Wednesday, April 27, 2016

10 Thai Names You Never Thought of Using: Boys

Kiet Tran via Dribbble
On to the boys! I've got ten stylish Thai names for you all today that I think would work on babies born almost anywhere in the world. If you haven't already, check out the girls list, and leave your thoughts in the comments!

Aroon- This easy-to-like, simple boy's name from Thailand would be dashing on an American baby. His similarity to Aaron gives him a sense of familiarity, but doesn't take away from his Thai heritage.

Danai- Although Danai is a feminine name in some cultures, I don't think you'll run into many problems if you use it on a son. In fact, in Thailand Danai is only used for boys--afterall, he does mean "son."

Kamon- Craving a name with a good meaning? Well you're in luck because Kamon means "heart and mind" in Thai. He's technically a unisex name, but in English speaking countries, the intuitive choice is for boys.

Kiet- Double trouble! Kiet is a Thai and Vietnamese name--making him a stand-out choice for families of mixed descent. However, the two Kiets have separate origins and meanings. The Thai version means "honor," while the Vietnamese means "hero." Put that together and you have an "honorable hero."

Olan- Another name with multiple histories, Olan is both Thai and Irish. The Irish version is a variation of Olaf, while the Thai is completely independent. It doesn't matter what origin story you choose--Olan is an attractive name with great potential.

Pokpui- If you're looking for a name that's instantly recognizable as Thai (none of this dual origin nonsense) then Pokpui is your guy. He's got an unmistakable Thai feel thanks to his Pok- prefix, so no one should confuse him for otherwise. Plus, he's got such a cheerful demeanor. Try to say Pokpui without a smile on your face.

Puran- Lovely Thai name Puran means simply "the sea." He's a straightfoward name that's easy on all levels, including spelling and pronunciation. Puran is definitely a winner.

Rudet- Rudet is an uncommon name with a mostly unknown backstory, but he did originate in Thailand. I think he'd work very well on an American boy--wouldn't Rudy be a great nickname? (I'd love to see him make a comeback).

Somchai- Somchai is a Thai name meaning "worthy man." He's a handsome name, but it's doubtful that he'll ever become trendy in the US. If nothing else, Somchai would be a fantastic nickname.

Warun- Warun is a wonderful name that means "rain." Some people might confuse him for the more familiar Warren (one of my personal favorites), but luckily Warun has emphasis on the second syllable, rather than the first. Warun would be an easy import into the US--I'd love to see more people using this name.

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