Friday, June 12, 2015

W Surnames: Part Two

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A couple weeks back we looked at 10 W surnames that could be worn as first names. Today I have 10 more for you to consider. Take a look.

Wellington- Wellington may seem like quite a mouthful for a little dude, but the nickname Wells makes him worth the while.

Westerfield- Wes and West names are all the rage, but Westerfield is rarely used. Field and Fielder (along with Wes and West) are good short forms if he's a little long for your taste.

Weston- Weston is at an all time high on the U.S. popularity charts, sitting pretty at #136. He's cowboy-chic, a sound many parents are going for.

Wharton- For those of you who like namesake names, Wharton is a great one. Edith Wharton is definitely someone to be inspired by--she was the first woman to recieve a Pulitzer Prize for fiction.

Wheeler- Another name that's cowboy-chic, Wheeler conjures up images of western wagon wheels. He fits in with the occupational name trend, but is relatively undiscovered. He ranks at #3728.

Whittaker- Whittaker is one of the preppiest names on this list, and even more so with the nickname Whit.

Wilkinson- To many people's ears, Wilkinson does not sound like a plausible first name. However, he is a variant of William, and the nicknames Will, Wilkie, and Kinsey make it an option.

Wilson- Considering William's popularity, I'm surprised Wilson isn't more popular. He is only at #594, which is perfect for parents wanting a familar yet uncommon name.

Winton- Winton is an English surname with a sweet meaning--"friend's farm." He's rare but stylish, and you can call him Win for short.

Woodson- Woody hasn't been a popular nickname for decades, but as the Toy Story generation grows up, who's to say they won't bring it back? Woodson is a lovely choice for a full name, espeically if you like the surname feel.

*I'm taking next week off (it's my birthday, and I'm starting a new job), so I will see you all back here on the 22nd.*

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