boy: Asher, Camden, Carter, Jackson, Landon, Logan, Luke, Nolan, Owen
*Update* It's a boy--Roman Alexander-Raj

Hannah and Eddie Redmayne
Gender: unknown
Siblings: Iris Mary
Iris Mary is a sweet and understated name, which feels rare for celebrities these days. That was not a surprising choice coming from Hannah and Eddie Redmayne, who keep very quiet about their private lives. It's likely that their next child will be given a name with a similar feel--something vintage, slightly British, and nothing too outlandish. 
Girl: Clara, Coralie, Gloria, Lydia, Matilda, May, Phoebe, Ruby, Vivian, Willa
Boy: Callum, George, Henry, James, Miles, Oliver, Peter, Reid, Simon, Spencer
*Update* Welcome, Luke Richard!

Hilaria and Alec Baldwin
Gender: boy
Siblings: Ireland (previous relationship), Carmen Gabriela, Rafael Thomas, Leonardo Ángel Charles 
It's the third boy in a row for the Baldwins, and rumor has it they're sticking with the same theme for this baby--romantic artist names. There are plenty of stunning options to choose from, so even if they end up having three more boys, the inspiration will never run dry.
Boy: Antonio, Diego, Domenico, Eduardo, Francisco, Joaquin, Pablo, Ramon, Salvador, Sandro
*Update* Baby boy is Romeo Alejandro David!

Tia Mowry and Cory Hardrict
Gender: unknown
Siblings: Cree Taylor
Cree is a modern and unexpected name for a son. Of course, it sounds like it would fit in perfectly on almost any playground, yet it's rare to find Cree in a baby name book. It can be hard to find names in that sweet spot, but I'm certain Tia Mowry and Cory Hardrict are going to hit the nail on the head once again with baby number two.
Girl: Aura, Bay, Coco, Echo, Ever, Indie, Moon, Season, Sol, Zuly
Boy: Beck, Blue, Bram, Dax, Ford, Joss, Link, Quince, Rex, Van

Jordin Sparks and Dana Isaiah
Gender: unknown
Siblings: none
Jordin Sparks and her husband Dana Isaiah are both quite religious. Unlike Bethany Hamilton, I don't think they will go the traditional biblical name route. Something contemporary feels much more appropriate for this couple. I have a feeling Jordin and Dana will choose a fresh spiritual or virtuous name for their son or daughter.
Girl: Easter, Eden, Faith, Galilee, Grace, Heaven, Keziah, Mercy
Boy: Boaz, Ezekiel, Jethro, Jude, Justice, Loyal, True, Trust, Zion
*Update* Hello, Dana Isaiah Jr.!

Miranda Kerr and Evan Spiegel
Gender: girl
Siblings: Flynn Christopher (previous relationship)
Almost seven years ago, Miranda Kerr and then-partner Orlando Bloom named their son Flynn, catapulting the name into the top 1000. Now Miranda is expecting a girl--I'm hoping she and husband Evan Spiegel will choose a similarly dashing, under-the-radar name for their daughter.
Girl: Blythe, Bryony, Darcy, Harlow, Laney, Lark, Romy, Ruby, Waverly
*Update* The rumors were wrong--it's a boy! Welcome, Hart!

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend
Gender: unknown
Siblings: Luna Simone
Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are about to become parents of two! I feel confident about my grasp on their girl name style, but if the're baby is a boy, who knows what they'll pair with Luna? I could forsee them going in a few different directions, like music-inspired (Miles), word names (Gray, Wolf), or modern (Arlo, Knox). They gave their older daughter the very well-received name Luna Simone, so either way, I have no doubt that they'll hit all the style marks again.
Girl: Celeste, Cleo, Coco, Elle, Esme, Fleur, Nova, Scarlett, Wren, Zadie
Boy: Arlo, Gray, Knox, Miles, Remington, River, Rocco, Wilder, Wolf
*Update* An on-the-nose prediction—welcome, Miles Theodore!

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Celebrity Baby Name Predicitons: Volume 17

Are cousins likely to have names of similar styles? My first instinct is no (everyone has their own individual taste!), but when you look to famous families, some cousin-sets are remarkably well-coordinated.

Think of the Duggars, who despite choosing names from all over the popularity charts, all give their children names with religious significance. Now Joy-Anna Duggar is pregnant for the first time, and odds are she'll continue this family tradition.

Additionally, the Kardashians come to mind when thinking of cousins with similar names. It's hard to tell where the line is drawn for sibsets when given a list of names like North, Reign, Penelope, Dream, Saint, and Mason (for the record, it's North and Saint; Mason, Penelope, and Reign; and Dream). Khloe Kardashian and Kylie Jenner both announced their pregnancies this month, and I'd be willing to bet that their naming style will be more alike their sisters' and brother's than not.

So what do you think? Are these celebrity siblings going to break the mold or follow suit when it comes to baby names?

Alexandra Breckenridge and Casey Neil Hooper
Gender: unknown
Siblings: Jack
Jack is a genuine, likable, every-man type of name. You really can't go wrong with a name like Jack, which explains its enduring popularity across the Western world. Jack can fit with many naming styles, but I have a feeling Alexandra Breckenridge and Casey Neil Hooper will go for another friendly, nickname-like name for their second child.
Girl: Clara, Charlotte, Emmy, Evie, Grace, Hattie, Kate, Libby, Lucy, Millie
Boy: Ben, Charlie, Eli, Finn, Henry, Ian, Luke, Milo, Oliver, Sam, Toby, Will
*Update* It's a girl--Billie!

Behati Prinsloo and Adam Levine
Gender: unknown
Siblings: Dusty Rose
Although the name Dusty peaked in 1976, the combination of Dusty Rose--given to Behati Prinsloo and Adam Levine's daughter--feels very current. It helps that both are word names, which have become popular with celebrities and non-celebrities alike over the past few years. I'm curious to see what Behati and Adam will pair with Dusty--my guess is another sweet and sassy word name.
Girl: Coco, Fawn, Ivy, Lacey, Luna, Pepper, Sable, Sunday, Willow, Winter
Boy: Beau, Cash, Channing, Chase, Miles, Phoenix, Ridge, Stone, Tanner
*Update* Another little lady--Gio Grace!

