Monday, February 10, 2014

Full Names for Charley

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As of late, Charlie has been heading towards the girls. Charley, Charleigh, and Charliegh are the more common female spellings, and are often used as a nickname for Charlotte. I'm not a big fan of Charley on a girl (maybe I'm bias, I have a brother named Charlie), however she's rising fast. Love Charley but not Charlotte? Take a look at this list.

Carlotta- The Spanish form of Charlotte would make a very nice way to get to Charley.
Carolina- Better pronounced CARE-oh-LEE-nuh than CARE-oh-LINE-uh.
Caroline- Classic and lovely.
Carolyn- Ready for a comeback? Maybe, with this spunky nickname.
Charity- She's a dated virtue name, but everyone's heard of her.
Charlize- A household name, thanks to Charlize Theron.
Charlotte- She's gaining popularity at lightning speed, so watch out.

Carissa (Charissa)- She is pronounced without the "H" sound, and is a very feminine name for the tomboyish Charley.
Carla- Yes, she's a little old, but Charley freshens her up.
Carlton- Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Carlton makes this one available for the girls.
Carmela- The sweetest way to get to Charley.
Carmen- A recent celebrity baby name, and a great full name for Charley.
Charisse- A girly French name that means "grace."
Charlene- Very dated, but Charley makes her sound fresh.
Charmaine- An unexpected way to get to Charley.

Unheard of:
Chardon- A Native American unisex name that means "sand bar."
Charisma- A word name that might be a lot to live up to.
Charlette- Unfortunately, she will often be confused with Charlotte.
Charlot- She rhymes with Harlow, but seems like a miss-spelling of Charlotte.
Charnell- She could go by Charley or Nellie.
Charo- A Spanish name meaning "rosary." Perfect for families with Spanish heritage.

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