Wednesday, May 27, 2015

10 Z Names You Never Thought of Using: Girls

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We're down to our last letter. Today's post is the penultimate of this (over a year long) series. Enjoy, and as always, let me know what you think.

Zadie- Zadie's been on my favorites list for a few years now. She's a spunky form of Sadie, so you could use her as a nickname for Sarah if you like.

Zahara- Zahara is both a Hebrew and a Swahili name, meaning "to shine" and "flower," respectively. She experienced a sharp rise in popularity after Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt gave it to their daughter, but still only ranks at #1569.

Zailie- Although she's typically a nickname for Azalea or Zelia, Zailie could definitely be worn on her own. She's similar in style to Lily, but does require a bit of a braver namer.

Zanna- Zanna is a diminutive of Susanna, and also the Polish form of Jane. She's one of the more tame names on this list, if you prefer something no too out there.

Zea- The Latin name Zea (ZAY-uh) is perfect for parents looking for a name that's unusual but usable. As a short and cute Z name, she makes a great alternative to the increasingly more popular Zoey.

Zella- Add a Z onto Ella and you have a completely new, very striking name. Zella is an African name that could be easily worn on an American baby. Plus, her similarity to Ella and Bella makes her right on trend.

Zelma- Zelma may be an old lady name, but she has serious style. She sounds the more current than her sound-alikes (Selma, Thelma, Velma), thanks to that Z. I've met a little girl named Zelma before, and trust me, it's very wearable.

Zinnia- Zinnia is one of the unexpected flower names I absolutely adore. She's bold and bright, plus Zinnie is a cute nickname.

Zora- Zora means "dawn," so she'd be especially adorable on an early morning baby. Author Zora Neale Hurston makes a wonderful namesake.

Zosia- Zosia is perhaps most well known as the name of David Mamet's daughter, who plays Shoshana on HBO's Girls. She's a variant of Sophia, and is pronounced to rhyme with Sasha.


  1. Love Zailie, Zanna, Zinnia, and Zosia. I think my favorite one is Zinnia. I've loved this series so much!

    1. I'm so glad, I'm really going to miss it. I hope you like my new series, I think it should be fun as well.