Michelle and Donald Glover
Gender: boy
Siblings: Legend
A name like Legend can be a lot to live up to. However, at #311 and rising, more and more parents are deciding that it isn't too much of a burden for their sons to carry. Michelle and Donald Glover's Legend is going to have a little brother, who will probably have a similarly "high-stakes" name.
Boy: Ever, Danger, Flash, Jazz, Lucky, Maverick, Rocket, Sage, Wild, Zen

Hilarie Burton and Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Gender: unknown
Siblings: Augustus "Gus"
Augustus is a long and extravagant name, but Hilarie Burton and Jeffrey Dean Morgan's son is called Gus, which is quite the opposite. I'd love to see them use another lengthy name paired with a short and sweet nickname for baby number two--especially one with Latin roots.
Girl: Clementine, Cordelia, Isadora, Lucinda, Margaret, Matilda, Octavia
Boy: Calvin, Felix, Maxfield, Phineas, Roscoe, Samson, Sebastian, Theodore

Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth
Gender: unknown
Siblings: none
The Duggars are known for giving their children uncommon, often themed names, but the latest arrivals have remarkably normal, restrained names (Mason, Henry, and Samuel). There's no telling if Joy-Anna and Austin will go in an uncommon direction or not, but more than likely they will choose a strong biblical name for their son or daughter.
Girl: Abigail, Ada, Delilah, Eden, Elizabeth, Galilee, Mara, Rebekah, Susannah
Boy: Adam, Boaz, Cyrus, Elijah, Gideon, Isaac, Levi, Moses, Reuben, Solomon
*Update* I was right—baby boy is Gideon Martyn!

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott
Gender: girl
Siblings: none
Kylie Jenner is a bold, high fashion woman--she's not afraid to take risks when it comes to her personal style. So why should we think that she would do anything different when it comes to her daughter's name? We should expect a striking and stylish, yet relatively uncommon name from Kylie Jenner, something like one of the names listed below.
Girl: Bliss, Dove, Essence, Gem, Nova, Reverie, Rumor, Season, Story, Velvet
*Update* Baby girl is Stormi!

Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson
Gender: unknown
Siblings: Prince Oliver (previous relationship)
The Kardashians seem to love names that connote power and status. Kourtney Kardashian was one of the original adopters of the "aspirational" baby name trend when she named her son Reign in 2014. Her sister Kim followed suit one year later with her son Saint. With cousins called Reign and Saint, and a half-brother named Prince, I expect Khloe and Tristan's baby name to follow this apparent Kardashian pattern.
Girl: Contessa, Empress, Jubilee, Majesty, Royalty, Verity, Wisdom
Boy: Brave, Kingdom, Major, Noble, Onyx, Pharaoh, Sergeant, Royal
*Update* It's a girl--True!

Lauren Parsekian and Aaron Paul
Gender: unknown
Siblings: none
Lauren Parsekian and Aaron Paul are world travelers. Their Instagram accounts are filled with images of treks across Europe and rendezvous around the United States. Because of this, I think a place name might be in order for their little babe--perhaps the name of a city with special significance to the couple.
Girl: Aspen, Britain, Geneva, Holland, India, Moon, Sicily, Venice, Vienna
Boy: Cyprus, Denver, Dover, Memphis, Milan, Orion, Oslo, Rio, Rome, York
*Update* Welcome, Story Annabelle!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Celebrity Baby Name Predictions: Volume 16

When it comes to naming siblings, families have different approaches. Some choose an obvious theme, like Coleen and Wayne Rooney, whose children are named Kai, Klay, and Kit. Others, like Lisa and Jack Osborne, don't feel the need to have coordinating sibling names--one of their daughters has the sweet, vintage name Pearl, and the other has the androgynous, spunky name Andy.

It will be interesting to see how this group of celebrities adds to their sibsets. Will Boomer Phelps have a sibling with an equally out-there name? Will Kim and Kanye use another word name for North and Saint's brother or sister? I've made my predictions below, but I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

April Love Geary and Robin Thicke
Gender: girl
Siblings: Julian Fuego (previous relationship)
Robin Thicke's son has a name with distinct Latin flair--Julian Fuego. Although he and his sister will have different mothers, I'd love for them to have somewhat coordinated names. A great way to do that would be to give her a name that has a history of use in Spanish speaking countries, as well as the United States.
Girl: Angelina, Camila, Elena, Isabella, Liliana, Naomi, Olivia, Stella
*Update* Welcome, Mia Love!

Ginger Zee and Ben Aaron Colonomus
Gender: boy
Siblings: Adrian Benjamin
Adrian Benjamin is a handsome, classic name that is easy to like. He has the added bonus of cute initials--ABC. Considering Adrian's first two initials are the reverse of his dad's, it might be sweet for Ginger and Ben Aaron to give their second son the initials RG--which is the reverse of Ginger's first and middle initials. Although, that tradition would be hard to keep up with if they decide to have more than two children.
Boy: Caleb, Dominic, Felix, Gabriel, Gregor, Lucas, Peter, Rhys, Russell, Silas
*Update* Baby boy is Miles Macklin!

