Wednesday, September 17, 2014

10 I Names You Never Thought of Using: Boys

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I'm not going to lie, this was a hard group. There aren't that many I names around, and it was difficult to find ones that would be useable. I did my best, so let know your opinion (would you really use any of these?).

Iago- Yes, he's the villain in Othello. But Iago is an awesome sounding name! He's nice and short, and ends in O.

Ib- Want a nickname for Jacob that's less obvious than Jake? Ib is your man. He's a great name, but even I think he's too short on his own.

Ibsen- Of course, Ib would make a great nickname for Ibsen. He's more substantial than his short form, and makes more sense for the birth certificate.

Ike- You know so many little Isaacs, but how many of them are called Ike? Probably none. That's why, if you must use Isaac (for whatever reason), you should call him by the retro-cool nickname Ike.

Ingram- Simple, cool, and unique. Plus, he comes with the sweet nickname Graham.

Inigo- You might get a few Princess Bride jokes, but that could be worth it to give your son a snazzy name like Inigo.

Innes- A Scottish surname with lots of appeal. He makes a great way to honor your heritage.

Ira- He may sound a little dated, but I can picture some little Iras running around in the near future. If it's twins, name his brother Ari for anagram appeal.

Iro- Okay, so Ira's not cool enough. Try Iro, he's a little more modern and exotic.

Italo- Last Italian name, I promise. Italo would be perfect as a middle name for an Italian-American child.

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  1. This is a totally legit post. Great names to consider! Thanks!