Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Presidents Day Names

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Happy Presidents Day! Unfortunately, I don't have the day off of school, because of the Polar Vortex snow days (Boo.) However, I have some presidential surnames for you.

Arthur- Not a well-known president, but a well-known baby name
Carter- Great president, lovely name
Harrison- Rising in popularity.
Jackson- One of the highest ranked of this list.
Kennedy- After who seems to be America's favorite president.
Lincoln- Now unisex!
Madison- One of the few names that is strictly female on this list
McKinley- Many a TV high school are named after this president. I'm thinking Glee and Freaks and Geeks. However, it is a popular andro-girly choice.
Reagan- A great name, but very closely tied to the president.
Taylor- Now sounding dated.
Tyler- An enduring choice, he's well-liked by many people.

Adams- Be warned, he would often get  mistaken for just Adam.
Clinton- It works as a first name, a la style guru Clinton Kelly.
Hayes- I love it for a girl, but most people think it's strictly boy.
Jefferson- How cool, to honor a Jeff or Jeffrey?
Monroe- A celebrity endorsed unisex pick.
Truman- True would be a cute nickname.
Wilson- A wonderful alternative to William.

Unheard of:
Cleveland- A long, but useable place name.
Fillmore- Very cool, but many people haven't heard of this president.
Ford- He screams "American made cars" but I still like him.
Garfield- Too feline.
Hoover- I'm liking the "oo" sound. Hoover should get more attention.
Nixon- Probably the worst president to name your child after, but that "X" is very trendy.
Pierce- The name itself is not unheard of, but the president is.
Washington- He's lengthy, but implies American royalty.

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