Friday, July 25, 2014

H Surnames for Boys

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Surnames are very popular choices for boy's first names, and it's easy to see why. They are stylish, masculine, and sound great on any kid. The letter H is particularly popular, and offers some great choices. Take a look.

Harrison- Classic, getting to the point of feeling overused.
Hayden- I usually prefer unisex names on girls, but this one I find more masculine.
Henry- Timeless, he fits on any boy.
Hunter- Great choice for a rough-and-tumble little boy.

Harold- Retro-cool. I'm all for using Harold.
Harris- Slimmer version of Harrison. Harris lends himself to the fun nickname Harry.
Hayes- Short, preppy, and not very common at all. He only ranks at 608.
Howard- Still dated, but Howard could make a comeback in the near future.

Unheard of:
Hamilton- This presidential name might be a bit much for a baby. Maybe stick him in the middle.
Harvey- I'm very partial to this name. I would love to see more people using Harvey.
Howell- He's the most dated of the list, but that's no reason not to use a great name like Howell.
Hughes- An Irish surname that you don't often see as a first. He's definitely useable.

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