Wednesday, July 30, 2014

10 G Names You Never Thought of Using: Girls

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G is one of those letters that offers so many unique names. G is often seen as a more masculine letter, which means there are tons of overlooked options for girls. Take a look, and tell me your opinion.

Gaeta- A pretty name that is slim, yet ultra-feminine.

Galilee- Fun, spunky, and upbeat. Many parents would choose this name for her uniqueness, but if you want a more conventional nickname, she lends herself to Lily.

Galina-Spelled Galena she's an Illinois place name (ski destination), but Galina is definitely the prettier spelling.

Garnet- This January gemstone makes the perfect name for a boy or girl born any month of the year.

Genoa- A sweet, interesting way to get to everyone's latest name crush: Noa.

Georgiana- She's a big name for a little girl, but with her length comes plenty of nickname opportunities. My favorites are Georgie, Georgia, and Gia.

Gioia- (JOY-uh) A more modern and understated way to represent the virtue Joy.

Glenna- Girly, without the frills. A nice way to honor a Glenn.

Greer- One of my favorite G names. More people need to use Greer.

Guinevere- She strikes me as the best alternative to Genevieve. Worried about nicknames? I once knew a girl called Guinnie.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Top Italian Names

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At the end of this week I will be jet-setting to Italy for two weeks! I am beyond excited, and to set the mood, I thought we would look at the top five names for each gender in Italy. The most recent data I could find was from 2012, but that shouldn't be too far off from this year's. Enjoy!

1. Sofia- Same top name as the U.S., just with the Latin spelling as opposed to the Greek.
2. Giulia- The Italian Julia. I think this spelling is more pretty, though I wouldn't use it in the U.S.
3. Giorgia- What a gorgeous name. The English equivalent, Georgia is on the rise in America.
4. Martina- Martina is so lovely, yet she is not even ranked in our top 1000. What's up with that?
5. Emma- She's not very Italian, but it's easy to see why she is so popular in so many countries.

1. Francesco- A romantic name that would work well on an American child. Also not in the top 1000.
2. Alessandro- You can't get more Italian than Alessandro.
3. Andrea- Considering this used to be a popular girl name in the U.S., I can't see this one working.
4. Lorenzo- A really cool way to honor a Lawrence. His popularity at 237 remains steady.
5. Matteo- A popular American celebrity baby name, often paired with Luca. Image Credit

Friday, July 25, 2014

H Surnames for Boys

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Surnames are very popular choices for boy's first names, and it's easy to see why. They are stylish, masculine, and sound great on any kid. The letter H is particularly popular, and offers some great choices. Take a look.

Harrison- Classic, getting to the point of feeling overused.
Hayden- I usually prefer unisex names on girls, but this one I find more masculine.
Henry- Timeless, he fits on any boy.
Hunter- Great choice for a rough-and-tumble little boy.

Harold- Retro-cool. I'm all for using Harold.
Harris- Slimmer version of Harrison. Harris lends himself to the fun nickname Harry.
Hayes- Short, preppy, and not very common at all. He only ranks at 608.
Howard- Still dated, but Howard could make a comeback in the near future.

Unheard of:
Hamilton- This presidential name might be a bit much for a baby. Maybe stick him in the middle.
Harvey- I'm very partial to this name. I would love to see more people using Harvey.
Howell- He's the most dated of the list, but that's no reason not to use a great name like Howell.
Hughes- An Irish surname that you don't often see as a first. He's definitely useable.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

10 F Names You Never Thought of Using: Boys

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Like I said last week, F names are my fave. There are so many undiscovered F names for boys that would be great on modern babies. None of the names on today's list are in the top 1000, so take hold of these unknown baby names.

Fagen- A surname that would be perfect on most any baby boy. He can also be spelled Fagin.

Fairfax- A stylish, preppy name that ends in X. How has no one discovered this one yet?

Fargo- He's two syllables and ends in O. Seemingly perfect, until you take into account the crime based movie and now TV show. Had the TV show not come out this year I would have deemed this one useable, but I might give him a few years.

