Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Fashion Trends as Names

Recently I was thinking about some of the latest fashion trends, and some of them could work well as (possibly guilty pleasure) names.


Bow(e)- Spell it Beau and it's a boy's name, but Bowe (especially with that e) would be lovely on a little girl.
Coral- The color coral was big this summer. The name Coral is about ready for a comeback, it is vintage and oh so sweet.
Dot- As in the Polka Dot. She is cute as a nickname for Dorothy, or even on her own.
Floral- Rhymes with the antique Laurel, but a bit more spunky.
Peplum- A style of shirt, Peplum comes with the fabulous nicknames of either Peppy (a la Peppy Miller) or the lovely Plum.


Jack- As in England's Union Jack, a popular pattern this year. Jack is short and sweet, but a little too popular.
Plaid- Plaid would make a daring middle name for a little boy.
Neon- Close to Neo, but a bit more bright!
Oxford- This shoe style would make a smart and quirky name for a boy.
Tribal- Tribal patterns were all the rage this year. With the nickname Tribe, it fits in with the short, masculine names.


Chevron- Chevron stripes are very trendy, and it could make a great unisex name.
Navy- The dark blue hue of Fall 2012 would make an appealing choice for a girl or boy.

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