Friday, September 19, 2014

Modern Virtue Names for Girls

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Charity? Chastity? Patience? Yeah, I don't think those qualify as modern. Many parents desire virtue names, but only know of names like the ones I listed above. Fortunately there are so many great options for girls these days. Last week we did the boys, so now it's time for the (much longer) girls list. Let me know if you would use any of these, or if I missed some.

Amity- Beautiful. She's obviously a virtue choice without being over the top.

Comfort- A little bit wordy, but I've seen people with this name, and it is definitely useable.

Divinity- If you want a name that reflects your religion without being too obvious, Divinity is a good choice.

Dream- Such a pretty word name. I'm surprised it hasn't been a celebrity baby name yet.

Faith- This one is starting to sound a little dated, but still works for the modern girl (unlike her sister Charity)

Fidelity- I really like this one. I love F names, and I think Fidelity has a gorgeous sound.

Grace- The most common virtue name. She's always pretty, but her overuse has caused Grace to lose some of the association with the virtue.

Heaven- I'm not a huge fan, but she's a better choice than Nevaeh (which didn't make the list).

Hero- You guys know I love Hero. She's perfect. Use her.

Holiday- Ooh, Holiday! She's not quite a virtue, but I think she fits with this list. No need to wait till December, I say use her whenever.

Honor- I know quite a few girls around my age named Honor. I prefer Honora, but both make great names for a daughter.

Hope- I think this one gets confusing with everyday language, but Hope is a lovely choice. She's pretty popular as a middle, so I think it's nicer to use her as a first name.

Imagine- I talked about this one last week. I think it's better on a girl, but again, stick her in the middle.

Joy- Super popular as a middle name, and a little dated for a first name. Nevertheless, she's still very useable, just don't name her sisters Hope and Faith. Please.

Karma- This is a fun one. Karma is a great name, and would be a perfect way to honor a Carmen or Carla.

Mercy- A nice name, but she will probably be serenaded a lot.

Serenity- A better choice than Tranquility. Serenity makes for a good pick if one partner likes virtue names and the other doesn't, because she shortens to the lovely Seren.

True- True is super cute, and definitely works on her own. She would also make a fun middle name.

Unity- One of the more popular U names. Uni is an adorable nickname.

Verity- Any name that ends in -ity is usually a virtue, and Verity is no exception. She's a lovely name, if you don't mind her lack of nickname options.

Virtue- Of course, why not just go with the word itself? Virtue can encompass all of these names and more, making her the ultimate virtue name.


  1. Hmmm... Verity could go by Vera or Retta.
    I know a girl about ten whom is named Promise. That seems to fit with this list.
    Love used to be a masculine name (thanks to the Puritans), but now it might fit great as a feminine middle... a la Jennifer Love Hewitt.
    Could Cordial work? To be cordial is to be friendly. Cora is an obvious nickname.
    How about Sincerity? Sara could be a nickname. Or Retta or Rita. Or even Cindy.
    This is such a cool topic! Great post!

    1. Thanks! I like the idea of Sincerity. Especially with the nickname Sara. That could be really cute.