Monday, May 30, 2016

Musical Instrument Names

David Trang via Dribbble
Would you ever consider a musical instrument name for your child? Xylophone or Accordian might be a little too far out there, but consider one of the following.

Banjo- The bluegrassy banjo is great name inspiration for a son or a daughter. It's also a poetic name of sorts, considering well-known poet Banjo Patterson bears the name.

Bell- Belle may be the more conventional spelling, but spell her Bell and you have a musical name! I actually prefer this spelling--she has fewer frills and no princess association.

Calliope- The calliope is a whistly, organ-like instrument most often found around carousels these days. As a name, Calliope is famous for her Greek mythology roots.

Cello- Cello may not seem very name-like at first, but definitely should be. The -el sound is more popular than ever, and no one will argue with a name ending in -o, so feel free to put Cello on your list.

Fife- A fife is a sweet and small flute, very similar to a piccolo. It's not very common as a name, but I could see that changing. If Piper continues her steady rise, we might see more use of Fifer, which Fife makes a lovely nickname for.

Harmonica- Add another syllable to Monica and we get the name of this versatile instrument. It's the type of name that requires a brave namer. I'm too chicken to use it, but I'd be secretly thrilled if someone else did.

Harp- Harp is on my list of names to watch. With Harper so popular these days, parents will undoubtedly turn to alternatives. Why not the name of this lovely string instrument?

Lyre- The lyre is a string instrument that is heavily associated with ancient Greece. In 2016 she's seen as a variation of Lyra, a gorgeous name that really flys under the radar.

Mandolin- I'm surprised we haven't seen more baby Mandolins. She's only a few steps removed from her likewise French sister Madeleine. Plus, you can call her Mandy. For those of you who are more inclined to be cooking, Mandoline (of the same pronunciation) is a--slightly dangerous--kitchen tool used for slicing and julienning.

Marimba- The name of this instrument really emulates its sound. The marimba is a percussion instrument that's especially popular in Latin America. Marimba makes for a fun, upbeat name for a daughter.

Viola- With Violet's soaring popularity, I'm always surprised that Viola doesn't make the top 1000. She's feminine, Shakespearean, and has a musical connection (though the instrument is typically pronounced vee-OH-la, instead of the standard name pronunciation vye-OH-la).

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