Monday, July 6, 2015

Jul- Names

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As it is the first full week in July, it seemed only fitting to do a post on names with the Jul- prefix. They're wonderful for a baby born any time of the year, but it can also make a special connection between their name and birth month.

Jules--cute, but I prefer it on boys.
Julha--July in Portuguese.
Julia--classic and classy.
Julianna--an elegant, tasteful choice.
Julianne--she's growing on me, thanks to Julianne Moore.
Julianita--quite a mouthful.
Julie--heading into grandma name territory.
Julieta--we love Juliette, so why not Julieta? She's lovely.
Juliet(te)--Peoples' Choice Award for favorite Jul- name.
Julina--not one you hear often, but very pretty.
Juline--the -line suffix is pretty dated, but Juline was never popular, so you could get away with it.
Julinka--the Hungarian version of Julia has a quirky feel that I adore.
Julissa--this way you can use Lissy as a nickname.
July--I love July! She's my favorite underused month name.

Jules--so handsome and European.
Julian--on the rise and poised to break the top 40.
Juliano--Julian with some added Latin flair.
Julio--Doesn't he just make you think of that fabulous Simon & Garfunkel song?
Julius--not quite as popular as the similar Julian, but nevertheless, he's on the up and up.

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