Coleen and Wayne Rooney
Gender: unknown
Siblings: Kai, Klay, Kit
For Coleen and Wayne Rooney's fourth baby, I'd be shocked if he or she doesn't have another K name. I'd wager that the name will be one syllable as well, although there are some great double syllable options for a daughter.
Girl: Kacy, Kali, Kami, Kass, Kate, Kay, Kaylie, Keira, Kess, Kia, Kiki, Klare
Boy: Kade, Kane, Kase, Kash, Keane, Keyes, King, Kole, Kord, Krew, Kyle

Hillary Scott and Chris Tyrrell
Gender: unknown twins!
Siblings: Eisele Kaye
Hillary Scott and Chris Tyrrell's daughter has a very special name--Eisele is her paternal grandmother's maiden name, and Kaye is her maternal grandmother's maiden name. Honoring family is clearly important to the Tyrrells, and they certainly have space to honor a lot of people with their upcoming arrival of twins! I've scoured their family trees for potential honorees, but also included some names that work stylistically with Eisele.
Girl: Dove, Eden, Emerald, Flora, Issa, Jean, Laurel, Lindy, Raya, Sage, Willow
Boy: Davis, Ever, Forrest, Hart, Judah, Lane, Lang, Nash, Scott, Tennessee, True
*Update* Identical twin girls--Betsy Mack and Emory JoAnn!

Lisa and Jack Osborne
Gender: unknown
Siblings: Pearl Clementine, Andy Rose
Pearl and Andy may seem like a bit of a mis-match for sister names, but one element that ties them together is their botanical middle names. I hope the Osbornes continue that theme with their third baby, even if it's a boy. There are plenty of great nature names for boys--ranging from Forest to Linden--that I could picture them using as a middle name.
Girl: Bee, Estelle, Frances, Georgia, Harriet, Ivy, Lark, Maude, Olive, Violet
Boy: August, Edmund, Heath, Henry, Pierce, Quentin, Rex, Sebastian, Simon
*Update* Welcome, Minnie Theodora!

Nicole Johnson and Michael Phelps
Gender: unknown
Siblings: Boomer Robert
How do you match a name as bold as Boomer? I think another action-packed word name might be in store for a boy--something like Colt or Gunner. For a girl, high-value Scrabble letters and punchy sounds are key--think Lux and Ripley. Whether they're having a son or a daughter, the Phelps family has quite the task ahead of them, picking a name to match Boomer's swagger.
Girl: Bodhi, Coco, Dixie, Jette, Jude, Lux, Pax, Rebel, Ripley, Rogue, Sawyer
Boy: Axel, Bear, Beau, Bricker, Colt, Danger, Gunner, Racer, Storm, Wilder
*Update* Another boy--Beckett Richard!

Elspeth Keller and Reid Scott
Gender: boy
Siblings: Conrad
We're in the midst of a Conrad comeback. Since 2011, it has risen over 200 spots in the top 1000, but at #591, Conrad is hardly trendy. I'm guessing Elspeth Keller and Reid Scott will choose another clunky-cool name poised to swing back into style--perhaps another one with German origins.
Boy: Anton, Casper, Edwin, Frederick, Harold, Lawson, Oswald, Otto, Warren
*Update* Hello, Damon Leif!

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West
Gender: unknown
Siblings: North, Saint
Had you asked me back in May what Kim and Kanye would name a second son, I would have told you Sir. But fast forward a few months to July, and that is the name Beyonce and Jay Z gave their son, Sir Carter. Alas, there are still great choices for Kimye's newest arrival, including ones that connote their celebrity royalty status and fit in with North and Saint.
Girl: Forever, Halo, Idol, Journey, Key, Poet, Rebel, Regal, Rogue, Soul, True, Victory, Wisdom
Boy: Champ, Chief, Epic, Future, Hero, Knight, Legend, Riot, Royal, Supreme, Wild, Win, Winner
*Update* Baby girl is Chicago!

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Celebrity Baby Name Predictions: Volume 15

Each family has different traditions and values when it comes to naming their children, and celebrities are no different. Some, like Jessica Alba and Cash Warren, prefer the meanings of their children's names to be packed with significance. Their daughters are named Honor and Haven, which are both quite virtuous. Other stars, like James Corden and Cristiano Ronaldo, place value on family names. Cristiano Ronaldo's oldest son is a junior, which is the utmost way to honor the father in many families. James Corden's daughter is named Carey, for his wife's maiden name.

I'm most interested to see what naming values some first-time celebrity parents will have. Will Nathan Kress choose a name from his side of the family? Would Mindy Kaling pick a name inspired by one of her heroes (like Nora Ephron, perhaps?) I can't wait to find out!

Nicky Hilton and James Rothschild
Gender: unknown
Siblings: Lily Grace Victoria
Nicky Hilton and James Rothschild have a naming style I like to call "accessible royalty." Their daughter's name--Lily Grace Victoria--has a regal sound to it, with the two middles and classic names, but with a modern twist. I think their next child will have a name with a similar feel--rooted in royalty, but appropriate for a baby of 2017.
Girl: Adelaide, Cecilia, Charlotte, Chloe, Elizabeth, Juliette, Madeleine, Ruby
Boy: Charles, Henry, Jack, Jacob, Nathaniel, Oliver, Samuel, Theodore, William
*Update* Another girl--Teddy Marilyn!

Julia Carey and James Corden
Gender: unknown
Siblings: Max, Carey (g)
James Corden and his wife Julia used one of my favorite honor naming techniques--they gave their daughter Julia's maiden name as a first name--Carey. Carey (and its more widely-used form, Carrie) was most popular in the 1970s, while the Corden's son's name, Max, peaked in 2011. I'm hoping James and Julia choose a name that bridges the style gap between the two names, and leads to a cohesive sibset.
Girl: Abigail, Caroline, Emma, Gemma, Gracie, Greta, Laney, Leah, Molly, Phoebe
Boy: Callum, Charlie, Drew, Isaac, Jack, Luke, Miles, Nico, Nolan, Owen, Reid

London Moore and Nathan Kress
Gender: unknown
Siblings: none
Model and actress London Elise Moore and actor Nathan Kress are a young couple with strong family-oriented values. I have a feeling they might choose a name from one of their family trees. It turns out Nathan's side of the family has tons of great options, ranging from the classic to the quirky!
Girl: Alice, Anna, Caroline, Charlotte, Hazel, Janie, Katherine, Margaret, Mamie
Boy: Alexander, Charles, Henry, Jacob, James, Lewis, Marshall, Roy, Stone, Truett
*Update* It's a girl--Rosie Carolyn!

