Wednesday, February 25, 2015

10 T Names You Never Thought of Using: Girls

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Is it already time for T names for girls? Yikes, we only have a few more letters left to do. I am really excited about this list today. There are some really good choices, so pay attention.

Tacy- I'll always have a soft spot for Tacy, after reading the Betsy, Tacy, and Tib books when I was younger. She can be used as a nickname for Anastasia, and is perfect for honoring a Stacy.

Tamar- I love Tamar. She's a strong, powerful name that Americans should embrace. She has never been in the U.S. top 1000, but she is much more popular in Georgia and Israel.

Tamsin- Tamsin is a diminutive of the Thomasina, both of which are scarcely heard in the United States. She would work nicely as an honor name for a Tamara or Tammy.

Tarot- Are you a fortune teller? Maybe an astrology enthusiast? Consider Tarot for a daughter. She has a lovely sound, and would be a great middle name.

Thais- Thais is a gorgeous Greek name that has never been in the top 1000. She ranks at #4873, so it's practically guaranteed that she'll be the only Thais on the block.

Thisbe- Thisbe is a more well-known Greek name--because of her role in Greek mythology. Her story may be a tragic one, but her name is still a perfectly fine choice.

True- True is a Modern Virtue Name that works well on a girl or a boy. Cakies blogger Rubyellen used True for her daughter (with sisters named Brave, Soul, and Glow).

Tuesday- Days of the week names aren't particularly popular, but I think Tuesday is one of the best. She's a quirky day name without Addams family associations.

Tulia- Tulia wins for my favorite of the list. I recently met the most wonderful woman named Tulia, and she made me fall in love with her name. Tulia is perfect if you're looking for a more interesting alternative to Julia.

Twila- Twila peaked in the 1930s, which means she's almost ready for a comeback. Even though we may be a decade early, I think Twila would work really well for the 2015 baby of a night owl.

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