Monday, January 19, 2015

Claire Names

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Claire is a modern classic. You wouldn't be surprised to meet a mom named Claire, and it's not uncommon to run into younger ones either. Claire has many variants, which are getting exceedingly popular. Though Claire reigns supreme, I have a feeling Clara could beat her out for the number one Claire name in the coming years. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Clara- Elegant and vintage, it's no wonder parents love Clara. At #131, is it possible she could crack the top 100?

Clarabella- She may seem like a smoosh name, but Clarabella has real Latin roots. She's quite a mouthful, though. If you must, choose Clarabelle.

Clarabelle- Slightly more subdued than Clarabella. For a slimmed-down version, try Claribel.

Claremont- My first thought is college--but as a high school senior, I have higher education on the brain. I like her sound, and I think she works.

Clarice- My association with this name is Clarice Bean, a funny childrens book series by Lauren Child. Clarice may be a little outdated, but she still fits in on the playground.

Clarinda- I know most of you will hate it, but I think Clarinda is pretty charming! I've explained my love of Lucinda before, I think -inda names are due for a comeback.

Clarion- Clarion is definitely the most contemporary name on this list. I think she's lovely.

Clarissa- Maybe it's her similarity to Melissa, or the '90s TV show Clarissa Explains it All, but I cannot picture her on a baby born in 2015.

Clarity- Clarity is a unique virtue name with an updated sound. Much better than Chastity.

Clary- She's a nickname, but I think Clary would also work well on her own. Maybe as a sister to Sadie?

Eclair- Does Eclair work as a name? She should work in theory--it's only one extra syllable to the name Claire--but she still seems a little off.

Montclair- Switch around Claremont, and you've got Montclair. I could see this one working on a boy.

Sinclair- Another Claire name that swings masculine is Sinclair. He has a sauve, old-timey feel that I love.

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