Monday, September 29, 2014

Full Names for Jette

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Jette's a pretty cool nickname. But she definitely is a nickname. Even I, the queen of using nicknames as full names, think that Jette needs a longer form. Everyone's favorite baby name vlogger Stephanie named her daughter Juliette (called Jette) back in 2013, and since then I've been hearing quite a lot about Jette. But maybe Juliette's not your style. That's okay, because there are plenty of other choices when it comes to the nickname Jette.

Jeanette- Definitely dated, but with the nickname Jette, it can be a nice (yet still fashionable) way to honor your relatives.
Juliette- Romantic and sweet, with a hint of princess.

Georgette- She's not quite ready for a comeback, but I have a feeling Georgette could be rather cute if called Georgie or Jette.
Jetta- I talked about Jetta in last weeks post about J names for girls. She's the most straightforward way to get to Jette, but doesn't need to be shortened.

Unheard of:
Josette- She lends herself to Josie, but if you want something a little more rough-and-tumble, Jette is your girl.
Junette- If you're desperate for a name that honors Grandma June and has a nickname like Jette, I say go for it. Otherwise, there are better choices on this list.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Share a Coke Names: Part Two

Might as well go with Nell ;) Make one here.
Okay, back for more. To do this post, I looked at all the names they sold in stores in the UK. Turns out it's a lot more. Like, almost five times as more. It took a long time to get all this data, but I've got some interesting observations for you guys. I'm going to list all 1,146 (!) names after the jump, then we can talk about them.
My hand hurt after writing seven pages of this.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

10 J Names You Never Thought of Using: Girls

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Finally, no more I names. J is an easy letter to work with, there are so many names that begin with it. If you're looking for something a little more offbeat, I suggest you try this list. We've got an interesting group today.

Jacinta- Pronounced with an H sound as opposed to a J, Jacinta is the Spanish word for hyacinth.

Jalila- A cute and unique way to get to the nickname Lila.

Janna- You could pronounce her (YAH-nuh) or (JAN-uh), but if you choose the former be prepared for some confusion. If you happen to like that pronunciation, Iana gets the point across more clearly.

Jean- I get it, she seems dated. But if everyone's going gaga over Jane, it's not unreasonable to think Jean would be the next step. It feels refreshing on a baby girl.

Jemsa- She sounds very British to my ear. Half Gemma, half Elsa, how can you go wrong?

Jetta- Jette is pretty stylish as a nickname, but if you don't like Juliette, what are you to do? Jetta sounds a bit more tough but can still be called Jette, so it's perfect.

Jocasta- She's one of the few Jo- names that sounds super fresh. Perfect for honoring Aunt Joanna or Grandma Joan.

Joss- Yes, Joss can be a girl name, too. You could use her as a nickname for Jocelyn, but I'm also fond of her by herself.

Jules- Much spunkier than Julia or Juliet.

July- July has been snubbed as a month name. She's fun, quirky, and perfect for any time of the year.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Share a Coke Names: Part One

I made this here.
I'm sure you guys are familiar with the Share a Coke campaign. It's a great marketing scheme, not only because they get free advertising with every Instagrammed bottle, but because people go crazy for stuff with their names on it. While you can put any name on your coke if you order it online, only certain names are sold in store. Here in America, they chose 250 names to be a part of that group. I recorded them all, so I will list them below, then we will talk about hits and misses. It's all after the jump.
Disclaimer: This is not sponsored by the Coca Cola company. I actually don't like soda. At all.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Modern Virtue Names for Girls

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Charity? Chastity? Patience? Yeah, I don't think those qualify as modern. Many parents desire virtue names, but only know of names like the ones I listed above. Fortunately there are so many great options for girls these days. Last week we did the boys, so now it's time for the (much longer) girls list. Let me know if you would use any of these, or if I missed some.

Amity- Beautiful. She's obviously a virtue choice without being over the top.

Comfort- A little bit wordy, but I've seen people with this name, and it is definitely useable.

Divinity- If you want a name that reflects your religion without being too obvious, Divinity is a good choice.

Dream- Such a pretty word name. I'm surprised it hasn't been a celebrity baby name yet.

