Monday, May 25, 2015

W Surname Names: Part One

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Americans love surname names, and it's easy to see why. Surnames make great honor names (and often work to honor more than one person). And popular endings like -on and -er make these sound especially trendy. Here I've listed ten W surnames that would work well on a baby--part two to come next Monday.

Wagner- One of the most popular surnames in the United States, Wagner would make a wonderful first name for a son

Walden- Walden isn't just reserved for Henry David Thoreau fans--he's a good heritage choice. He is an Old English name meaning "from the Welshman's hill," perfect for families of English and Welsh descent.

Wallace- Wallace is definitely old man chic, but the nickname Wally makes him more accessible for a little guy. If you like it for a girl, Wallis is the more traditional spelling.

Warner- Warner is a strong German surname that is currently most popular in Costa Rica (who would have guessed?). He's only at #2159 in the U.S., so if you're looking for a more unusual surname name, Warner should go on your list.

Warren- Ooh, Warren is one of my top favorites for boys. He's super sweet, plus the name for a group of bunnies is called a warren--how cute!

Watson- With all the Sherlock Holmes franchises currently out there, it's surprising parents haven't taken notice of Watson. He is a nicknameless name, which is a plus for many parents out there.

Webb- I for one am a huge fan of short names--and I know many of you guys are too! As a short name lover, it can be hard to jump on the surnames trend, but Webb is one I love.

Weber- A slight elaboration of Webb is Weber, another lovely pick for a son. If you like Webb but want a more substantial name, Weber could be the perfect solution.

Webster- Of course, there's always Webster as well. He's definitely a cool name, just be prepared for some dictionary jokes.

Westcott- Wes- names are very in right now, but Westcott seems to have gone undiscovered. Put Westcott on your radar screen, especially if you need a clever way to honor a Scott.


  1. I really enjoy surnames as first names. I think they are cool and different without being unheard of. My favorites from this list are Wagner and Watson.

    1. I agree, and I especially love W and H surnames for boys. XOXO.