Wednesday, May 6, 2015

10 X Names You Never Thought of Using: Boys

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I'm not going to lie--this one was hard. It's difficult enough to think of ten X names off the top of my head. To find ten that people would want to use? Oh boy.

Xan- We're starting off mild. Xan is not unheard of as a nickname for Alexander and the like, but I've never seen him used as a full name. He might not have quite enough substance for most parents, but he has a lot of potential for a short middle name.

Xanto- Xanto (ZHAN-tow) is a form of the Greek Xanthos. This Anglicized version would make a subtle way to honor Greek heritage.

Xavi- How many Xavis have you met? I know three, which seems like a disproportionate amount. He can be pronounced (HAH-vie) or (ZHAH-vie), so take your pick (though the former is slightly more popular).

Xavian- Xavian is a big mystery. He doesn't have a known meaning or origin, though we do know that he came into existence sometime in the mid 1980s. Not surprisingly, he follows a population curve similar to Xavier's--the name which he probably stemmed from.

Xaviell- One part Xavier, one part Dashiell--is that a recipe for success? So far, no--but let's chalk it up to lack of exposure. Who knows? Xaviell could be the next big thing.

Xaviero- Xaviero is a form of the Spanish Javier, which means "bright." The beginning in X, ending in O combination certainly packs a punch--making Xaviero a very alluring name.

Xavon- Like many of the others on this list, Xavon comes from the most popular X name, Xavier. He's an intriguing option, but I can't seem to find a definitive pronunciation. (HAY-von)? (ZAY-von)? (huh-VON)?

Xev- You all know how much I love short names, so it should be no surprise that Xev is my favorite of this list. He'd be perfect for honoring a Kevin (which is almost a grandpa name). Possible full name option: Xever.

Xerxes- Go big or go home. If you have that kind of attitude, might I suggest Xerxes for a baby name? This ancient Greek name is not for the faint of heart.

Xion- Xion is a variation of (the much more popular than I thought) Zion (#235). He has Hebrew origins, and means "Heaven." Which spelling do you prefer? I kind of like the X.

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