Wednesday, July 29, 2015

10 African Names You Never Thought of Using: Boys

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I talked a lot about meanings in last Wednesday's post, and today will be no different. African names have some of the best meanings, which can add a special level of connection to your child's name. Take a look, and as always, I want to hear your thoughts in the comments.

Ade- Ade is a short and sweet name that would be lovely on his own or as a nickname. More mainstream full name choices include Adam, Adler, Adrian, or Aiden.

Bayo- Bayo is a unisex name meaning "joy has found us." How simple and delightful--it's exactly the message I would want to give my baby.

Garian- Garian is a place name--it's a town in the African country Libya. Even though most people have never heard of him before, he's the name on this list that would be easiest to wear as an American child.

Haji- This Swahili name is especially popular among Muslims, as he means "born during the pilgrimage to Mecca." Haji would be a nice way to incorporate your heritage and religion into your son's name.

Ibo- I'm a sucker for a short name, so it should come as no surprise that I'm enchanted by Ibo. He means "my people," which is charming.

Iniko- I didn't include him on my Full Names for Nick post, but I should have, because Iniko easily lends himself to Nick or Niko. Plus, he's way more interesting that Nicholas. 

Kito- Kito is cute, rather nickname-y Swahili name that means "precious jewel" (as seen on Monday). If you don't like the idea of Kito as the full name, he'd be a wonderful short form of Christopher.

Kwame- Every time I see the name Kwame, my mind immediately goes to Ja'mie, Private School Girl, the funniest TV show I have ever seen. It features an endearing character named Kwame, which convinces me that this Ghanian name is very usable.

Odion- Odion is pronounced oh-dee-OHN, and is commonly used on the first born twin, as that is his meaning. He's Nigerian in origin, but I could definitely see him on an American child.

Zikomo- While name meanings don't actually have an effect on childrens' personalities, it certainly doesn't hurt to try. If you want a polite, well-mannered child, Zikomo could be the name for you. He means "thank you," one of the first phrases we try and teach our children.


  1. Oh, what does Kwmae mean though?

    1. Kwame means "born on Saturday"
      Perfect for a Saturday baby!