Faith- This one is starting to sound a little dated, but still works for the modern girl (unlike her sister Charity)

Fidelity- I really like this one. I love F names, and I think Fidelity has a gorgeous sound.

Grace- The most common virtue name. She's always pretty, but her overuse has caused Grace to lose some of the association with the virtue.

Heaven- I'm not a huge fan, but she's a better choice than Nevaeh (which didn't make the list).

Hero- You guys know I love Hero. She's perfect. Use her.

Holiday- Ooh, Holiday! She's not quite a virtue, but I think she fits with this list. No need to wait till December, I say use her whenever.

Honor- I know quite a few girls around my age named Honor. I prefer Honora, but both make great names for a daughter.

Hope- I think this one gets confusing with everyday language, but Hope is a lovely choice. She's pretty popular as a middle, so I think it's nicer to use her as a first name.

Imagine- I talked about this one last week. I think it's better on a girl, but again, stick her in the middle.

Joy- Super popular as a middle name, and a little dated for a first name. Nevertheless, she's still very useable, just don't name her sisters Hope and Faith. Please.

Karma- This is a fun one. Karma is a great name, and would be a perfect way to honor a Carmen or Carla.

Mercy- A nice name, but she will probably be serenaded a lot.

Serenity- A better choice than Tranquility. Serenity makes for a good pick if one partner likes virtue names and the other doesn't, because she shortens to the lovely Seren.

True- True is super cute, and definitely works on her own. She would also make a fun middle name.

Unity- One of the more popular U names. Uni is an adorable nickname.

Verity- Any name that ends in -ity is usually a virtue, and Verity is no exception. She's a lovely name, if you don't mind her lack of nickname options.

Virtue- Of course, why not just go with the word itself? Virtue can encompass all of these names and more, making her the ultimate virtue name.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

10 I Names You Never Thought of Using: Boys

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I'm not going to lie, this was a hard group. There aren't that many I names around, and it was difficult to find ones that would be useable. I did my best, so let know your opinion (would you really use any of these?).

Iago- Yes, he's the villain in Othello. But Iago is an awesome sounding name! He's nice and short, and ends in O.

Ib- Want a nickname for Jacob that's less obvious than Jake? Ib is your man. He's a great name, but even I think he's too short on his own.

Ibsen- Of course, Ib would make a great nickname for Ibsen. He's more substantial than his short form, and makes more sense for the birth certificate.

Ike- You know so many little Isaacs, but how many of them are called Ike? Probably none. That's why, if you must use Isaac (for whatever reason), you should call him by the retro-cool nickname Ike.

Ingram- Simple, cool, and unique. Plus, he comes with the sweet nickname Graham.

Inigo- You might get a few Princess Bride jokes, but that could be worth it to give your son a snazzy name like Inigo.

Innes- A Scottish surname with lots of appeal. He makes a great way to honor your heritage.

Ira- He may sound a little dated, but I can picture some little Iras running around in the near future. If it's twins, name his brother Ari for anagram appeal.

Iro- Okay, so Ira's not cool enough. Try Iro, he's a little more modern and exotic.

Italo- Last Italian name, I promise. Italo would be perfect as a middle name for an Italian-American child.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Full Names for Dot

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You guys, is Dot not the most adorable name ever? I can't get enough of her, and she's inching her way up my favorites list. I love Dot by herself, but I know many of you think she needs to be a nickname. So, I have compiled a list of possible fuller forms. Let me know what you think!

Dorothea- A very grand name. She's a bit of a style outlier for Americans, but Dot makes her more accessible.
Dorothy- I can't wait till Dorothy comes back into style. She has so many great nicknames, but Dot is forever my favorite.

Dortha- A slightly frumpier form of Dorothy. She's not my cup of tea.
Theodora- She doesn't lend herself to Dot as easily as Dorothy does, but all the letters are there, so why not? There aren't many Theodoras running around, but I bet the ones that are answer to Theo rather than Dot.
Theodosia- I read a book series about a girl named Theodosia when I was in middle school, so I have a soft spot for this name. It's always fun to read books about kids with your name, so start your daughter off with a collection of the books.

