Friday, May 29, 2015

Same Meaning Sibsets: Part Three

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Hello everyone! I have some more same meaning sibsets for you today. If you are into meanings of names, this can be a fun way to coordinate sibsets. Take a look.

Albert + Clara
Electra, Phaedra, + Xavier
Eileen, Robert + Shirley
Yelena + Ziva

Aster, + Seren
Svetlana + Vesper
Esther, Roxanna, + Stella

Elke + Freja
Alvin, Eugene, + Ethel
Keefe + Oberon
Allison, Grady, + Patrick
Adele, Alice, + Audrey

Amina, Fidel + Saladin
Minette + Vera

Allen + Beale
Kenneth + Kevin
Bo + Irwin
Hassan + Jamal

Justin + McKinley
Banning, Finley, + Venn

*Note: Some names may appear on lists for different meanings due to multiple meanings or meanings with more than one part.*

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

10 Z Names You Never Thought of Using: Girls

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We're down to our last letter. Today's post is the penultimate of this (over a year long) series. Enjoy, and as always, let me know what you think.

Zadie- Zadie's been on my favorites list for a few years now. She's a spunky form of Sadie, so you could use her as a nickname for Sarah if you like.

Zahara- Zahara is both a Hebrew and a Swahili name, meaning "to shine" and "flower," respectively. She experienced a sharp rise in popularity after Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt gave it to their daughter, but still only ranks at #1569.

Zailie- Although she's typically a nickname for Azalea or Zelia, Zailie could definitely be worn on her own. She's similar in style to Lily, but does require a bit of a braver namer.

Zanna- Zanna is a diminutive of Susanna, and also the Polish form of Jane. She's one of the more tame names on this list, if you prefer something no too out there.

Zea- The Latin name Zea (ZAY-uh) is perfect for parents looking for a name that's unusual but usable. As a short and cute Z name, she makes a great alternative to the increasingly more popular Zoey.

Zella- Add a Z onto Ella and you have a completely new, very striking name. Zella is an African name that could be easily worn on an American baby. Plus, her similarity to Ella and Bella makes her right on trend.

Zelma- Zelma may be an old lady name, but she has serious style. She sounds the more current than her sound-alikes (Selma, Thelma, Velma), thanks to that Z. I've met a little girl named Zelma before, and trust me, it's very wearable.

Zinnia- Zinnia is one of the unexpected flower names I absolutely adore. She's bold and bright, plus Zinnie is a cute nickname.

Zora- Zora means "dawn," so she'd be especially adorable on an early morning baby. Author Zora Neale Hurston makes a wonderful namesake.

Zosia- Zosia is perhaps most well known as the name of David Mamet's daughter, who plays Shoshana on HBO's Girls. She's a variant of Sophia, and is pronounced to rhyme with Sasha.

Monday, May 25, 2015

W Surname Names: Part One

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Americans love surname names, and it's easy to see why. Surnames make great honor names (and often work to honor more than one person). And popular endings like -on and -er make these sound especially trendy. Here I've listed ten W surnames that would work well on a baby--part two to come next Monday.

Wagner- One of the most popular surnames in the United States, Wagner would make a wonderful first name for a son

Walden- Walden isn't just reserved for Henry David Thoreau fans--he's a good heritage choice. He is an Old English name meaning "from the Welshman's hill," perfect for families of English and Welsh descent.

Wallace- Wallace is definitely old man chic, but the nickname Wally makes him more accessible for a little guy. If you like it for a girl, Wallis is the more traditional spelling.

Warner- Warner is a strong German surname that is currently most popular in Costa Rica (who would have guessed?). He's only at #2159 in the U.S., so if you're looking for a more unusual surname name, Warner should go on your list.

Warren- Ooh, Warren is one of my top favorites for boys. He's super sweet, plus the name for a group of bunnies is called a warren--how cute!

Watson- With all the Sherlock Holmes franchises currently out there, it's surprising parents haven't taken notice of Watson. He is a nicknameless name, which is a plus for many parents out there.

Webb- I for one am a huge fan of short names--and I know many of you guys are too! As a short name lover, it can be hard to jump on the surnames trend, but Webb is one I love.

Weber- A slight elaboration of Webb is Weber, another lovely pick for a son. If you like Webb but want a more substantial name, Weber could be the perfect solution.

Webster- Of course, there's always Webster as well. He's definitely a cool name, just be prepared for some dictionary jokes.

Westcott- Wes- names are very in right now, but Westcott seems to have gone undiscovered. Put Westcott on your radar screen, especially if you need a clever way to honor a Scott.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Directional Names

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Directional names have been hopping up the charts lately. Which ones are your favorites?

