Wednesday, July 16, 2014

10 F Names You Never Thought of Using: Girls

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If I had to choose one letter to name all my kids with, it would be F. Frances is my number two name for girls, and I adore Frieda, Flora, Freya, and the like. However, none of those names made the list today, because I want to show you some more unusual appellations.

Faine- Short, sweet, and not too girly. That's a perfect name in my book.

Faustine- I first came across this name in my first name book. It intrigued me at the time, and I think it would be a lovely name. Unfortunately, some of my friends remarked it sounds a little like frosting. That doesn't have to be a bad thing.

Fenella- A beautiful name, and a great way to get to my number one, Nell.

Fia- Utterly gorgeous, yet super simple. You don't find names like that often. If she's too short for you, try her as a nickname for Sofia.

Flair- Is Blair too boring? Spice it up with Flair.

Flanna- (FLAH-nah)(rhymes with Lana) An exotic name with familiar sounds. Guaranteed to be the only one in her class, that is, if you don't call her Annie.

Fleur- More unexpected than Flora. Just don't use her as a sister for Flair.

Florida- Another Flora alternative, but this time a place name. Perfect choice if you want an unusual name that honors your childhood.

Franca- The German form of Frances. A more intuitive way to get the nickname Frankie.

France- Like short names? Slim down Frances to get France. Plus, she still gets the cutest nickname, Francie.

Freesia- A pretty pink flower that would make an ethereal choice for a baby daughter.

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