Wednesday, September 3, 2014

10 H Names You Never Thought of Using: Boys

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H names for boys. I love them. The only problem is that they're so popular. Henry, Harrison, and Hunter are great names, just too widely used for my taste. That's where this list comes in. If you love H names but hate their popularity, use one of these ten.

Haco- Two syllables, starts in H and ends in O? Haco has all the components of a popular name, yet doesn't even make the top 1000. This is the kind of name parents kill to find, so have at it.

Hadriel- Part Adrian, part Ariel, Hadriel is a completely masculine (even though the two previous names are unisex) and totally rad.

Hal- I really love Hal. He's an old school nickname that would make a great sibling to Gus, Sid, and Max.

Hale- Hale is modern and fresh with a boy-next-door quality. Bonus points for naming his sister Leah.

Hanson- A cool surname with definite first name potential. He would make a great alternative to the rising Harrison.

Harp- I think Harper has officially gone to the girls. Want a way around that? Try Harp. This unisex name feels pretty masculine, and is not yet claimed by any gender.
Hart- He's similar to Harp, just a little more romantic. Hart is a great short name, but many elementary school boys might not be in favor of it.

Hartigan- Don't want to commit to Hart? Use the Irish surname Hartigan instead. He's upbeat and charming, plus, Hartigan's is the name of an ice cream shop in my city. Sweet.

Harvey- Yes, I'm bias. Harvey is the name of baby puppy. He ranks in the 600s, making him the most popular name on this list, but he's still widely underused. And you know what? Now that I think about it, Harvey would make a great sibling for Hal, too.

Hewitt- Darn. Your sister just named her baby Hugo after beloved grandpa Hugh. Now how are you supposed to honor him? Hewitt. He's completely different and scarcely used. Just make sure his nickname is Witt, not Huey.

Holmes- Want a great hero name? Holmes is the answer. He's very culturally relevant right now, which is my only worry. Will he sound weird in thirty years?

Howell- I talked about Howell recently in my Full Names for Wells post. I think he's a great choice. With the nickname Wells, you really can't go wrong.

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