Norbert (Northerner)

Dacey (from the South)
Sutton (from the Southern homestead)

Aston (Eastern settlement)

Sefarina (from a Western island)
Zephyr (Western wind)

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

10 Y Names You Never Thought of Using: Boys

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Last week's list featured many historic Mediterranean gems. This week's list looks like the class list for a Northeastern prep school. Well, for the most part. Maybe not Yosemite.

Yale- I mean, you can't get much preppier than Yale. Just make sure he doesn't feel like he has to live up to his name.

Yancy- Yancy may sound like an upper-crust British name, but he actually also has Native American roots. The Native American version Yancey means "yankee," while the British name means "son of Jan."

Yannick- Yannick is a French name that arrived in the U.S. around 1980. He's currently at an all time American high, sitting pretty at #2902. Yannick is a form of John, and would make an interesting way to get to Nick. Other spellings include Yanick and Yannic.

Yarden- Ooh, Yarden is my favorite of today's list. This Hebrew name has ties to rivers and gardens, which I think is lovely. Fun fact: the name Jordan stems from Yarden.

Yeats- Yeats (which rhymes with and means "gates") is the perfect name for the son of poetry lovers. Poet William Butler Yeats is Irish, while his surname hails from England.

Yoel- The Hebrew form of Joel has a much more modern and pleasing sound. He's at #1507 in America, but is trendier in Israel and Spanish speaking countries.

Yonah- At #135, Jonah is a pretty popular name. That's why it's surprising to see that Yonah, the name he came from, is all the way down at #3195. I was expecting top 1500, at least. I mean, even Yannick is more popular. Yonah has everything modern parents are looking for in a boys name--he's short, soft, and ends in -ah. What's not to like?

York- Whether you live in NYC, or just love peppermint patties, York is a great name to have on the list. He's concise but strong--a deadly combination.

Yosemite- I did say these were names you never thought of using. If you're a fan of national parks or love Yosemite Sam, this could work for you. Maybe just as a middle though.

Yule- And, we're back to preppy names. Yule is probably best for a Christmastime baby, but that shouldn't stop you from using him in May (or any month).

Monday, May 18, 2015

Full Names for Bert

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I'm ready for Bert to make a comeback. If not this generation, then hopefully the next. Bert is a great choice if you want to stay ahead of the curve, style wise. He's vintage, handsome, and very charming. If you like Bert or Bertie, here is a list of delightfully old-school full names.

Albert- Albert peaked in 1910 at #14, which means he should have come back in style approximately five years ago. He's currently at #421, while similar name Alberto is at #474. Either one is a cute and not so popular option for the nickname Bert.

Bertell- You would have to be a brave namer to use Bertell. He's quite antiquated, but using Bert makes him usable.

Bertram- Bertram is another oldie who hasn't quite shaken off the dust. This German name might sound a little harsh to American parents, especially in this age of liquidy, vowel-heavy names.

Calbert- Calbert has a much more modern sound. Cal- names are currently in vogue, so that's no surprise. Cal or Bert would be wonderful nicknames.

Elbert- Switch one letter of Albert, and you have a name with a completely different feel. Elbert does not give off the same strong masculine vibes as Albert, and--dare I say--seems a bit more nerdy.

Filbert- Filbert (and brother Philbert) have never ranked in the top 1000, and were each given to fewer than five children last year. So, it's safe to say that if you name your son Filbert, he might never encounter another one.

Gilbert- Much better than Filbert (in my opinion) is Gilbert. Gil is a very sweet nickname, as is Bert. He's one to consider.

Herbert- I'm partial to Herbert, as it's a family name, but I could see him making a comeback. With nickname options like Herb, Herbie, and Bert, how could you not love Herbert?

Hubert- Hubert falls into the same category as Herbert. Hugh or Hughie? Swoon.

Norbert- Norbert could use a few more years to warm up to American ears. According to the 100 year rule, that should be in about 7 years, so watch out for baby Norberts in 2022.

Robert- Robert is the classic choice for a full name for Bert. I've heard some people say they think Robbie might be the next big nickname for Robert, but I've got my eye on Bert.

Talbert- Talbert is an extremely rare name of unknown origin or meaning (anyone know?). That makes him a great name for a future spy.

Umberto- Umberto, or the more modern Uberto could easily be worn in 2015.  I talked about them a few months ago in my post 10 U Names You Never Thought of Using: Boys.

Wilbert- Love Bert, but need to honor a William? Use Wilbert. He's cute, quirky, and lovable.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Rainbow Sibsets: Part Two

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Last Friday we discussed some fun sibsets made entirely out of color names. What did you guys think? Would you ever consider a name theme like that for your children? I'm not so sure I would. Here's part two for some more inspiration.

