Wednesday, July 2, 2014

10 E Names You Never Thought of Using: Girls

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E is such a popular letter to begin girls names with. There are seven of them in the top 100. There's a reason E names are so trendy, so many of them are gorgeous. So if you're over Emma and Eva (or even Eloise for that matter) take a look at this list of E names for girls, none of which are in the top 1000.

Early- This word name would be so sweet on a little girl, and it's a pretty way to honor an Earl.

Effie- Cute and spunky. She doesn't need Euphemia to be a full form, use Effie on her own.

Electra- Very electric (hah). This is the Greek version, but for a slightly softer form try the Italian Elettra.

Elke- I've adored Elke ever since Emily of The Beetle Shack used it for her daughter. She's actually a form of Adelheid, which makes her a good choice if you need to honor a Heidi or Adele.

Elspeth- One of the most beautiful variations of Elizabeth. She's a great way to get to Elsie.

Eluned- A name you almost never hear. Perfect if you want a creative way to use the nickname Luna.

Emmanuelle- At first glance she seems like a little much, but she offers a wealth of nickname possibilities. Use Emma or Elle for something classic, or Manny or Nell for something less common.

Enid- Most people consider this an "ugly" name, but all I can think of is Enid Coleslaw from Ghost World. And if she's not a worthy namesake then who is?

Eugenie- Sharing your name with a real life princess? That's something many little girls dream of. Plus Genie makes an unexpected retro-sounding nickname.

Eulalie- She's so charming and sweet, yet non-name-nerds haven't heard of her. I prefer just Eulalie, but if you need something a little more sugary sweet go with Eulalia.

*That's all for this week, as Friday is a holiday. Happy 4th of July everybody!*

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