Fenno- A truly unusual name that would sound right at home on an American baby boy.

Field- Field makes the perfect modern word name, and would be very nice if one of the parents has a connection to sports. For a surname variation, try Fielder.

Finch- So, you're a bird lover and you want to use the nickname Finn? I'd say Finch is the name for you.

Fiske- A brisk name. The only problem I see with this name is that it might be confused with the word frisk. Use him at you're own risk.

Florian- At first glance he seems kind of feminine, but with names such as Lucian becoming trendy, why not?

Fort- Similar in style and feel to up and comers like Cannon and Gunner.

Frey- Grey is a nice name, but he's getting so popular. Use Frey instead (plus, it honors any Freyas in your life!).

Monday, July 21, 2014

Full Names for Genie

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I've been hearing a lot about the name Genie recently. She's a fun, spunky, magical nickname that many parents overlook. So, if you've been crushing on Genie lately, and need a full name to go with it, I have the list for you.

Eugenie- A royal name with Genie right inside.
Genevieve- Quintessential Gen- name of today. Using Genie would make her stand out.
Imogene- If Immy and Idgie are too British for you, go with Genie.

Genesis- Think Genesis has no modern nicknames? Think again.
Geneva- A lush, ethereal name. She needs no nickname, but use one if you must.
Imogen- Current hipster favorite. More stylish than her sister Imogene, and gets to Genie (almost) as well.

Unheard of:
Bergen- I'm not sure if this one works. Bergen has a hard G, so Genie is not intuitive, but if you are in desperate need of a nickname for Bergen, Genie would be my top choice.
Eugenia- She's so long, a nickname is almost a necessity. Genie would be super cute.
Genova- I personally prefer Geneva, but if you're looking for something slightly more obscure, I'd go with Genova.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Literary Names: Atonement

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I have just finished reading Atonement by Ian McEwan for my summer homework, and it is chock full of interesting names. The book takes place in WWII era, and the names were spot on. Some were rather surprising, including the main character's name, Briony. Take a look at the names and tell me what you think.



Wednesday, July 16, 2014

10 F Names You Never Thought of Using: Girls

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If I had to choose one letter to name all my kids with, it would be F. Frances is my number two name for girls, and I adore Frieda, Flora, Freya, and the like. However, none of those names made the list today, because I want to show you some more unusual appellations.

Faine- Short, sweet, and not too girly. That's a perfect name in my book.

Faustine- I first came across this name in my first name book. It intrigued me at the time, and I think it would be a lovely name. Unfortunately, some of my friends remarked it sounds a little like frosting. That doesn't have to be a bad thing.

Fenella- A beautiful name, and a great way to get to my number one, Nell.

Fia- Utterly gorgeous, yet super simple. You don't find names like that often. If she's too short for you, try her as a nickname for Sofia.

Flair- Is Blair too boring? Spice it up with Flair.

Flanna- (FLAH-nah)(rhymes with Lana) An exotic name with familiar sounds. Guaranteed to be the only one in her class, that is, if you don't call her Annie.

Fleur- More unexpected than Flora. Just don't use her as a sister for Flair.

Florida- Another Flora alternative, but this time a place name. Perfect choice if you want an unusual name that honors your childhood.

Franca- The German form of Frances. A more intuitive way to get the nickname Frankie.

France- Like short names? Slim down Frances to get France. Plus, she still gets the cutest nickname, Francie.

Freesia- A pretty pink flower that would make an ethereal choice for a baby daughter.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Full Names for Wells

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Could Wells be the new Will? It seems like he might be headed that way. His stylish British sound is gaining in popularity among celebrities. Too much for a first name? Try using Wells as a nickname for one of these.

Maxwell- A good choice, but people may be inclined to call him Max.
Rockwell- To Americans, the natural nickname seems like Rocky. Take a hint from the other side of the globe and use the more fashionable Wells instead.
Wellington- The name is a little bit clunky, but it's a way to get Wells from the front end.

