Monday, January 26, 2015

Full Names for Connie

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I've always liked the name Connie. She's cute, unusual, and vintage. It's a little surprising we don't hear more of her. There are many beautiful names that lead to Connie, if you don't want to use her as is. Take a look.

Beacon- I think Beacon will be among the next generation of word names. She would wear well on a celebrity baby. The obvious nickname is Bea, but Connie is a little more interesting.

Constance- Constance is a beautiful virtue name. Some would argue she's outdated, but I think a baby Constance would be charming.

Constantia- If you think Constance is too archaic, try Constantia. She has a more updated sound, and a lot of flair. Connie makes the perfect nickname for her.

Contessa- Contessa is absolutely gorgeous, and with the popularity of Tessa, I'm surprised that she's rarely used. Contessa is most popular in the Philippines currently, and ranks at #4266 in the United States

Consuela- Even less popular than Contessa is Consuela. Fewer than five American babies were given this name last year. She does sound a little dowdy, but Connie freshens her up.

Cornelia- When I was younger, I loved Cornelia nickname Connie. I think I heard the name in a book somewhere, so I always have a soft spot for her.

Cornell- This collegiate name is most popular for boys, but the nicknames Connie and Nell make it viable for girls.

Cornella- That being said, Cornella might be a better option. She is awfully close to Cornelia though, and people will likely confuse the two names.

Corona- I talked about Corona earlier this month, and I stand by what I said, "Pick a name not associated with an alcoholic beverage, or put her in the middle."

Corrine- Corrine might not be the first full name for Connie you think of, but she definitely works. And besides, Connie is much cuter (and more current) than Cory.

Courtney- Courtney is obviously a mom name, but that doesn't mean she's off limits. Especially if you're using Courtney as an honor name, Connie is a distinct, yet close enough diminutive.

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  1. I really like Cornelia and Corrine -- great suggestions if you really like Connie but Constance just isn't your thing.