Mindy Kaling
Gender: unknown
Siblings: none
On her TV show The Mindy Project, Mindy Kaling's character has a son named Leo. Considering she has a role in writing the script, I'd bet Leo is a name that Mindy likes (and maybe even made her list at one point or another). Keeping that in mind, I chose some names that share Leo's essence--short, friendly, and charming.
Girl: Emmy, Eva, Josie, Lila, Maya, Mina, Mira, Nora, Nina, Roxy, Ruby, Veda
Boy: Arlo, Asher, Dashiell, Eli, Emmett, Felix, Henry, Levi, Maxwell, Milo, Theo
*Update* Welcome, Katherine Swati!

Jessica Alba and Cash Warren
Gender: unknown
Siblings: Honor Marie, Haven Garner
Jessica Alba and Cash Warren love names that are rich with meaning, particularly those with a virtuous quality. Honor and Haven are modern virtue names--sweeter and subtler than the virtue names of yesteryear like Patience and Chastity. I'm hoping they stick with that theme for baby number three, although I'm not so sure how I feel about another potential H name. Would it be cute or gimmicky?
Girl: Aurora, Ember, Harbor, Harlow, Hollis, Hope, Ivy, Jade, Nova, Sage, Willow
Boy: Everett, Foster, Harris, Henry, Jasper, Jude, Lawson, Linden, Pax, Sailor, True
*Update* Baby boy is Hayes Alba!

Georgina Rodriguez and Cristiano Ronaldo
Gender: unknown
Siblings: Cristiano Jr., Eva Maria, Mateo (previous relationship)
Spanish soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo and his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez are expecting his fourth child--a brother or sister for the impeccably named Cristiano Jr., Eva Maria, and Mateo. His youngest two children have names that are quite fashionable in Spain, so my bet is that baby number four will have a trendy and stylish name as well.
Girl: Alba, Carolina, Elena, Helena, Isabel, Lola, Lucia, Luna, Marina, Sofia
Boy: Bruno, Gabriel, Iker, Leo, Luis, Marco, Martin, Niko, Oscar, Sebastian

Ashley Hinshaw and Topher Grace
Gender: unknown
Siblings: none
Actors Ashley Hinshaw and Topher Grace are huge Harry Potter fans. Knowing how influential the series has been when it comes to baby name trends, I would not be surprised if the Graces chose a name of one of the minor characters. Not necessarily a name that's super out there, like Severus or Artemisia, but something with familiarity--perhaps Phineas or Emmeline.
Girl: Aurora, Emmeline, Honoria, Isla, Maisie, Millicent, Mirabella, Penelope
Boy: Connolly, Dexter, Gideon, Humphrey, Magnus, Otto, Phineas, Zacharias
*Update* Hello, Mabel Jane!

Brooklyn Decker and Andy Roddick
Gender: girl
Siblings: Hank
Hank is one of those old-school, every-man nicknames of the 20th century that is just beginning to have that "adorkable" status among parents. Now that Brooklyn Decker and Andy Roddick are expecting a daughter, I'm curious to hear what they pair with Hank. I'm clearly hoping for another sassy retro name!
Girl: Annie, Edie, Francie, Georgia, Louise, Lucille, Minnie, Nellie, Tess
*Update* Welcome, Stevie!

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Celebrity Baby Name Predictions: Volume 14

Names with personal significance are always special, and this month's batch of celebrities loves a good honor name. All of John Carter Cash's children have names from his side of the family, and Daphne Oz has a son who's a junior (which seems rarer nowadays, especially with celebrities).

There are some stars who are having their first child that I would love to see use a name with personal significance. Matthew Morrison's wife Renee is from Hawaii, where many gorgeous names have originated. Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder are huge nature lovers, so a nature name would have a lot of meaning to them. Finally, Julia Stiles has some quirky naming traditions in her family that I'm wondering if she'll follow. Whatever direction these celebrities go in, I'm sure they'll choose lovely names, but I'm always crossing my fingers for names with a good story behind them.

Ana Cristina and John Carter Cash
Gender: girl
Siblings: Joseph John, Jack Ezra, Anna Maybelle "AnnaBelle" (previous relationships)
It's very evident that that John Carter Cash loves to use honor names--and he should, with so many great names to choose from! All three of his children have a name plucked from his famous family tree in either the first or middle position (or both, as is the case with Jack Ezra). I'd wager that his upcoming baby girl will have a name with family significance as well.
Girl: Caroline, Clover, Helen, June, Maggie, Margaret, Valerie, Virginia
*Update* Welcome, Grace June!

Tasha McCauley and Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Gender: unknown
Siblings: brother (name not released)
Notoriously private Tasha McCauley and Joseph Gordon-Levitt have never shared the name of their son, and that's unlikely to change with baby number two. However, I have a pretty good idea of the type of name they would choose. Tasha and Joseph are very worldly--she speaks English, Spanish, and Arabic!--so a name with multicultural influence seems to be in order.
She speaks English, Spanish, Arabic
Girl: Alia, Gracie, Isa, Jane, Leila, Lula, Mariam, Ramona, Senna
Boy: Arlo, Daniel, Hugo, Israel, Julian, Milo, Sebastian, Samar

Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder
Gender: unknown
Siblings: none
Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder are a nature and animal-loving couple. They are climate and animal-rights activists, and Nikki has a line of sustainable beauty products. This makes me think they will choose a name from the natural world--whether it be a plant, animal, or simply nature-inspired name--for their first child.
Girl: Harbor, Juniper, Lark, Linden, Prairie, Sage, Swan, Willow, Wren
Boy: Bear, Canyon, Forest, Fox, Moss, Oak, River, Sparrow, Stone, Wolf
*Update* It's a girl--Bodhi Soleil!

