Friday, February 28, 2014

Camera Names

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I've always thought Leica was a super-rad name for a girl. She's a celebrity baby name, as well as the name of a camera brand. Inspired by this, I thought I'd take a look at other camera brand names, and see what I could come up with for the photography-inclined.

Ebony- A very beautiful name, but doesn't have the photography vibe.
Leica- One of my guilty-pleasure names.
Mamiya- A pretty way to get to Mamie.
Sigma- So long as she's not named after your sorority.

Canon- If Cannon works, why not Canon?
Leaf- The Leif spelling is better, but this makes a nice nature and photography name.
Olympus- Olympic sounding, akin to Olympia and Olympiada.
Ricoh- Like Rico, but for the child of photographers.

Casio- I'm going back and forth on this one for gender. The "O" makes me think boy, but the Cas- makes me think girl. Count this one as unisex.
Kodak- Another nature-photography combo.
Nikon- Probably too associated with the brand, but Nike is a name, so why not Nikon?
Sinar- A unique choice that works for girl or boy.

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