Unheard of:
Domitilla- The obvious nickname for Domitilla is Dom or Domi, but Dot is so much cuter.
Peridot- If you've been reading here for a while, you will know that I love Peridot. Half of the reason why I love her is because she's the coolest way to get to Dot (the other half is because she's totally rad).

Friday, September 12, 2014

Modern Virtue Names for Boys

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Virtue names are not too common for boys. Recently though, I've been hearing more of them. I think this list is really cool, these names are well suited for the modern boy. Tell me what you think.

Candor- Candor definitely sounds like a name. He ends in R, rhymes with Xander, so what's not to like? Plus, Candor is a great quality to promote in your son.

Imagine- So imagination isn't quite a virtue, but it should be. I feel like Imagine might be best suited to go in the middle spot, unless your kid is wildly creative.

Justice and Justus- These two are probably the most popular virtue names for boys. They are super cool no matter which spelling you pick (though I am more fond of Justice).

Noble- This is a step below naming your kid Royal (which is a legitimate name as well). I've never  heard this one as a first name, but I think he definitely works.

Paz and Pax- Pax is more popular as a nickname for Paxton, but either of these names would be just as great on their own. In Italy, peace is Pace (pronounced PAH-chey) with is nice as well.

Reason- This might be my least favorite on the list. It works, but just barely. If you really love this name I would stick him in the middle, for your child's sake.

Truth and True- I really like the name True, whether on his own, or as a nickname for Truman and the like. Truth takes it to the next level, and works better as a stand alone name.

Valor- If you're looking for a virtue name that also honors Aunt Valerie, I'd say Valor is your best (and only) bet. Lucky for you he's pretty rad.

Zeal- My favorite of the list. Zeal is a great virtue name, and gets bonus points for starting with the coveted letter Z. He's a sure winner.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

10 I Names You Never Thought of Using: Girls

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Everyone loves Imogen. She doesn't even rank in the top 1000, but she's Nameberry's most popular girl name. I love Imogen too, but she's gotten so much attention lately, that I don't know if would want to use her. Thankfully, I have a list of I names that are no where near as trendy. So take a look and tell me what you think.

Ida- Ooh, I adore Ida! I love her retro feel (and wouldn't she make a good sister for Nell?). More people should use this quirky favorite.
Inbar- What a gorgeous Israeli name. I think she would work really well in the states. She's perfect if you want to honor your heritage with a less common name.

Indra- Okay, so India is not too popular, but Indra makes a good alternative. I personally prefer her over India. I think Indra has more spunk.

Io- Ask any baby name fanatic to name a two letter name, and the answer you get will be Io. Granted, she's one of the only two letter names out there, but she's well talked about in the community. I love Io on her own, but if she's too short for you, try one of these next two.

Iola- She's heavy on the vowel sounds, but that L in the middle makes her sound extra feminine and fluid.

Ione- Ione is such a cool name, yet almost no one knows about her. You could also use Iona, which would be a fun way to honor a Fiona.

Inoa- Noa has been getting some attention as of late for being a cool option for girls. Inoa lets you use that nickname, while having a more feminine appellation to fall back on.

Isabeau- Another favorite in the baby name community. I hear about Isabeau all the time. She is a lovely choice, and the nickname Beau is extra adorable.

Isaura- This name reminds me of a medieval princess. She sounds regal and grand, and I can picture her on a girl of all ages.

Italia- Maybe it's because I just got back from Italy, but man! Italia seems like a wonderful name for a girl. Florence, Roman, and Milania are all well used, so why not Italia?

Monday, September 8, 2014

Nicknames for Eleanor

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Today I wanted to look at some nicknames for the classic Eleanor. She's a great choice, but ranks at 106. If you want your little Eleanor to stand out from the crowd, consider some of these nicknames.

Ella- She's number 15 on her own, so not the right choice if you want to avoid popularity.
Elle- I've been hearing Elle used more and more, thanks to Legally Blonde and Elle Fanning.
Ellie- Cute and classic nickname for Eleanor.

Nell- My favorite. She's short, sweet, simple, and unusual.
Nellie- This form is heard way more often than Nell. She sounds cutesy on a little girl, but if you want a nickname that ages well, go with the original.
Nora- Like Ella, she's more popular on her own than Eleanor is. I can't help but still love her.