Renee Puente and Matthew Morrison
Gender: unknown
Siblings: none
Renee Puente and Matthew Morrison love Hawaii. Renee grew up on the islands, and the couple held their wedding there. Since Hawaii has played such a large role in their lives, I expect Matthew and Renee's child to have a name with some Hawaiian flavor.
Girl: Alohi, Ani, Emalia, Iva, Lilia, Leilani, Luana, Meilani, Poema
Boy: Hiro, Kai, Kanoa, Kauri, Kimo, Liko, Luka, Niko, Oli, Rai, Tao
*Update* They did use a Hawaiian name--in the middle! Welcome Revel James Makai!

Jaime Pressly and Hamzi Hijazi
Gender: boy/boy twins!
Siblings: Dezi James (previous relationship)
Actress Jaime Pressly is expecting twin boys--brothers to her son Dezi James. Dezi is one of those great names that is stylish and uncommon, yet familiar. Should Jaime and Hamzi choose names in a similar vein for their sons (that also have Dezi's casual vibes) I think they might some of the following.
Boy: Bodhi, Eli, Nev, Nial, Odie, Rafe, Ren, Roy, Shae, Shan, Teague
*Update* They're here--Leo and Lenon!

Daphne Oz and John Jovanovic
Gender: girl
Siblings: Philomena Bijou and Jovan Jr.
Although Daphne Oz's children have fairly extravagant names, she often calls them by the more accessible nicknames Philo and JJ. For her next daughter, I bet she is looking for a name along the same line--long and romantic, but with a fun nickname. Isabeau called Izzy or Beau, or Minerva called Minnie would be especially sweet.
Girl: Agatha, Clementine, Eugenie, Isabeau, Liora, Minerva, Winifred, Zelda
*Update* Welcome, Domenica Celine!

Roselyn Sanchez and Eric Winter
Gender: unknown
Siblings: Sebella Rose "Sebi"
Sebella Rose is the perfect name for Roselyn Sanchez and Eric Winter's daughter. Sebella has Spanish roots, which nods to Roselyn's Puerto Rican heritage, but it's not obscure, thanks to Isabella's popularity in the US. Using that formula, I picked out some more cross-cultural names that could be contenders for Sebi's little brother or sister.
Girl: Camila, Esme, Luisa, Marisol, Paloma, Seraphina, Valentina, Viviana
Boy: Augustin, Benjamin, Emilio, Leo, Mateo, Milo, Nathaniel, Santiago
*Update* A boy--Dylan Gabriel!

Julia Stiles and Preston J. Cook
Gender: unknown
Siblings: none
Julia Stiles has an interesting story behind her name. Both her parents and her siblings have first names that start with J, and her middle name is O'Hara--her father's surname. Stiles is her mother's surname, and I would love to see Julia use it as a first name if her baby is a boy. Stiles is an overlooked option that should appeal to parents searching for something tailored with a preppy feel.
Girl: Celia, Dorothy, Emmeline, Estelle, Lilia, Lyra, Mina, Simone, Sylvie
Boy: Callum, Flynn, Harris, O'Hara, Otis, Ray, Shepherd, Stiles, Thatcher
*Update* Hello, Strummer Newcomb!

Monday, June 19, 2017

Celebrity Baby Name Predictions: Volume 13

Celebrities are the taste-makers of the baby name world. Sid and McCoy--two names that were on nobody's radar screen--now have serious style cred thanks to the Biggs and Porter families. I would not be surprised to see McCoy break into the top 1000 for 2016 (which comes out this Friday--hooray!). 

Some stars, like Whitney Port, are bound to be influential in their baby name choice. And no matter what they choose, everyone's going to be talking about what Heidi Montag Pratt and Serena Williams name their babies. So let's get into it! I've made my predictions below--how do they compare to yours?

Whitney Port and Tim Rosenman
Gender: unknown
Siblings: none
Whitney Port has a self-described "New York meets LA" style. The major thing these cities have in common when it comes to baby names? They both are ahead of the curve. That leads me to believe that Whitney and her husband Tim will choose a name that is on the cusp of cool--something stylish, but relatively low on the popularity charts.
Girl: Briar, Cassia, Colette, Dahlia, Emmeline, Esme, Posey, Margot, Wren
Boy: Amos, Cyrus, Desmond. Ford, Hugh, Leland, Rhys, Sutton, Thatcher
*Update* It's a boy! Sonny Sanford

Jenny Mollen and Jason Biggs
Gender: boy
Siblings: Sid
Jenny Mollen and Jason Biggs put Sid back on the map for boys. The formerly fusty, old man name now seems incredibly dapper. Can they flip the switch on another name with baby number two? I've included some recent revivals along with yet to be rediscovered gems--whatever name they pick, I'm sure we'll be pleased.
Boy: Dexter, Ed, Frank, Gus, Hal, Ike, Len, Lester, Lou, Moe, Roscoe, Victor
*Update* He's Lazlo--love it!

Aijia and Andy Grammer
Gender: girl
Siblings: none
Family is Aijia and Andy Grammer's number one value. They have expressed multiple times that they want to honor Andy's late mother Kathy somehow in their daughter's name. My best guess is that they'll use a variation of Katherine, but maybe they will do something subtler, like choose a name that shares a meaning with Kathy.
Girl: Agnes, Catalina, Kate, Katelyn, Kathryn, Kay, Kitty, Virginia, Wynn
*Update* They did honor Mom--baby girl is Louisiana K!

Elena Samodanova and Gleb Savchenko
Gender: girl
Siblings: Olivia
Russian dancers Elena Samodanova and Gleb Savchenko gave their American-born daughter a top-notch name--Olivia. Olivia does not have Russian roots, but it is long and romantic like many Russian and Eastern European names. For their next daughter, I expect something one in the same--a multi-syllable moniker that wears well whether she's in Russia or the United States.
Girl: Alexandra, Anastasia, Arabella, Isabella, Natalia, Sofia, Valentina
*Update* Hello, Zlata!

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt
Gender: unknown
Siblings: none
Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt are best known for their reality TV days, but recently they've been more involved in the crystal healing trade. Perhaps their new passion will inspire them to choose a gemstone name or something similarly spiritual for their first born son or daughter.
Girl: Amethyst, Azalea, Emerald, Honor, Sapphire, Serenity, Topaz, Winter
Boy: Ever, Garnet, Hero, Justice, Noble, Onyx, Pax, Sage, True, Valentine
*Update* A little boy--Gunner Stone!

