Wednesday, January 21, 2015

10 Q Names You Never Thought of Using: Boys

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When are Q names going to become a trend? We've had X's and O's, I think Q's turn is coming up. Let's stay ahead of the curve, and look at some rad Q names for boys.

Quaid- Sure, he's a celebrity surname, but we Americans have proven we aren't opposed to that. In fact, how about a celebrity surname sibset? I like the sound of Quaid and Keaton together. Not a movie buff? Spell it Quade.

Quain- Quain is a similar, but softer version of Quaid. Plus, he shares sounds with other trendy names like Zane, Kayne, and Reign.

Quennell- This French surname means "little oak tree," and sounds incredibly smart. Maybe it's that -nell ending he shares with some top colleges (Cornell, Bucknell, Grinnell, etc.). A baby named Quennell is destined for genius.

Quill- How amazing would it be if an author named their son Quill? Answer: Totally awesome. He's even great in the middle (and you don't have to be an author to use him).

Quillan- Is Quill too nickname-y for your taste? Try Quillan. Now he has a stylish ending, and a rad nickname.

Quiller- Or you could go with Quiller! He's similar in concept to Quillan, but he might be a better fit for your family.

Quimby- Any Ramona fans out there? Her surname would be great on a little boy (or girl), and you can read the books together.

Quince- Quince is one of the better Shakespearean names out there. He's short, peppy, and much more accessible than Horatio or Othello.

Quinlan- If you're in need of a Quinn name beyond Quentin, Quinlan's your man. They're so similar, it's silly that no one is using him.

Quito- We love place names, but I haven't heard of anyone named Quito. The capital of Ecuador would be a great name to honor your heritage.

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