Caldwell- He would make a perfect pick if you couldn't decide between Calder and Wells.
Howell- Slightly frumpy, but H surnames are in vogue.
Llewellyn- The -Ellyn makes him sound a bit feminine, but calling him Wells eliminates that.
William- From William we get Will and Wills, doesn't Wells seem like the next logical step? I vote yes.

Unheard of:
Hartwell- A great romantic name with two great nicknames, Hart and Wells.
Lowell- He's definitely the least stylish of the group, but if you want to use Wells, but need an L honor name, why not?
Powell- The awesome Portland bookstore makes this name infinitely more cool.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Preppy Names Part Two: Boys

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On Monday we looked at Preppy Names for Girls, and today it's the boys turn. In my opinion, it is easier to name a preppy boy than a preppy girl. There are just more options for boys. Take a look to see what I mean.


Wednesday, July 9, 2014

10 E Names You Never Thought of Using: Boys

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Vowel names are all the rage, but E names seem to be mostly for the girls. E names are great for boys too, infact, one of my favorite names is first on this list. Let me know what you think.

Eames- A super cool name with obvious namesakes. How awesome would this be on the child of an interior designer?

Eamon- A nice alternative to the ever-popular Aiden.

Eden- I know what you're thinking. Yes, Eden is a unisex name. You can pronounce it the same way you do for girls, but the ED-en pronunciation is more masculine.

Egan- An upbeat Irish surname that is seldom heard as a first name.

Elm- Nature names are very in, so why not try Elm? He's short, sweet, and to-the-point.

Emil- Is your name Emily, Emilia, or Emiliana? Channel the Smith family and name your son Emil.

Ennis- A masculine alternative to the softer Ellis.

Estes- A simple way to honor Grandpa Esteban that also has literary ties.
Everard- If you're stuck between Everett and Edward, Everard might be the perfect name for you.

Everest- There might be some high expectations with this name, but he's an interesting alternative to Everett.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Preppy Names Part One: Girls

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Preppiness is something I come in contact with a lot. At my high school, it's considered very stylish to be "preppy." It's not my style, but considering that so many young people identify as preppy, I thought I'd come up with a list of baby names to match their look. Check back on Friday for part two.


Wednesday, July 2, 2014

10 E Names You Never Thought of Using: Girls

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E is such a popular letter to begin girls names with. There are seven of them in the top 100. There's a reason E names are so trendy, so many of them are gorgeous. So if you're over Emma and Eva (or even Eloise for that matter) take a look at this list of E names for girls, none of which are in the top 1000.

Early- This word name would be so sweet on a little girl, and it's a pretty way to honor an Earl.

Effie- Cute and spunky. She doesn't need Euphemia to be a full form, use Effie on her own.

Electra- Very electric (hah). This is the Greek version, but for a slightly softer form try the Italian Elettra.

Elke- I've adored Elke ever since Emily of The Beetle Shack used it for her daughter. She's actually a form of Adelheid, which makes her a good choice if you need to honor a Heidi or Adele.

Elspeth- One of the most beautiful variations of Elizabeth. She's a great way to get to Elsie.

Eluned- A name you almost never hear. Perfect if you want a creative way to use the nickname Luna.

Emmanuelle- At first glance she seems like a little much, but she offers a wealth of nickname possibilities. Use Emma or Elle for something classic, or Manny or Nell for something less common.

Enid- Most people consider this an "ugly" name, but all I can think of is Enid Coleslaw from Ghost World. And if she's not a worthy namesake then who is?

Eugenie- Sharing your name with a real life princess? That's something many little girls dream of. Plus Genie makes an unexpected retro-sounding nickname.

Eulalie- She's so charming and sweet, yet non-name-nerds haven't heard of her. I prefer just Eulalie, but if you need something a little more sugary sweet go with Eulalia.

*That's all for this week, as Friday is a holiday. Happy 4th of July everybody!*