Wednesday, June 3, 2015

10 Z Names You Never Thought of Using: Boys

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On April 30, 2014, I wrote a post entitled 10 A Names You Never Thought of Using: Girls. Now, over thirteen months and 52 posts later, this little series is coming to an end. Sob! Enjoy the final installment of this alphabetical series. Without further ado, I present to you, 10 Z Names You Never Thought of Using: Boys.

Zacha- Lately we have come to see Sasha as a possibility for boys, but if that's still a little feminine for you, try Zacha. This spelling is definitely more masculine than Zosia (of the same pronunciation).

Zade- Names like Cade, Kade, and Jade all reside within the top 500, so why haven't parents gravitated toward Zade? I don't have a satisfying answer, but if you like modern, invented names, just know that Zade is an underused option.

Zale- Dale is more likely to be baby's grandpa rather than the baby, and that name can be a tough one for honoring purposes. Zale offers a contemporary equivalent.

Zed- Zed is the pronunciation of the letter Z in English speaking countries besides America. So I know he'd be an interesting and usable choice here in the United States, but what about for Canadians and Europeans? (someone tell me). That being said, we name our children Bea, Sea, Jay, Kay, and Elle, so why not Zed?

Zelman- Zelman is a variation of Solomon, which means "peace." If you're looking to put a modern spin on a biblical classic, Zelman is one to consider.

Zen- What better name for the baby of spiritual, meditative parents? Zen requires a brave namer, so if you're not up to the challenge, put him in the middle.

Zero- Zero might not be the best number to name your kiddo for, but after watching The Grand Budapest Hotel a couple of times, I'm convinced it could work.

Zeru- Of course, the name Zeru eliminates the number connotation, all while keeping the same sounds. He's actually a Basque name meaning "sky."

Zevi- If you love Levi, but not his popularity, Zevi could be the right name for you. The two are actually not related--Zevi comes from Zvi, both Hebrew names meaning "deer."

Zorion- Zorion (and brother Zorian) is the Basque form of Orion, a name that is surging in popularity. For a shorter version, you could use Zoran or Zoren, of the same origins.


  1. I love Zed and it's my favorite from this list. I also really like Zelman and Zorian.

    1. Thanks Ren! I think Zed is really cool--I've never met one in real life, but I've heard of it as a name a couple of times.