Wednesday, April 20, 2016

10 Thai Names You Never Thought of Using: Girls

Deep Shah via Dribbble
While researching for this post, I was surprised at how many Thai names would assimilate well into American culture. It's astonishing we don't hear them more! There are loads of beautiful, melodic choices--it was hard for me to cut my list to just ten. That being said, I think I have ten really wonderful names for you all today. As always, let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Isaree- Isa- names are very fashionable by today's standards, so why not add another one to the list? Isaree a gorgeous Thai name that would assimilate easily into the American name pool. She means "freedom."

Kannika- For those of you looking for interesting K names, Kannika is a fantastic option. She's a name used throughout Southeast Asia--in fact, it's the name of a 1947 Indian film. If you're fond of nicknames, Nika is the obvious choice, but Kiki would be fun as well.

Kasira- Isn't Kasira lovely? I've never been a fan of K names, but Thailand has so many good ones! She's a bit of a mysterious name--there's not much information out about her--but if you want a truly unusual yet beautiful name for a daughter, Kasira would be great.

Lawan- Lawan is simple yet stunning. She means "beautiful," so if you like your names with meanings to match, take a look at Lawan.

Malai- Speaking of meanings, meet Malai! Longtime readers know that I don't put much stock into name meanings, but I appreciate a quirky one. Malai means "garland of flowers," which is so sweet! Lately Americans have been loving lyrical M names (think Maya, Mila, etc.), so Malai will fit right in.

Mayura- Darling Mayura is another Thai name that I could see catching on in the US. She has the easy-access nickname May, which makes her all the better. Mayura means "peacock" (wouldn't that make a fun nursery theme?)

Nim- Nim is most commonly associated with the book and movie Nim's Island, but Nim is actually a female Thai name (as well as a male name in other cultures). Maybe it's because of the movie, or possibly my love for Pimm, but Nim really seems like a girl name to me. She'd be wonderful in a children's literature themed sibset.

Preeda- Cheerful and sophisticated Preeda would feel so stylish on an American baby. Add that to her ease of pronunciation and spelling, and we have ourselves a fabulous Thai-American crossover. Preeda is one of my favorites of today's list. Does anyone else love -da names as much as I do?

Sirinya- It's hard to think of a name more stunning than Sirinya. She just oozes beauty and elegance. Some notable namesakes: Selina and Sirinya are a Bangkok-based folk band, and Sirinya "Cindy" Burbridge is a Thai-American model and actress.

Suree- Suree may be slim, but she has substance. Thanks to sound-alike sister Suri, she's perfectly wearable on an American baby girl. Plus, Suree means "sun," which is always a nice meaning.

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