Hannah Simone and Jesse Giddings
Gender: unknown
Siblings: none
This is going to be the first real baby for Hannah Simone and Jesse Giddings, but they already have three fur-babies--cats named Alfie, Jake, and Frank. Now, that's not a perfectly coordinated cat sibset, but all three of those names do share a common thread--they're very friendly. Does that mean the couple will choose a similarly upbeat and cheerful name for their son or daughter? I'd put my money on it.
Girl: Birdie, Georiga, Grace, Josie, Langley, Lola, Lucy, Natalie, Nora, Olive
Boy: Caleb, Charlie, Elliott, George, Henry, Leo, Oscar, Owen, Sammy, Theo

Kelsey Mayfield and Scott Porter
Gender: unknown
Siblings: McCoy Lee
Actors Kelsey Mayfield and Scott Porter gave their son the ultimate Country Western baby name--McCoy Lee. McCoy is on trend but not at all popular, and down-to-earth to boot. I'm itching to hear the name of Kelsey and Scott's next child, since they hit it out of the park the first time.
Girl: Brynn, Darcy, Keeley, Maisie, Paige, Quinn, Ryan, Shea, Skye, Wynne
Boy: Brody, Cord, Graham, Guy, Jethro, Len, Murphy, Roarke, West, Wylie
*Update* Welcome, Clover Ash!

Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian
Gender: unknown
Siblings: none
Tennis champion Serena Williams is pregnant with her first child, and the internet is abound with suggestions for the baby's name. Most of them center around athletics and tributes (Ace! Venus! Serenus?), but I have a feeling Serena will go in a different direction. Her dog is Christopher, called Chip, and her beloved stuffed animal is Max. I would not be surprised if she chose a milder, well-liked name for her child. Serena's fiancé Alexis Ohanian is Armenian, so it's quite possible the name will have some influence from his heritage.
Girl: Audrey, Clara, Elisa, Juliet, Layla, Lusine, Lydia, Sophia, Zabelle
Boy: Andrew, Benjamin, Connor, Jake, Lev, Lucas, Samuel, Simon, William
*Update* A girl! Alexis Ohanian Jr., called by her middle name, Olympia

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Celebrity Baby Name Predictions: Volume 12

It's been a trend in recent years for celebrities to delay the release of their baby's name--usually for a few weeks, even months. However, actors Peter Dinklage and Josh Hartnett have never revealed the names of their children, and their daughters are five and two years old, respectively! Now they both have a second child on the way--will we find out the names of those babies, or continue to be left in the dark?

We also have some stars this month expecting Irish twins--two siblings born less than a year apart. Supermodel Bar Refaeli is pregnant for the second time, only months after giving birth to her daughter Liv. Lauren Gregory and Thomas Rhett were in the process of adopting a baby from Africa when they found out they were pregnant with a little girl. Now they have two babies on the way that should arrive around the same time. How will these celebrities go about naming their Irish twins? I have my predictions, but we'll have to wait and see.

Erica Schmidt and Peter Dinklage
Gender: unknown
Siblings: sister (name not released)
Peter Dinklage has managed to keep his daughter's name a secret for over five years, but rumors abound that her name is Zelig. According to Peter, this is not true, although it seems like a fitting name for the couple. Both of their surnames are of Germanic origin, and Zelig is a Yiddish derivation of the German name Selig. Keeping that in mind, I chose some similarly strong and quirky names for their next child.
Girl: Agnes, Editha, Elza, Francie. Frieda, Hettie, Hilda, Ilsa, Meret, Tresa
Boy: Alric, Anton, Bruno, Jannick, Kaiser, Rainier, Raymond, Roderick, Rollo

Tamsin Egerton and Josh Hartnett
Gender: unknown
Siblings: sister (name not released)
Like the Dinklages, Tamsin Egerton and Josh Hartnett have never released the name of their daughter. However, given Tamsin's British heritage, I'd wager that their little girl (and her upcoming sibling) has a name with some serious English style.
Girl: Edie, Elena, Eloise, Felicity, Iris, Libby, Lydia, Millie, Orla, Poppy
Boy: Arlo, Dashiell, Elias, Finlay, Harry, Jasper, Luca, Rory, Tobias, Theo

Priscilla Chan and Mark Zuckerberg
Gender: girl
Siblings: Maxima "Max"
Facebook mogul Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan chose the clunky-cool name Maxima for their daughter in 2015, but call her by the tomboyish nickname Max. Now they're expecting their second daughter--will we see another long Latin name with a sassy nickname?
Girl: Aurelia, Avalon, Cecily, Livia, Lucia, Minerva, Noa, Romilly, Rosette
*Update* Hello, August!

Xosha Roquemore and Lakeith Stanfield
Gender: unknown
Siblings: none
Xosha Roquemore was named after the Xhosa people--a tribe originally from South Africa. Her father got the idea after researching South African tribes for a play he directing, and Xosha herself went on to study abroad in Ghana during her college years. It's clear that African culture is important to Xosha and her family, which makes me think her baby will have a name with some African influence.
Girl: Amara, Kaia, Kessie, Lissa, Marjani, Nia, Nyala, Sekai, Shona, Zella
Boy: Ayo, Kayin, Kofi, Kwame, Lekan, Massai, Obi, Odion, Taye, Zaire

Casey Wilson and David Caspe
Gender: unknown
Siblings: Max Red
Comedian Casey Wilson and her producer husband David Caspe may have played it safe (by celebrity standards) with the first name Max for their son, but kicked it up a notch with the very bold Red for his middle name. I have a feeling they'll follow a similar pattern for their next son or daughter, so I chose some well-liked, somewhat trendy names for the baby's first name.
Girl: Clare, Daisy, Evie, Frankie, Ivy, Kate, Kit, Phoebe, Piper, Sadie, Tess
Boy: Charlie, Finn, Gray, Henry, Jack, Jude, Liam, Luke, Nate, Owen, Rhys
*Update* Welcome, Henry Bear!

