Wednesday, July 22, 2015

10 African Names You Never Thought of Using: Girls

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African names are so stunning--gotta love all those long vowels--but are widely underused across America. And what a shame, because look at all these great ones! Here are ten dazzling choices beyond Nia and Zahara.

Behati- Behati is the African version of Beatrice, and most notably, the name of Adam Levine's supermodel fiancee. Could that be enough to propell her into the top 1000? As of right now, it's doubtful.

Eshe- Many of us look for names with beautiful meanings, and Eshe has just that--"life." I didn't include Eshe on this list, but you might consider her for a same meaning sibset. Eshe and Ava, maybe?

Fayola- Faye recently made it into the top 1000--albeit, at #908--and I expect to see a slow and steady rise from her. Fayola makes the perfect full name, and you'd be ahead of the trend.

Kessie- I've said this before, but this time I really mean it. Kessie has the absolute best meaning I have ever heard. Ready? "Chubby baby." Ahhh! Use Kessie as a nickname for Keziah if you find her too nickname-y.

Maisha- Maisha is a name with a couple different pronounciations and origins. The first is the Swahili way, my-EE-shuh. Pronounced MIESH-uh, she's a Bengali name. Both are lovely, though I hear the former much more often. Other, more popular spellings include Myesha and Myisha.

Masika- The only association most people have with this name is Masika Kalysha, model and star of Love & Hip Hop. She seems relatively new to the scene--with a bit more notoriety, I believe her name could become very popular.

Neema- How sweet is Neema? She has a gorgeous sound--one that would be right on trend in this age of Ninas and Mias.

Nemy- Very similar, yet with a whole different feel is Nemy. Contrary to her looks, she does not rhyme Remy, but rather, is pronounced NEE-mee. Nemy could be used as a nickname for Neema, but I enjoy the casual, carefree vibe of using her as the full name.

Safiya- Safiya is an African (and Arabic and Turkish) name that has a history of use in the Muslim community. She sounds like an offshoot of Sophia--and believe me, she would be confused for one--but the two are not related.

Tisa- Tisa is a cute and chirpy name usually reserved for the ninth born child in African families. I'm a fan of bending naming rules--so use her for whatever child you want--but I do think it'd be cute on the ninth born grandchild, or something along those lines.

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