Unheard of:
Lainey- A slight stretch, but considering Elaine and Eleanor are related, I think it works.
Lea- She's hidden right inside of Eleanor, but you don't hear her pronounced. Lea is still a great choice.
Lena- A cool pick right now, thanks to Lena Dunham.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Month Names: September

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Usually September means the start of fall, but here in Chicago it stays pretty hot all month. This is the last month to cherish summer before autumn hits us in October. September is the most popular month to have a baby, so many parents are probably scrambling to find the perfect name right about now. If you fall into that camp, take a look at this list containing names that would be great for your September baby.

Sapphire- A spunky name with potential. She reminds me of that song "Girl Put You Records On," which my mom used to play all the time when I was a kid.

Birth Flower:
Aster- Aster is an unusual flower name that is often overlooked. When people are looking for unique flower names, Aster is usually the first name I tell them.
Morning Glory- I don't suggest you name your child Morning Glory (Though I did have a teacher who gave her daughter the middle name Lily-of-the-Valley), but Glory is cute on her own.

Birth Colors:
Brown- Please don't name your baby Brown. If you want to make a connection to their birth month, use a shade of brown instead. I suggest Citrine, Cordovan, Fallow, Fawn, Isabelline, Rufous, Russet, Sepia, Sienna, Tawny, or Umber.

Star Sign:
Virgo- Virgo is not a great choice, but Virginia is.
Libra- Libra could definitely work as a name. She would make a cute middle for a late September born baby girl.

Related to September:
Autumn- September 1st is the meteorological first day of Autumn, which makes this a perfect name for a baby born on that day (or after).
Ember- She's the last five letters of September, but not an obvious choice.
Nona- September is the ninth month, and the adorable name Nona means nine. She'd be on my list if she didn't mean grandma in Italian.
Tess- September used to be referred to as the month of harvest, and Tess (and her counterparts) mean harvester. Perfect choice if you're looking to make an extremely subtle connection.

Of course you can always go ahead and use September as a name for either gender. It's not unheard of, and makes for a unique pick.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

10 H Names You Never Thought of Using: Boys

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H names for boys. I love them. The only problem is that they're so popular. Henry, Harrison, and Hunter are great names, just too widely used for my taste. That's where this list comes in. If you love H names but hate their popularity, use one of these ten.

Haco- Two syllables, starts in H and ends in O? Haco has all the components of a popular name, yet doesn't even make the top 1000. This is the kind of name parents kill to find, so have at it.

Hadriel- Part Adrian, part Ariel, Hadriel is a completely masculine (even though the two previous names are unisex) and totally rad.

Hal- I really love Hal. He's an old school nickname that would make a great sibling to Gus, Sid, and Max.

Hale- Hale is modern and fresh with a boy-next-door quality. Bonus points for naming his sister Leah.

Hanson- A cool surname with definite first name potential. He would make a great alternative to the rising Harrison.

Harp- I think Harper has officially gone to the girls. Want a way around that? Try Harp. This unisex name feels pretty masculine, and is not yet claimed by any gender.
Hart- He's similar to Harp, just a little more romantic. Hart is a great short name, but many elementary school boys might not be in favor of it.

Hartigan- Don't want to commit to Hart? Use the Irish surname Hartigan instead. He's upbeat and charming, plus, Hartigan's is the name of an ice cream shop in my city. Sweet.

Harvey- Yes, I'm bias. Harvey is the name of baby puppy. He ranks in the 600s, making him the most popular name on this list, but he's still widely underused. And you know what? Now that I think about it, Harvey would make a great sibling for Hal, too.

Hewitt- Darn. Your sister just named her baby Hugo after beloved grandpa Hugh. Now how are you supposed to honor him? Hewitt. He's completely different and scarcely used. Just make sure his nickname is Witt, not Huey.

Holmes- Want a great hero name? Holmes is the answer. He's very culturally relevant right now, which is my only worry. Will he sound weird in thirty years?

Howell- I talked about Howell recently in my Full Names for Wells post. I think he's a great choice. With the nickname Wells, you really can't go wrong.