Elvira Lind and Oscar Isaac
Gender: unknown
Siblings: none
Oscar Isaac is Guatemalan-American, while his girlfriend Elvira Lind is Danish. It may come as a surprise considering Denmark and Guatemala are halfway across the world from each other, but there are actually quite a few names that are used in both countries. I've listed some of them here, along with names I think have the potential to cross over.
Girl: Alba, Amada, Camila, Elena, Isla, Liv, Luna, Maya, Nessa, Signe, Sofia
Boy: Arlo, Bastien, Casper, Hugo, Jonathan, Marco, Otto, Soren, Teo, Viggo
*Update* Baby boy is Eugene, after Oscar's mother, Eugenia!

Bar Refaeli and Adi Ezra
Gender: unknown
Siblings: Liv
Just seven months after the birth of her daughter Liv, Bar Refaeli has announced that she's pregnant again! Bar and her husband Adi are Israeli, and even though Liv is a Scandinavian name, it works well with many Hebrew names. I'm guessing we'll see another short name (maybe also containing the "it" letter V) for Liv's Irish twin.
Girl: Alma, Alva, Avia, Evie, Maya, Mika, Naomi, Niva, Tali, Zadie
Boy: Ash, Bram, Eli, Micah, Nevo, Omri, Oren, Rom. Shai, Tal, Uri
*Update* Another girl--Elle!

Lauren Gregory and Thomas Rhett Akins
Gender: girl and unknown
Siblings: none
Country singer Thomas Rhett and his wife Lauren are expecting a baby girl, and meanwhile are adopting a baby (of unknown gender) from Africa. The couple has said they want to use family names, and are open to feminizations of male names for their daughter. Thomas is a junior himself, so if the adopted baby is a boy, could there be a Thomas Rhett Akins III?
Girl: Grace, Gracen, Greta, Kasey, Leah, Macy, Paige, Retta, Tamsin
Boy: Everett, Grayson, Gregor, Gregory, Lawrence, Lee, Rhett, Thomas
*Update* The Akins' adopted baby girl is Willa Gray!
*Second Update* Baby girl number two is Ada James!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Celebrity Baby Name Predictions: Volume 11

We're only two months into 2017, and already we have been blessed with the two best pregnancy announcements of the year (dare I say decade?). Yes, both Beyoncé and Amal Clooney are pregnant. Better yet—they're each having twins. The Carters and Clooneys are American royalty, and these will be regal pregnancies. So start placing your bets! What are the odds of a Queen Carter or Warren Clooney (500/1? 2500/1?)? I'm not quite sure, but I am confident that whatever the names of these noble children, they will be fit for a prince or a princess. 

Beyoncé and Jay Z
Gender: unknown twins
Siblings: Blue Ivy
Blue Ivy is a name with such subtle significance for Beyoncé and Jay Z that no one predicted it back in 2012. The Carters are likely to surprise us again with the names of their twins, but I made my best guesses as to what they might be. Maybe another name that nods to the number four, or an honor name?
Girl: Celeste, Chatura, Delta, Lumi, Lux, Moon, Nova, Queen, September, Soleil
Boy: Chance, Deréon, Dynasty, Hero, Luck, Nash, Origin, Quade, Royal, Truth
*Update* Welcome to Rumi and Sir Carter! 

Amal Alamuddin and George Clooney
Gender: girl/boy twins
Siblings: none
The rumors were true! Amal and George Clooney are going to be parents to twins—a boy and a girl. The latest rumors say that the Clooneys love classic names, especially ones that honor family members. Luckily George has many well-named relatives to draw inspiration from.
Girl: Eleanor, Elizabeth, Emma, Frances, Helen, Jane, Louise, Margaret, Marie, Nina, Rose
Boy:  Andrew, Charles, Edward, Henry, James, Joseph, Nicholas, Peter, Philip, Warren
*Update* The twins are here! Ella and Alexander Clooney

GloZell Green and Kevin Simon
Gender: unknown
Siblings: O'Zell Gloriana De Green
YouTube personality GloZell Green gave her daughter the honor name to end all honor names. She took bits and pieces of her family members' names and came up with O'Zell Gloriana De Green. Lest you think GloZell used all possible honor names at once, I have some fresh ideas for her.
Girl: Gigi, Glorielle, Glory, Glow, Ria, Zella, Zia, Zoria
Boy: Deon, Evan, Kevin, Orlando, Oz, Shaw, Shawn, Zevi

Chelsea Peretti and Jordan Peele
Gender: unknown
Siblings: none
Chelsea Peretti and Jordan Peele have stressed that they want their child to have a happy name. Whether that means a name that means happy or one with an upbeat, friendly feel, I've got it covered. 
Girl: Abby, Blythe, Emilia, Fiona, Georgia, Julia, Livia, Lucy, Sadie, Trixie
Boy: Arlo, Asher, Dexter, Felix, Gus, Henry, Milo, Nico, Oscar, Otto, Roscoe
*Update* It's a boy--Beaumont Gino!

Elizabeth Smart and Matthew Gilmour
Gender: boy
Siblings: Chloé
Elizabeth Smart and Matthew Gilmour gave their daughter the name Chloé, with an intentional accent over the E. This French-ification makes me think they'll choose a similarly European name for their son. 
Boy: Bastien, Dominic, Jackson, James, Leo, Luca, Max, Michael, Pierce, Simon

Rosie Huntington-Whitely and Jason Statham
Gender: boy
Siblings: none
British couple Rosie Huntington-Whitely and Jason Statham are expecting their first child later this year—a baby boy! The pair currently reside in Hollywood, but I suspect their little one's name will have some English flair as a nod to Mom and Dad's home country. 
Boy: Charles, Frankie, Harvey, Hunter, Jake, Oliver, Rex, Toby, Winston, Yates
*Update* Hello, Jack Oscar!

