Wednesday, July 30, 2014

10 G Names You Never Thought of Using: Girls

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G is one of those letters that offers so many unique names. G is often seen as a more masculine letter, which means there are tons of overlooked options for girls. Take a look, and tell me your opinion.

Gaeta- A pretty name that is slim, yet ultra-feminine.

Galilee- Fun, spunky, and upbeat. Many parents would choose this name for her uniqueness, but if you want a more conventional nickname, she lends herself to Lily.

Galina-Spelled Galena she's an Illinois place name (ski destination), but Galina is definitely the prettier spelling.

Garnet- This January gemstone makes the perfect name for a boy or girl born any month of the year.

Genoa- A sweet, interesting way to get to everyone's latest name crush: Noa.

Georgiana- She's a big name for a little girl, but with her length comes plenty of nickname opportunities. My favorites are Georgie, Georgia, and Gia.

Gioia- (JOY-uh) A more modern and understated way to represent the virtue Joy.

Glenna- Girly, without the frills. A nice way to honor a Glenn.

Greer- One of my favorite G names. More people need to use Greer.

Guinevere- She strikes me as the best alternative to Genevieve. Worried about nicknames? I once knew a girl called Guinnie.

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