Friday, April 15, 2016

Same Meaning Sibsets: Part 8

Marcus Silva via Dribbble
Wow, we're already on the eighth installment of Same Meaning Sibsets! Are there any meanings you'd like to see potential sibsets for? Let me know in the comments.

Aza + Noah
Barney, Mindel (g), + Naum (b)
Jabari + Nehama
Menachem + Nehemiah

Atara, Corona, + Pollux
Kayla + Stephanie
Kaylee + Tiara
Lars, Panya, + Taja
Negasi (b)+ Taj

Ailsa + Sia
Bernice, Nicolette, + Veronica
Caelan + Kinsey
Claes + Siri
Jaya + Zafar
Nicolai + Signe
Sennett + Victoria

Camille + Jeune
Chloe + Owen
Jaka (b) + Taya
Marcellus + Neola
Rivka + Zalmai (b)

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