Monday, July 14, 2014

Full Names for Wells

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Could Wells be the new Will? It seems like he might be headed that way. His stylish British sound is gaining in popularity among celebrities. Too much for a first name? Try using Wells as a nickname for one of these.

Maxwell- A good choice, but people may be inclined to call him Max.
Rockwell- To Americans, the natural nickname seems like Rocky. Take a hint from the other side of the globe and use the more fashionable Wells instead.
Wellington- The name is a little bit clunky, but it's a way to get Wells from the front end.

Caldwell- He would make a perfect pick if you couldn't decide between Calder and Wells.
Howell- Slightly frumpy, but H surnames are in vogue.
Llewellyn- The -Ellyn makes him sound a bit feminine, but calling him Wells eliminates that.
William- From William we get Will and Wills, doesn't Wells seem like the next logical step? I vote yes.

Unheard of:
Hartwell- A great romantic name with two great nicknames, Hart and Wells.
Lowell- He's definitely the least stylish of the group, but if you want to use Wells, but need an L honor name, why not?
Powell- The awesome Portland bookstore makes this name infinitely more cool.


  1. My grandpa was a Maxwell Howell (fn, ln) but he always went by Max :)

    Welby feels like another option, although for many people it will always remind them of the TV show 'Marcus Welby, MD'

    1. Ooh, Welby could be pretty cute!