Wednesday, April 6, 2016

10 Armenian Names You Never Thought of Using: Girls

Tasha Mozgodum via Dribbble
I hate to break it to you, but Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe aren't Armenian names. However, that's about the breadth of most Americans' knowledge on the subject. Let's change that, shall we? I've got 10 great Armenian names for girls today--all of them would be equally stunning on an Armenian-American (or any!) baby.

Aghavni- Callum, Paloma, Jemima--add Aghavni to the list of names meaning "dove." This gorgeous Armenian name fits her peaceful harbinger definition. Aghavni definitely embodies a tranquil spirit.

Anahid- Anahid comes from the Persian mythological name Anahita--the goddess of fertility, healing, wisdom, and water. Anahid is typically used in Western Armenia, while Anahit is more common in Eastern Armenia. Both are quite common in their preferred regions.

Anoush- Anoush is a very charming name (and in fact means "sweet"). With the similar-sounding Anouk gaining favor among taste-makers and trendsetters, Anoush (or her alternate spelling Anush) seems like a top-notch alternative. For all you music-enthusiasts, Anoush is the name of a 1912 opera by Armen Tigranian.

Arda- Arda is a Hebrew-Armenian unisex name, although, if you're going to use it on an American baby, it might be best on a daughter. It's also used in Turkey, but as a strictly male name. One famous historical Arda is Arda of Armenia, Queen of Jerusalem.

Lusine- Lusine is a stunning name that would be just perfect on a 2016 baby. She's a very creative way to get to the every-girl nickname Lucy--much more unexpected compared to Lucille and Lucia. Lusine means "moon," and can also be spelled Lucine.

Maral- The lovely Armenian name Maral means deer, as in the Caspian Red Deer that is native to Armenia. That makes Capsian or Casper a fun brother name, or, if you're into anagrams, how about Lamar?

Shoushan- As you may be able to tell, Shoushan shares roots with such names as Shoshana and Susan. Like her sisters, she means "lily," making Shoushan the perfect name for a springtime daughter.

Siran- Siran is a diminutive of Siranush--both great names, but the slimmer Siran strikes me as more American-friendly. This Armenian-beauty's meaning is one of my favorite words--"lovely!" Obviously, that makes me a big fan of Siran.

Taline- Taline comes from Talin--the name of an Armenian town which houses a famous monastery of the same name. Her meaning is technically unknown, although many consider it simply to be "Talin, the Armenian town."

Zabel- In these days of Isabella and Isabel, why not pick something a little different? Zabel is a fantastic option. She's the Armenian form of Isabel, but stands well on her own (however, if you prefer her as a nickname, how about Elizabeth or Jezebel as the full form?). Her zippy Z beginning is lively and fun, and for a fashionable variation, she can be spelled Zabelle.


  1. I'm a big fan of Arda. It's also sort of a literary name since it is the name for the earth in Lord of the Rings. I also LOVE Zabel, I've heard tons of different forms of Isabel, but this one has to be my favourite.

    I really enjoy seeing names from other cultures, and so many of them would make awesome baby names for North Americans as well, especially because they are so unique :)

    1. I never read Lord of the Rings, but I could definitely see Arda being a great name for fans (especially since most of the names from the series are somewhat unusable in the US). Zabel is so sweet. I've been loving Z names for girls lately, so I was thrilled to discover her. I'm glad you enjoy seeing names from other cultures! I'm fascinated by them as well--most names that are profiled on other sites are very Euro-centric, and I want to do my part in diversifying peoples' perspectives.