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Hipster Baby Name or Hipster City: International Edition

One of my most popular posts is Hipster Baby Name or Hipster City? Now I'm bringing it back, but this time we're going outside of the states. What exactly is a hipster baby name? Hipster baby names seem too quirky, old fashioned, or extreme for yuppie parents. In fact, they're probably names you never would have thought of. The trickier part is identifying a hipster city--I had some trouble with it myself. For the purpose of this post, a hipster city has to be well-known for housing trend-setting twenty-somethings. I know that every city has a hipster neighborhood, but to be a real HC, it has to go beyond that (Tip: the bigger the city, the more likely it is to be a hipster city). Good luck on the quiz, and make sure to come back after the jump to read my justifications.
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Berlin is #2144 on the popularity charts, meaning she's a rare but not unheard of name, mostly for girls. Could Berlin be the new Brooklyn?
Berlin, Germany is the place to be for European hipsters. It's known for it's wonderful nightlife and culture.
The Verdict: Both

Cairo is set to break the top 1000 next year, he's currently at #1099, but is making massive gains. He's most well known for being the middle name of rapper Tyga's son King.
Cairo, Egypt probably has some hipsters, but it's not known for them.
The Verdict: Hipster Baby Name

Florence is a staple is Europe, but still a commodity in the United States. The only place you'll meet a Florence in America is in a Florida retirement home or a Brooklynite's bugaboo.
Florence, Italy is beautiful and historic--but if you're looking for hipsters, you better go to Rome.
The Verdict: Hipster Baby Name

London sits comfortably #93, a few spots down from her 2013 peak of #85. By definition, top 100 names are not hipster.
Of course London, England is a hipster city. All those pubs? You better believe it.
The Verdict: Hipster City

Odessa is a stunningly gorgeous Greek name, which many associate with Swan Lake. And she's exactly the type of name that hipsters love--vintage, artistic, and cultural.
Odessa may be the biggest city in Ukraine, but they don't have a super large hipster population.
The Verdict: Hipster Baby Name

No surprises here: the name Paris peaked in 2004, at the height of Paris Hilton's fame. Hipsters snub gaudy celebrities, so they aren't some of the thousands of people that give their daughters this name.
Paris, France has great food, fashion, and people. What more could hipsters want?
The Verdict: Hipster City

Quebec is a name I've talked about before. I love it on a girl, though Nameberry only has it listed for boys. Beck or Becca makes a sweet nickname.
Like Florence, Quebec City is a very historic city. It has modern parts too, but it's just not chock full of hipsters like some other Canadian cities.
The Verdict: Hipster Baby Name

Rio ranks #1549 for boys overall, but is especially popular in California. All those California hipsters! He's definitely an HBC.
Rio de Janiero, Brazil has a couple hipster parts, but based on my research, I can't say it's a true HC.
The Verdict: Hipster Baby Name

Rome reached an all time high in 2014 (though he's only at #1352). With Roman being so popular, he's exactly the type of name hipsters will look towards to be stylish but unique.
Rome, Italy delivers the hipsters. When it's not full of tourists, that is. There are many cute, trendy neighborhoods in the city, and everyone rides a Vespa.
The Verdict: Both

Oh, Santiago! He sounds like a Hipster Baby Name, doesn't he? Too bad he's at #115--no hipster in their right mind would touch him.
Santiago, Chile is one of the most hipster-y cities in South America (so I'm told--don't quote me here). I'll take your word for it, Internet.
The Verdict: Hipster City

Is Seoul an HBC? This is a tricky one, but I'm going to say yes. Now, this is purely my own judgement, and I know a lot of you will disagree with me on this one. But Soul is also an HBC, and I'm 99% sure I've heard of someone with the name Seoul. I'm counting it.
Seoul, South Korea sounds like the coolest place on the planet, especially for hipsters. It's very trendy, and everyone has great style.
The Verdict: Both

Could Sofia take over Sophia? I think it might be possible. She is at #12, and rising, while Sophia is at #3, and falling. That puts Sofia firmly in mainstream territory.
Sofia, Bulgaria is not a Hipster City. Sorry.
The Verdict: Neither

Sydney may be falling out of favor, but at #109, she's far from a Hipster Baby Name.
Sydney is the largest city in Australia, and yes, has a lot of hipsters. Like I said before, bigger cities tend to have more of them.
The Verdict: Hipster City

Have you ever heard of a baby named Tokyo? Me neither. I guess it could be a thing.
Tokyo, Japan has hipsters coming out of it's ears. It's might be the most fashionable city in the world.
The Verdict: Hipster City

Hmm. I've never met a Toronto, and no one has ever asked me about it as a name. So nope! Not an HBC.
Toronto has the most hipsters in Canada, according to the World Wide Web. Any Canadians want to confirm this?
The Verdict: Hipster City

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