Hazel, Magnolia, May, Pearl, and Ruby
Green, White, Green, White, Red

Cameo, Prune, Quartz, Rufous
Pink, Purple, Grey, Red

Ash, Celeste, Iris, Jasper, and Violet
Grey, Blue, Blue, Orange, Purple

Azure, Capri, India, and Marigold
Blue, Blue, Green, Yellow

Lilac, Moss, Saffron, Sage, and Wisteria
Purple, Green, Yellow, Green, Purple

Jordy, Kobi, and Lincoln
Blue, Pink, Green

Carnelian, Citron, and Fuchsia
Red, Green, Pink

Fallow, Pine, and Sea
Brown, Green, Green

Amber, Cerise, and Diamond
Yellow, Pink, White

Fern, Laurel, and Lavender
Green, Green, Purple

Celestial, Magenta, and Royal
Blue, Pink, Blue

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

10 Y Names You Never Thought of Using: Girls

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Though it may not seem like it, there are actually so many great Y names for girls. In fact, it was difficult to edit my list down to ten. Take a look, and as always, let me know what you think.

Yael- Yael is a Hebrew name that is currently used for girls only 28% of the time. On the boys list he's #864, but she doesn't rank on the girls list. Yael is pronounced (yah-ELL), making it a viable contender for either gender. As a bonus, Yael means mountain goat, which is adorable.

Yamelia- Yamelia is a variation of Amelia that is decidedly less vintage, more urban. She's a good choice if you're looking for something out of the box, but that sounds trendy. But beware, she will get mistaken for Amelia. A lot.

Yani- If you want a name that's cute, perky, and unusual, put Yani on your list. She's originally a diminutive of Yana, but she could also be a nickname for Yaneli, Yaneth, Yanina, Yanira, or Yanitza.

Yara- Yara (alternate spellings: Yarra or Yarah) is a super sweet Arabic name meaning "small butterfly." Many Sarahs and Saras are now becoming moms--Yara would make a wonderful honor name.

Yarrow- One of the top baby name endings of the year was -ow and -owe, but Yarrow remains undiscovered. This unisex herb name would fit right in at any 2015 playground.

Yelena- Helena is a beautiful name that people--especially those in the baby name community--seem to love. Yelena is not much different, but hasn't caught on in the same way. She currently sits at #3363 on the charts (a step above Abbigayle). She's much more popular in Kazakhstan and Russia.

Yonit- Yonit is a simple, tailored, not-overly-girly Hebrew name. She's so unique that it's hard to even find information about her. She does share roots with Jonah, suggesting she means dove. One notable Yonit is Yonit Levi, and Israeli TV producer.

Yosebe- Perhaps even more scarce than Yonit is Yosebe. She's an ancient variation of Josephine, so Yosie or even Josie would be darling nicknames. If your goal is to find a rare Hebrew name for a daughter, Yosebe is your girl.

Yuki- Yuki is just such a happy name. I can't help but smile when thinking about her. She's a Japanese name (meaning "snow") that everyone is familiar with, yet almost no one uses. If you have Japanese heritage, Yuki is one for the list.

Yulia- Like Tulia, Yulia is an excellent substitute for Julia. She is the Armenian and Russian form of Julia, along with Iuliya and Yulya.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Similar Usage Stats: Noah

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A few months ago, I talked about what names were similar in popularity to Sophia throughout the ages. Today, I thought we look at the most popular boys name, Noah. In 2013, Noah was used for 0.9043% of all baby boys (that's less than Sophia!). Take a look to see what names resemble Noah's popularity.

2005, Joseph (9)

1995, Jonathan (23)

1985, Thomas (25)

1975, Charles (25)

1965, Eric (25)

1955, Edward (25)

1945, Jerry (20)

1935, Raymond (17)

1925, Henry (18)

1915, Harry (19)

1905, Fred (18)

1895, Clarence (17)

1885, Albert (16)

It looks like we've gotten more unique in our boy name choices in the past few decades. A name that was given to 0.9% of baby boys went from being in the mid-twenties to the top ten. That's pretty major. 100 years ago, Harry shared similar popularity to Noah. Does that mean Harry is ready for a comeback? I think 2015 could be the year.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Rainbow Sibsets: Part One

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Color names are so fun, and no doubt, someone out there has a color themed sibset. Stuff like this can get a little bit gimmick-y, but not if you do it in the right way. Let me show you what I mean.