Hannah Davis and Derek Jeter
Gender: girl
Siblings: none
It's been said that Derek Jeter already has a name picked out for his unborn daughter, but he's keeping it a secret for now. Whatever he has in mind, I have a feeling it's sweet and feminine.
Girl: Amelia, Aubrey, Charlie, Charlotte, Dorothy, Grace, Laila, Natalia
*Update* Feminine, indeed! Welcome, Bella Raine!

Kayla Rae Reid and Ryan Lochte
Gender: boy
Siblings: none
Ryan Lochte and his girlfriend Kayla will be welcoming a baby boy into their family! This fit, athletic couple is bound to give their son a strong and "streamlined" name.
Boy: Beckett, Cruz, Elijah, Hudson, Jaxon, Jude, Maddox, Reid, Tucker
*Update* Baby boy is Caiden Zane!

Celebrity Baby Name Predictions: Volume 10

New year, new celebrity pregnancy announcement! And boy did we start off with a bang. Zooey Deschanel, who is often credited with giving us the best baby name of 2015 (Elsie Otter!) is going to be a mom for the second time. Jill Duggar is also pregnant with her second child. With her oldest son named Israel, I can't wait to see what name she chooses next. There also are quite a few first-time moms on this month's list, including actresses Lily Rabe, Laura Prepon, and lifestyle guru Lauren Conrad. So far 2017 is shaping up to be a great year for celebrity pregnancy announcements. Let's keep that momentum going into February!

Zooey Deschanel and Jacob Pechenik
Gender: unknown
Siblings: Elsie Otter
Elsie Otter was one of the cutest celebrity baby names of 2015, so I have high hopes for Zooey Deschanel's next baby. I think it would be so sweet if he or she also had an unexpected animal name for the middle, but that's a whole other set of predictions (maybe something like Lynx or Fawn?)
Girl: Clementine, Josie, Lottie, Minnie, Pearl, Phoebe, Ruthie, Sylvie, Tess, Tilly
Boy: Amos, Gus, Frankie, Fritz, Henry, Ira, Lester, Louie, Otto, Richie, Theo
*Update* I was right about their naming formula--welcome, Charlie Wolf!

Lake Bell and Scott Campbell
Gender: unknown
Siblings: Nova
Nova is a strong word name with a connection to the stars. I have a feeling Lake Bell and Scott Campbell are not going to go with a night sky themed sibsets, but I included some subtle options that fit the bill just in case.
Girl: Alpha, Echo, Electra, Lark, Lotus, Maxima, Vesper, Winter, Wren
Boy: Alistair, Axel, Flynn, Lex, Loyal, Marvel, Oz, Rio, Sky, Zephyr

Jill Duggar and Derrick Dillard
Gender: unknown
Siblings: Israel David
Rumor has it that if the Dillard's first-born was a girl, he would have been named Selah. That makes Selah my number one guess for a daughter--but who knows? As long as it's biblical, anything goes.
Girl: Aviva, Dania, Dinah, Elyse, Eve, Galilee, Lilah, Raya, Selah, Shalom, Talia
Boy: Asa, Elijah, Ezra, Gideon, Hosea, Judah, Samson, Simeon, Solomon, Tobias
*Update* It's another boy--Samuel Scott!

Lauren Conrad and William Tell
Gender: unknown
Siblings: none
Celebrity lifestyle blogger Lauren Conrad hinted at some of her favorite baby names earlier this month, but something tells me that she wouldn't reveal her baby's name that soon. It did provide plenty of inspiration though--traditional modern names seem to strike her fancy.
Girl: Blair, Cecilia, Elsie, Evangeline, Juliette, Luna, Ruby, Scarlett, Sloane, Violet
Boy: Camden, Charles, Eli, Everett, Harrison, Jameson, Nathan, Owen, Reid, Walker
*Update* Hello, Liam James!

Emilie Livingston and Jeff Goldblum
Gender: unknown
Siblings: Charlie Ocean (b)
The name Charlie has a friendly, casual vibe--even more so when paired with a calming middle like Ocean. I expect the Goldblums to choose another unfussy name with great style for their newest son or daughter. If they use a subtle nature theme, that's even better.
Girl: Amelia, Hazel, Ivy, Lena, Lily, Lydia, Nora, Romy, Sadie Stella, Zoey
Boy: Archie, Ben, Calvin, Felix, Henry, Jack, Jude, Luke, Max, Milo, Rudy
*Update* Another water-themed name--River Joe!

Lily Rabe and Hamish Linklater
Gender: unknown
Siblings: Lucinda Rose (half sibling)
It's hard to imagine a name more romantic that Lucinda Rose. It has a sweet vintage spirit and sophisticated elegance that I sought to replicate in my top picks for their latest arrival.
Girl: Amelie, Antonia, Beatrice, Cornelia, Isadora, Magnolia, Sabina, Valerie
Boy: Adrian, Anton, Benjamin, Edmund, Hugh, Jasper, Marcel, Oliver, Samuel

Laura Prepon and Ben Foster
Gender: unknown
Siblings: none
Laura Prepon is expecting her first child with Ben Foster. I have a hunch they'll either go with a tailored, modern name, or something with personal significance. Time will tell.
Girl: Aurora, Arbor, Celia, Jersey, Liv, Maren, Nora, Penelope, Vivian
Boy: Bram, Clay, Colin, Finn, Fletcher, Ford, Gabriel, Jacob, Jett, Michael

Dana Vollmer and Andy Grant
Gender: unknown
Siblings: Arlen Jackson
Olympic swimmer Dana Vollmer and her husband Andy Grant gave their son the unusual-but-not-unheard-of name Arlen. It's an English surname that feels preppy, but still quite modern. I chose names along the same lines for my predictions for their second child's name.
Girl: Darby, Harper, Marlowe, Payton, Piper, Quinn, Reagan, Riley, Teagan
Boy: Connor, Gardner, Gavin, Jude, Liam, Nolan, Rhys, Rory, Rowan, Tate
*Update* It's a boy--Ryker Alexander!