Wednesday, September 10, 2014

10 I Names You Never Thought of Using: Girls

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Everyone loves Imogen. She doesn't even rank in the top 1000, but she's Nameberry's most popular girl name. I love Imogen too, but she's gotten so much attention lately, that I don't know if would want to use her. Thankfully, I have a list of I names that are no where near as trendy. So take a look and tell me what you think.

Ida- Ooh, I adore Ida! I love her retro feel (and wouldn't she make a good sister for Nell?). More people should use this quirky favorite.
Inbar- What a gorgeous Israeli name. I think she would work really well in the states. She's perfect if you want to honor your heritage with a less common name.

Indra- Okay, so India is not too popular, but Indra makes a good alternative. I personally prefer her over India. I think Indra has more spunk.

Io- Ask any baby name fanatic to name a two letter name, and the answer you get will be Io. Granted, she's one of the only two letter names out there, but she's well talked about in the community. I love Io on her own, but if she's too short for you, try one of these next two.

Iola- She's heavy on the vowel sounds, but that L in the middle makes her sound extra feminine and fluid.

Ione- Ione is such a cool name, yet almost no one knows about her. You could also use Iona, which would be a fun way to honor a Fiona.

Inoa- Noa has been getting some attention as of late for being a cool option for girls. Inoa lets you use that nickname, while having a more feminine appellation to fall back on.

Isabeau- Another favorite in the baby name community. I hear about Isabeau all the time. She is a lovely choice, and the nickname Beau is extra adorable.

Isaura- This name reminds me of a medieval princess. She sounds regal and grand, and I can picture her on a girl of all ages.

Italia- Maybe it's because I just got back from Italy, but man! Italia seems like a wonderful name for a girl. Florence, Roman, and Milania are all well used, so why not Italia?

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