Monday, May 4, 2015

Names for a Fourth Born

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Hooray! Yesterday, S, My Name is Sophie turned four! To celebrate, we are going to look at names that mean four--perfect for a fourth born child.

Anana- Anana is an African name meaning "fourth born." Ana or Annie would be sweet nicknames.

Chatura- If you are looking for a lovely Indian name for your fourth born daughter, Chatura is the one for you. In my opinion, she could easily be worn on an American baby.

Cuarto- Cuarto means "fourth" in Spanish, and would make a fun middle name for a boy or a girl. If you're brave enough, Cuarto could even be a first name.

Delta- Delta is the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet, and a recent celebrity baby name. All that makes her a subtle and fashionable choice for your fourth born.

Quade- Quade is the Latin word for four, and always on my list of suggestions for Q names. In fact, I talked more about him here.

Quartilla- This Latin beauty is ultra-feminine--ideal for a little princess. If all the frills aren't your thing, you could always use Quade for a girl.

Reba- Reba is definitely the most familiar name on this list, but I bet most of you didn't know that she means "fourth born." The Hebrew name is definitely dated--but she peaked in 1915, so she's due to come back sometime soon.

Shiro- Shiro is a sweet Japanese name meaning "fourth son." Like Chatura, Shiro would definitely work on an American boy.

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