Catalina, Charleston, Isabelline, Peridot, and Scarlet
Blue, Green, White, Green, Red

Ciel, Dune, and Snow
Blue, Brown, White

Lace, Olive, Plum, and Rose
White, Green, Purple, Pink

Jasmine, Kelly, Tiffany, and Veronica
Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple

Cyan, Emerald, and Sienna
Blue, Green, Orange

Cordovan, Crimson, and Rackley
Brown, Red, Blue

Coral, Fern, Forest, Mauve, and Myrtle
Pink, Green, Green, Purple, Green

Liberty, Navy, and Vale
Blue, Blue, Pink

Carmine, Roman, and Umber
Red, Grey, Brown

Copper, Jet, Russet, and Slate
Red, Black, Red, Grey

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

10 X Names You Never Thought of Using: Boys

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I'm not going to lie--this one was hard. It's difficult enough to think of ten X names off the top of my head. To find ten that people would want to use? Oh boy.

Xan- We're starting off mild. Xan is not unheard of as a nickname for Alexander and the like, but I've never seen him used as a full name. He might not have quite enough substance for most parents, but he has a lot of potential for a short middle name.

Xanto- Xanto (ZHAN-tow) is a form of the Greek Xanthos. This Anglicized version would make a subtle way to honor Greek heritage.

Xavi- How many Xavis have you met? I know three, which seems like a disproportionate amount. He can be pronounced (HAH-vie) or (ZHAH-vie), so take your pick (though the former is slightly more popular).

Xavian- Xavian is a big mystery. He doesn't have a known meaning or origin, though we do know that he came into existence sometime in the mid 1980s. Not surprisingly, he follows a population curve similar to Xavier's--the name which he probably stemmed from.

Xaviell- One part Xavier, one part Dashiell--is that a recipe for success? So far, no--but let's chalk it up to lack of exposure. Who knows? Xaviell could be the next big thing.

Xaviero- Xaviero is a form of the Spanish Javier, which means "bright." The beginning in X, ending in O combination certainly packs a punch--making Xaviero a very alluring name.

Xavon- Like many of the others on this list, Xavon comes from the most popular X name, Xavier. He's an intriguing option, but I can't seem to find a definitive pronunciation. (HAY-von)? (ZAY-von)? (huh-VON)?

Xev- You all know how much I love short names, so it should be no surprise that Xev is my favorite of this list. He'd be perfect for honoring a Kevin (which is almost a grandpa name). Possible full name option: Xever.

Xerxes- Go big or go home. If you have that kind of attitude, might I suggest Xerxes for a baby name? This ancient Greek name is not for the faint of heart.

Xion- Xion is a variation of (the much more popular than I thought) Zion (#235). He has Hebrew origins, and means "Heaven." Which spelling do you prefer? I kind of like the X.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Names for a Fourth Born

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Hooray! Yesterday, S, My Name is Sophie turned four! To celebrate, we are going to look at names that mean four--perfect for a fourth born child.

Anana- Anana is an African name meaning "fourth born." Ana or Annie would be sweet nicknames.

Chatura- If you are looking for a lovely Indian name for your fourth born daughter, Chatura is the one for you. In my opinion, she could easily be worn on an American baby.

Cuarto- Cuarto means "fourth" in Spanish, and would make a fun middle name for a boy or a girl. If you're brave enough, Cuarto could even be a first name.

Delta- Delta is the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet, and a recent celebrity baby name. All that makes her a subtle and fashionable choice for your fourth born.

Quade- Quade is the Latin word for four, and always on my list of suggestions for Q names. In fact, I talked more about him here.

Quartilla- This Latin beauty is ultra-feminine--ideal for a little princess. If all the frills aren't your thing, you could always use Quade for a girl.

Reba- Reba is definitely the most familiar name on this list, but I bet most of you didn't know that she means "fourth born." The Hebrew name is definitely dated--but she peaked in 1915, so she's due to come back sometime soon.

Shiro- Shiro is a sweet Japanese name meaning "fourth son." Like Chatura, Shiro would definitely work on an American boy.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Same Meaning Sibsets: Part Two

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Part two! Today we have six more name meanings to create sibsets out of. View part one here.

Agatha + Glenda
Gita, Mona, + Tova

Anya, Grace, + Hannah
Amara, Hanita, + Sena
Carissa + Milena

Amy + Darrell
Esme, Kerensa, + Priya
Amanda, Connor, + David

Axel, Fritz, + Pax
Freddie + Winnie
Frederick, Geoffrey, + Humphrey
Frieda + Salome

Melody + Odele
Ronia + Zamir
Shira, Rayna, + Roni

Anika + Laia
Dulcie + Eulalie
Myra + Shirin