Wednesday, July 23, 2014

10 F Names You Never Thought of Using: Boys

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Like I said last week, F names are my fave. There are so many undiscovered F names for boys that would be great on modern babies. None of the names on today's list are in the top 1000, so take hold of these unknown baby names.

Fagen- A surname that would be perfect on most any baby boy. He can also be spelled Fagin.

Fairfax- A stylish, preppy name that ends in X. How has no one discovered this one yet?

Fargo- He's two syllables and ends in O. Seemingly perfect, until you take into account the crime based movie and now TV show. Had the TV show not come out this year I would have deemed this one useable, but I might give him a few years.

Fenno- A truly unusual name that would sound right at home on an American baby boy.

Field- Field makes the perfect modern word name, and would be very nice if one of the parents has a connection to sports. For a surname variation, try Fielder.

Finch- So, you're a bird lover and you want to use the nickname Finn? I'd say Finch is the name for you.

Fiske- A brisk name. The only problem I see with this name is that it might be confused with the word frisk. Use him at you're own risk.

Florian- At first glance he seems kind of feminine, but with names such as Lucian becoming trendy, why not?

Fort- Similar in style and feel to up and comers like Cannon and Gunner.

Frey- Grey is a nice name, but he's getting so popular. Use Frey instead (plus, it honors any Freyas in your life!).

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