Monday, May 18, 2015

Full Names for Bert

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I'm ready for Bert to make a comeback. If not this generation, then hopefully the next. Bert is a great choice if you want to stay ahead of the curve, style wise. He's vintage, handsome, and very charming. If you like Bert or Bertie, here is a list of delightfully old-school full names.

Albert- Albert peaked in 1910 at #14, which means he should have come back in style approximately five years ago. He's currently at #421, while similar name Alberto is at #474. Either one is a cute and not so popular option for the nickname Bert.

Bertell- You would have to be a brave namer to use Bertell. He's quite antiquated, but using Bert makes him usable.

Bertram- Bertram is another oldie who hasn't quite shaken off the dust. This German name might sound a little harsh to American parents, especially in this age of liquidy, vowel-heavy names.

Calbert- Calbert has a much more modern sound. Cal- names are currently in vogue, so that's no surprise. Cal or Bert would be wonderful nicknames.

Elbert- Switch one letter of Albert, and you have a name with a completely different feel. Elbert does not give off the same strong masculine vibes as Albert, and--dare I say--seems a bit more nerdy.

Filbert- Filbert (and brother Philbert) have never ranked in the top 1000, and were each given to fewer than five children last year. So, it's safe to say that if you name your son Filbert, he might never encounter another one.

Gilbert- Much better than Filbert (in my opinion) is Gilbert. Gil is a very sweet nickname, as is Bert. He's one to consider.

Herbert- I'm partial to Herbert, as it's a family name, but I could see him making a comeback. With nickname options like Herb, Herbie, and Bert, how could you not love Herbert?

Hubert- Hubert falls into the same category as Herbert. Hugh or Hughie? Swoon.

Norbert- Norbert could use a few more years to warm up to American ears. According to the 100 year rule, that should be in about 7 years, so watch out for baby Norberts in 2022.

Robert- Robert is the classic choice for a full name for Bert. I've heard some people say they think Robbie might be the next big nickname for Robert, but I've got my eye on Bert.

Talbert- Talbert is an extremely rare name of unknown origin or meaning (anyone know?). That makes him a great name for a future spy.

Umberto- Umberto, or the more modern Uberto could easily be worn in 2015.  I talked about them a few months ago in my post 10 U Names You Never Thought of Using: Boys.

Wilbert- Love Bert, but need to honor a William? Use Wilbert. He's cute, quirky, and lovable.


  1. My grandma's name is Bertha and my grandpa used to call her Bert or Bertie.

    1. Bertie is darling! I would love it on a girl--it sounds like Birdie, another name I love.