Friday, September 12, 2014

Modern Virtue Names for Boys

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Virtue names are not too common for boys. Recently though, I've been hearing more of them. I think this list is really cool, these names are well suited for the modern boy. Tell me what you think.

Candor- Candor definitely sounds like a name. He ends in R, rhymes with Xander, so what's not to like? Plus, Candor is a great quality to promote in your son.

Imagine- So imagination isn't quite a virtue, but it should be. I feel like Imagine might be best suited to go in the middle spot, unless your kid is wildly creative.

Justice and Justus- These two are probably the most popular virtue names for boys. They are super cool no matter which spelling you pick (though I am more fond of Justice).

Noble- This is a step below naming your kid Royal (which is a legitimate name as well). I've never  heard this one as a first name, but I think he definitely works.

Paz and Pax- Pax is more popular as a nickname for Paxton, but either of these names would be just as great on their own. In Italy, peace is Pace (pronounced PAH-chey) with is nice as well.

Reason- This might be my least favorite on the list. It works, but just barely. If you really love this name I would stick him in the middle, for your child's sake.

Truth and True- I really like the name True, whether on his own, or as a nickname for Truman and the like. Truth takes it to the next level, and works better as a stand alone name.

Valor- If you're looking for a virtue name that also honors Aunt Valerie, I'd say Valor is your best (and only) bet. Lucky for you he's pretty rad.

Zeal- My favorite of the list. Zeal is a great virtue name, and gets bonus points for starting with the coveted letter Z. He's a sure winner.

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  1. I like Loyal, too. It reminds me of Noble, but it seems, well, more virtuous.

    Nice list!