Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Full Names for Maddie

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Everybody loves Maddie (or Maddy, Mady, Maddi, or Madi for that matter). Okay, so not everybody LOVES Maddie (I definitely don't), but if I had to choose a nickname with widespread appeal, I would choose her. She's sweet, cool, and a little bit feisty, but also super low-key. It's easy to see why she's so popular. Many Maddies are Madelines and Madisons, but if you are looking for something beyond those, take a look at this list.

Madeleine (Madelyn)- The most common full name for Maddie. Madeleine is the French spelling, Madelyn is the American.
Madelina- A nice form of Madeline that is should be used more often.
Madeline- She can be pronounced MAD-uh-lyn or MAD-uh-line, though more often the former.
Madison- Currently the most popular of the Maddie names.

Madalena- Gorgeous and girly.
Madden- More often used for boys, but Maddie makes it work for a girl.
Maddox- Exclusively heard on boys, but I think it's useable on a girl. Call her Maddie or Max.
Madelia- A lovely, feminine way to honor a Madeline.
Madigan (Maddigan)- Similar in feel to Madison, Madigan has a tomboy aura.

Unheard of:
Madelief- This is my new favorite Maddie name. She's so pretty and unexpected, imagine putting Madelief into the middle spot.
Madonna- Too loaded.
Madrid- An uncommon place name with a popular nickname.
Madrona- A name for Maddie to honor your Welsh heritage.

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